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When to Moisturize Hair

November 14, 2019

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When to Moisturize HairWe know that regardless of your hair type, you have to moisturize it. Moisturization is key to healthy strands. Just like you take care of your skin with lotions to keep it supple and soft, you should use products and have routines to maintain optimal hair moisture levels.

Often, it is lack of moisturization that causes many other hair issues like breakage, split ends, color fade, and even dandruff. If you want to avoid them, then your first line of defense is a bit of moisture, but, when should it be done? Let's learn when to moisturize hair in your daily hair care routine.

First, What Is the Difference Between Moisturization And Hydration?

In practical terms, both moisturization and hydration refer to the water content in the hair or skin. Hydration provides hair with water content with ingredients like water, panthenol, and vitamins, which attract water from the surroundings, while moisturization deals with locking that water into the hair shaft with sealing ingredients like butters and oils. Your hair needs both to keep good water content and reap the benefits of it, which are less frizz, more manageability, and overall a healthier appearance.
Differences Between Hydration and Hair Moisturization
The logical progression is hydration first, and then, moisturization. Hydration should start with the products you use in the shower, like shampoo and conditioner without sulfates (the detergent ingredients that strip hair of its natural oils) and nourishing treatments. Some products you use outside of the shower, like watery leave-ins, also provide hydration to the hair. Moisturization comes more with products with emollient and sealing ingredients, which have a thicker texture and can both penetrate the hair shaft and cover it with a protecting coat that will keep water from escaping.

Why Does Hair Lose Moisture?

There are several reasons why your hair is not moisturized enough:

1. You're not producing enough natural moisture
Natural oils are supposed to keep your hair soft and nourished, but not everyone can benefit from them as much as they should. For instance, people with curly hair tend to have a drier scalp; this without counting on the fact that the natural oils have a harder time being distributed along the hair shaft because of its shape. So, now you know it. If your hair is curly, you have an even bigger urgency for moisturization.

Other reasons like the natural aging process or some medication (like acne medication and antibiotics) might give you a drier scalp and hair.

If your hair is normal, nourishing products and regular brushing can help distribute natural oils along the hair shaft.

2. Your hair doesn't have the same ability to retain moisture
Your type of hair counts when we talk about the ability to retain moisture. Curly hair has open cuticles, which means that these shingle-like shields will be more likely to allow any moisture to escape, so hair will be looking for moisture from the environment. This creates the perfect scenario for frizz.

Sometimes normal hair has a hard time retaining moisture as well, and this happens when it's under-moisturized. This leads to a vicious circle of dryness.
Woman Moisturizing Hair

When To Moisturize Hair?

The answer is: at least once a week, and every time you get an opportunity! The best way of moisturizing without even noticing starts in the shower every time you wash your hair. Regardless of hair type, your goal is to retain the water content and then keep it locked in. Obviously, everyone will need different levels of hydration and moisturization according to hair type, however, this is the basic moisturization care for everyone:

Step 1: Soak up Hydration

Water-based products with amino-acids and vitamins are good at leveling the water content in hair. Thicker hair textures can benefit from a pre-shampoo hydration treatment, and often, from a technique called co-washing, where you use substitute at least one of your weekly washes with conditioner to provide maximum content in water to your hair. Likewise, the technique you use to wash your hair can make a difference in the hydration it'll receive. You can try diluting your shampoo before applying it to make it lather better (you'll end up using less) and then applying a generous amount of conditioner. A tip to improve the effectivity of the conditioner is squishing it into the hair with plenty of water and then not rinsing it off completely. For this, you might have to find the perfect texture. Maybe a conditioner with a lighter texture will do this trick without weighing hair down.
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Step 2: Protect and Moisturize

You should strive to trap in the moisture that you obtained with your hair products. Usually, normal hair can keep this up without problems, but dry hair needs extra help from a product that acts as a shield. You can use oil-based problems on mids and lengths to coat hair, add shine, and moisturization, or just use a light coat of serum or cream.

Deeper treatments can be done less frequently but they are just as important. For people who don't have much time to invest in hair treatments, there are many great options, like Detox Wrap, a flash treatment that comes in a convenient single-dose cap. It infuses hair with vitamins, keratin, and other nutrients and has the same results as long-acting treatments.

Ampoules are great for deep conditioning. This Multi Vitamin Hair Concentrate regenerates the hair follicle and nourishes it deeply with the action of hyaluronic acid, and vitamins B, C, and E. A consistent every-other-day treatment with these ampoules can make a world of difference in your hair.
When to Moisturize Hair
Serums have a light texture which is perfect to provide hydration whilst locking it at the same time. Normal hair can get bounce, shine, and hydration with this product, and wavy to curly hair can get more definition without being weighed down. You can try The Ultimate Hair Serum as a leave-in treatment, on wet or dry hair. Try and see which option yields the best results for your hair.

Moisturizing Is Not Complicated

All hair types need moisturization at all times, come rain or shine. Treat your hair like it's spun from gold, and it will always be healthy and beautiful.
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