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What Hair Products Are Used in Salons?

July 24, 2020

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Hair Care Products Used in Salons
There's a lot to enjoy during a visit to the salon. With attention from dedicated hair specialists, you can get a full make-over while pampering your hair with the most exclusive and effective formulas. Hair salons offer several services beyond washing and cutting hair. From the restorative powers of a good conditioner to the instant improvements brought by a quality root concealer, the products offered at the salon must be capable of providing a deep restorative effect and long-lasting results that clients want to replicate in future appointments. Even when hair salons and other esthetic centers continue being off-limits in many parts of the world, it's good to know in advance which products need to be a part of your next visit.

What You'll Get from your Appointment

There's a reason why so many people miss hair salons now that they're closed. With so many services catering to many different needs, each client is unique when it comes to the hair treatment they get. Some people want to refine an old haircut that's lost its shape and others require elaborate treatments to secure a hairdo in place for a special date.

Whatever the case, the perfect look demands non-aggressive formulas that will complement the hair's nutrients and prolong the rich, soft texture that so many of us love to feel after a day at the salon. In some cases, these formulas also assuage the potential damages from treatments involving hair dyes, perms, hair extensions, etc.

We bring you a list comprising essential hair products that are most used in salons, including products that can't be absent from any appointment and formulas that singlehandedly accomplish the desired results on certain treatments.

Best Shampo Used at SalonShampoo: Any hair care treatment at the salon must start with a thorough washing session to rid the hair from leftover dirt, sweat, too much oil, etc. The right shampoo solution must prepare the hair properly for other products while protecting the strands and scalp from the high temperatures reached by many common hair tools. All hair types benefit from the combination of natural vitamins (A, B, C, D, and E), and formulas like the one used in our signature Oily Hair Shampoo can swiftly remove grease and dead cells without affecting the texture and softness of the strands.

Conditioners: Conditioners are the most effective way to treat strands, from the mids and all the way down to the tips where the hair usually grows more fragile. Proper moisturization is essential to upkeep any hairstyle, and a quality conditioner can hydrate the hair with little effort, just as the hairdresser spreads it combing softly through the lower part of the strands. After conditioning, the hair feels fresh and extra soft, on top of being much easier to work with during the different stages of the treatment.

Hair Fibers: Keratin Hair Fibers restore the hair's natural fullness in seconds while replicating the inner structure of the strands with no aggressive ingredients in their composition. While they are a quick option that's available in many hair salons, the keratin hair fibers can be easily applied by anyone, serving as a practical solution for everyday use. Learn how to make the best of them reading through "The 101 of Hair Fibers".

Scalp Repairing Mask: This is a common professional treatment to condition the strands on a regular basis. Applied right after shampooing, the properties of The Scalp Repairing Mask make up for the lack of nutrients on the scalp and revitalize it from within, ensuring powerful results the will be more evident as new strands continue to grow.

Hair Serums: Because of their strong revitalizing effects and the versatility of their application, hair serums are the perfect addition mid-haircare routine and usually mark the end of treatment at the salon. Just a couple of drops of The Ultimate Hair Serum are enough to rejuvenate the hair and make the strands strong enough to withstand many outside elements. The perfect blend of natural ingredients like jojoba, rosehip, argan, and carrot provides a powerful combination of nutrients that leaves the hair shiny and pleasantly bouncy.

Root Concealers Used at Salon
Color Treatments: Professional hair coloring involves different techniques and variable pricing depending on the products required in each case. Hair salons are probably the best way to maintain a regular coloring routine using hair dyes since they are usually stocked with many shades to choose from and a careful selection of products to protect the hair from the artificial ingredients that might affect the hair's inner structure. Highlights entail similar advantages and the reassurance of an experienced hand to provide the best results in terms of precision and mixed shades. Highlights and roots with different tones (gray roots, dark roots on bold hair) can be easily retouched with root concealers to recover the desired shade. If you're going for a service at the salon, however, this method is more effective to complement a special hairstyle meant to be worn on singular occasions. Otherwise, concealers work best to be applied on a semi-regular basis.

Hair Spray: When we talk about hair sprays, we usually think about the cosmetic products used to hold a hairstyle in place, getting the strands to defy gravity with the help of compressed gasses and other propellants. The spray format is one of the easiest ways to bring changes to the hair, and this extends to other purposes like the instant volume provided by the Mist Hairspray that holds the Keratin Fibers in place and the spray root concealer. While some of them still carry components that are harmful to the environment and can damage the hair with repeated use, many hair sprays safely fix the strands in place and guarantee hours of perfect looking hair with no unwanted side effects.

The Cosmetic Republic provides a growing variety of hair formulas and brings you all the information you need about the latest hair care methods. To start getting the perfect hair treatment to enhance the qualities of your particular hair type, call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact. We put the most effective solutions at your disposal and bring our products all the way to your door. If you're a hairstylist, this is the simplest way to stock your business in preparation for the influx of clients you'll get once the quarantine bans are lifted. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get all our info right in your inbox.

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