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What is the Easiest Way to Cover Gray Hair?

September 23, 2019

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Gray Hair in WomenWhat is the easiest way to cover gray hair? if you have even wondered this, the question is simple: root concealers. These wonders of modern hair color are now as popular as hair dye and can spare you lots of time and effort dealing with pesky grays and uneven roots.

Let's learn everything about gray hair and more about root concealers: types, tips for use, and best ones.

Your Hair Is Bound to Go Gray

There are several theories as to why hair goes gray. One of them states that the normal aging process makes melanin (pigment) cells naturally dwindle, which lightens hair until it loses color. Another theory suggests that oxidative damage from external factors such as pollution, UV exposure, smoking, and stress, can deteriorate pigment cells and give way to graying. However, all these possible causes for graying seem to be less compelling than heredity, which can largely determine how early and to what extent someone grays. Whatever the reason may be, graying will happen, and you'll have to own it and allow your hair to go evenly silver (the silver fox look can turn out to be quite attractive and interesting!) or keep on looking for ways to cover your grays often and effectively, as they only seem to come back fast and stronger each time.

Root Concealer is the Best Way to Cover Gray Hair

Root Concealers Are the Best Way to Cover Gray Hair

Root concealers are the answer to "what is the easiest way to cover gray hair?" Many people have relied on permanent hair dye to cover grays, but in time have found that this product dries hair out and becomes costly and difficult to keep up with in terms of maintenance. Even if you use high-quality hair dye, you are putting your hair at risk of damage: remember that permanent hair dye lifts the hair cuticle and works chemically on the hair to get rid of original color and deposit new color in the hair shaft, which causes dryness.

Demi-permanent dyes and color shampoos can face quickly, making they difficult to keep up with if you have persistent grays. For some people, leaving their hair gray is not an option for several reasons: self-perception can change if you notice too many grays. You can feel older than you are or believe that gray does not complement your complexion or style, in which case you'll desperately try to hang on to any means of getting your original hair color back.
All in all, this is why root concealers are the best way to cover gray hair:
The Easiest Way to Cover Gray Hair
  • Root concealers work only on the surface of the hair shaft, covering grays and roots alike. The hair cuticle doesn't get lifted, so there are no harmful components involved changing the chemistry of your hair.
  • It's easier to keep up with costs and efforts to cover stubborn grays (it's not feasible to get permanent hair dye every two weeks or so!) Less hair dye boxes or trips to the salon, more money and time for yourself.
  • It only takes a few minutes of your time to cover all roots and grays. This is your dream of immediate gray cover-up!
  • They are enriched with vitamins and other nourishing ingredients that care for your hair.
  • Root concealer does not smear or smudge on your skin. It comes off when you shampoo.
  • There are many different types of root concealers, which work better depending on your hair type and personal preferences. You can get pencils, wands, mineral compact, stick, cream or spray.
Before and After of the Easiest Way to Cover Gray Hair

More About Root Concealer Types

One of the biggest advantages of root concealers is that they come in a variety of types, so there's something for everyone. It's easy to carry your root concealer everywhere regardless of the type, they usually come in small packaging.
  • Pencils: they look like a jumbo crayon. This type glides easily and is not greasy. However, it's mostly recommended for dry hair and few grays or small roots.
  • Wands: they look like a mascara wand and also have a similar texture. They have good staying power, but they might be difficult to work on extensive grays.
  • Mineral powder or compact: these root concealers usually look like facial pressed powder. They provide an "airbrushed" look on grays and roots, and fixes very well on oily hair.
  • Sticks: they work pretty much like pencils do. They might be a bit oilier depending on their formula.
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  • Cream: wand root concealers come with this creamy formula.
  • Spray: the most popular and most convenient type of root concealer. The fine mist covers large areas in less time and with less effort, so this is the way to go if you have extensive grays. Sprays are also highly blendable.
  • You can learn more about root concealer types and how to use them with different hair types in our blog post "Root Concealer for Different Hair Types."

The Best Ways to Use Your Root Concealer

All types of concealers are so easy to use that you can't go wrong, but just in case, here are a few tips:
  • Use your concealer on clean or at least second-day hair. Too dry or too oily can hamper the fixing power of the product.
  • If you are using spray root concealer, hold the bottle at a medium distance from the area you want to cover. Too close can make the coverage look plastered, and too far will waste product.
  • Comb your hair lightly with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb after you apply the concealer.
  • Don't ask your root concealer more than it can give you! If your hair is mostly gray and you do wish to cover it all, a permanent hair dye is the option for you.
  • You can layer your root concealer depending on how much coverage you need, just make sure it settles or dries of a couple of minutes before moving on to the next layer.
  • If you plan to use root concealers frequently, complement your hair care routine with paraben-and sulfate-free products. This will keep your hair protected and out of exposure to harsh drying-out detergents.
  • Take your root concealer everywhere so you can always look flawless. No roots, no grays!
Root Concealer Set

The Best Root Concealer

Keeping in line with sulfate-free hair care, we recommend Root Concealer, a product with amazing covering power, blendability, and color vibrancy, minus the drying detergents, or ammonia/peroxide.

Application is super easy with its nozzle, which ensures application in a 180-degree area. No spills, no clumps, no smearing, just seamless coverage of grays and roots. Unlike other concealers, Root Concealer by The Cosmetic Republic USA does not stain your scalp or skin. Also, it comes in four shades: blond, medium, dark, and auburn, which blend in with most hair colors looking natural and effortless.

The Cosmetic Republic USA has Root Concealer and a whole line of sulfate-free professional hair care for thinning hair. Call us at TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form below to learn more about us. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter if you want to get news from us right in your inbox.

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