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Where Do Professional Hair Stylists Buy their Products?

August 07, 2020

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Most Hair Salons Buy Their Hair Products from Distributors
One of the perks of visiting the salon comes with the chance of pampering ourselves with exclusive hair care products. Who doesn't love seeing all that variety of shapes, colors, and sizes? If you're a hairstylist, you must know that stocking a hair salon goes beyond providing enough variety to cater to all tastes. Professional hair stylists are familiar with different brands and know which ingredients to look for. After a few years in the business, they also learn how to recognize a faulty product and a poor investment.

If you're still getting familiar with all the planning and saving that goes into getting your hair salon ready to treat its clients, we outline all you need to know to buy the best hair care products.

Selecting a Brand for your Salon

This is an important step that might define the reputation of your business. Selecting the right brand among all the options available is no easy feat, and even after making a decision, you must never stop checking to see how the products work on each of your clients. Many cheap brands work only on a surface level and demand more product waste during each application to reach all parts of the hair and scalp. Other brands offer a faulty composition, with ingredients that damage the hair follicles and carry a negative impact on the environment. Some brands might specialize solely on more sophisticated services, like hair dyes or repairing masks, offering more options to choose from in those specific areas. There's a lot to consider for each brand you come across.

First of all, you must know the type of client you want to attract and the atmosphere you want to create in your business. Many clients are drawn to well-known brands associated with high-end establishments, while others are looking for more affordable solutions. These are important things to consider, but you must remember that the brands you display will help your business stand out from all its competitors and, eventually, they'll become one of your signature traits. You need to be smart and base your choice on more than a well-known name or the cheapest offer.

You must always provide enough variety to complement multiple treatments and benefit different hair conditions, but using too many product brands might convey a lack of care on your part. It's important to create a balance to please as many clients as possible without losing too much money in the process. Select brands that cater to different tastes and needs, and check that they have good references concerning the composition of their formulas. Look for natural ingredients and test each product before you start using them on your customers.

Supplies and Pricing

It's always important to mind your budget. You not only need to be able to afford shampoos, conditioners, and other formulas. You also need to keep a stock of hair accessories, equipment, and other supplies that usually must be purchased in bulk to ensure the right service for all your clients. Depending on the size of the business, the stock at hair salons usually demands a budget of $3,000 - $8,000, so owners must be smart about their shopping decisions.
Professional Salon Hair Care Products
The formulas used at beauty salons are known to have a higher concentration of ingredients than the products offered at retail stores. To meet the expectations of your clients, you must buy quality formulas knowing that they'll be more expensive than regular products and you should be ready to remove certain products from your catalog in the event of unexpected side-effects. When you buy hair care products in bulk, pricing tends to stay below $300 per formula, so you can set your limits around that number when choosing shampoos, conditioners, serums, and other hair treatments.

Where Can You Buy the Best Hair Care Products?

Professional hair stylists buy their products from distributors and suppliers. In some cases, a hair salon might come up with its own formula and promote it to expand its brand, removing the expenses of distribution in the process. Barring this approach, there are many options to get professional hair care products depending on your needs and limitations.

Distributors and suppliers work as a line of connection between product brands and hair salons. Brands sell their products to distributors who, in turn, get the products to different salon owners. You must consider the costs of shipping services when making a purchase, so it's recommended to start by asking local distributors in your area.

A hair care brand can also count on its shipping service to distribute products to salons on a local or national scale. In today's world, online shopping is one of the most accessible ways to purchase products directly from the brand, as long as the brand has the appropriate platform to help customers find all the products they need. The Cosmetic Republic USA has built a comprehensive online shop that provides detailed information about its formulas and is constantly updated with new products and hair care accessories. We offer a practical system for you to make your request and complete your purchases, along with the most reliable shipping services to get you all the product safely and within schedule.

Do you want more information about our hair care formulas? Call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 of fill out the contact form to learn about each of the products developed and distributed by The Cosmetic Republic USA. Our formulas combine the most effective ingredients to revitalize all types of hair and our shipping services fit your convenience to bring the best hair care products straight to your doorstep. And if you want consistent updates about our services and the latest hair care tips, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter. We'll get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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