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What Brushes Do Hairdressers Use?

July 31, 2020

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What Brushes Hairdressers Use
Hairdressers must always have the most sophisticated accessories to please all kinds of clients and tame all types of hair. There are several tools a hairdresser must keep close at all times, like scissors, clippers, and the right brush to give shape while keeping the tangles at bay. The keratin brush is a fine example of quality that many hairdressers use regularly to style their clients' hair. We tell you all about the right way to use this tool, as well as other accessories that you might find at your local hair salon.

How Do Hairdressers Brush Hair?

No matter the type of service, a hairdresser is careful while keeping the hair free of tangles during a hair care treatment. After washing, hairdressers carefully wrap the hair in a towel until it stops dripping. If the service involves cutting the hair or using heat tools to dry it and style it, they untangle the strands, separating them in sections and progressing with the brushing in time with the rest of the treatment.
The Best Hairbrushes for Hairdressers
The proper technique to undo the tangles involves careful execution when the hair is still damp. Then, the hair is brushed from the tips to the roots slowly, without unnecessary pulling and tugging. Certain hairstyles demand a different technique where the hairs are wrapped around the brush from the roots so the hairdresser can work the locks in firm downward motions. The hair is parted, starting at the neck and ensuring that each section is as thick as the brush that's being used. The hairdresser angles your head in different directions to better reach certain portions of your hair and checks for new tangles before being done with the service. In between, clients are asked about their hair care habits and the areas where they want to build more volume, so that the stylist can make the right alterations in their techniques, parting the hair in specific directions and choosing the appropriate tools to keep the hair tangle-free.

Reasonable amounts of hairspray are usually applied at the end of a treatment to help the hair maintain its shape. While selecting hairspray brands, they hairdresser should consider the client's type of hair and their need to keep untangling knots while the hairstyle is still fixed by the product.

Common Brushes for Hairdressers

The right brush is usually key to get the dream hairstyle. Hairdressers can use this tool to make the hair look fuller while stimulating the health of the scalp. Some brushes and combs work best with certain types of hair, and others that can used only when the hair is either wet or dry. For example, wide-toothed combs are often useful to keep curly hair from becoming too unruly, while paddle brushes come in handy to maintain the shape of the curls themselves. You need to know where a tool is more effective if you want to use it correctly.

Round barrel brushes are ideal when blow drying and come in handy to control hair volume. With the right technique, they can fix a hairstyle after the hair is dry, add waves, and lift fine locks to make the hair look fuller. Hairdressers also use round brushes with a smaller barrel after removing rollers from the hair.

Paddle brushes bring a lot of support when using flat irons, keeping the strands in place when dealing with straight hair. Many paddle brushes are created specifically to work with damp locks, and most of them massage the scalp while covering big chunks of hair at a time. Some paddle brushes provide a gentle treatment that might not be enough to break the wildest knots but is ideal to keep the hair soft and bouncy in the hours after styling. These brushes are also a favored choice to comb through hair extensions.

When it comes to materials, wood, bamboo and ceramic are some popular choices that withstand regular use. Barrels are usually made of metal that heats up along with blow dryers, while certain paddle brushes attach the bristles to an air-filled cushion meant to fit the contours of the scalp. Along with manageable materials, the shape of the handle is also key to guarantee workability during hour-long treatments.

Nylon, synthetic, and boar bristles are all common sights, usually practical for blow drying and effective at enhance the hair's natural shine. Nylon bristles are usually best to deal with curly locks while boar bristles are known for leaving a smooth, silky texture on the strands. Some brushes mix different types of bristles to combine the effects of each of them and tame different types of hair.

The Best Brush for You

A hairdresser's job is ten times easier when they have a practical styling brush at the head of their tool collection. With more than 400 3D bristles, the keratin brush quickly detangles all kinds of hair while spreading all the natural oils on the scalp. Its flexible bristles can style the hair without excessive tugging, whether you're dealing with stiff or extra fine strands. You can use it to make the hair look fuller after it dries or to detangle the most persistent knots, the result will always come quickly and effortlessly. The ergonomic structure of the keratin brush ensures a pleasant sensation as you massage the scalp and enhance the hair's natural shine. There are no limitations, the keratin brush ensures a flattering effect on all types of hair, whether you decide to detangle wet hair, use the brush with a blow drier, or let the strands dry naturally.

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