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Ways to Protect your Hair from the Summer Sun

May 30, 2018

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A Woman on the Beach Protecting her Hair from Summer SunYou might believe that your hair does not get 'sunburned'. Well, think again! Your hair needs a sun protection routine as much as your skin does. During the summer months, when we spend most of our time outdoors, we expose our hair to UVA/UVB rays. In case you do not know, the only way to correct damage on your tresses is to prevent it, or else, you will have to cut your hair and grow it out so that it can go back to a healthier state. You don't want to risk your hair's health for some summer fun, do you? Then protecting your hair from the sun is a must! Moreover, if you have thinning hair, you might need to reinforce your sun protection routine with the use of thinning hair solutions to improve your hair's strength.

Now, you are probably wondering how the hair gets sun damage and why we do not feel sunburns and pain in the hair shaft. Well, the answer is simple: the hair shaft is not connected to nerve endings; only the hair follicle underneath the skin is. However, the hair shaft is mainly made up of a protein (keratin) which gets degraded with UVB exposure. UVA exposure on its part causes color changes. It is important, then, to protect the outermost layer of hair (the cuticle) from sun damage all year long, and especially during the summer. Here is how you can keep your hair safe.
Lotions and Hair ProductsThere are plenty of hair products that contain sunscreens and nourishing ingredients that protect your tresses from sun damage and other threats that are common during the summer such as chlorine and salt water. These products are lightweight, so they do not weigh your hair out. As you would expect, most of them are also waterproof because they are designed to be used while swimming in the sea or the pool. Some have a wonderful advantage: they protect colored hair. In this way UVA radiation will not ruin the vibrancy of your newly chosen shade. If you cannot find one of this hair products, you can take a small amount of regular sunscreen (preferably one with a light formula) rub it between your palms and run in on your hair. The scalp needs protection as well since it is very delicate skin! Remember that a healthy scalp is the basic sustenance of healthy hair.
Woman Protecting her Hair from Summer Sun with SunscreenAnother wonderful option you should consider is a nourishing mask. This type of treatment can be applied once a week, for extra hydration after beach or pool days. The Cosmetic Republic USA has Night Restructuring Vitamins, a revitalizing mask that can strengthen the hair's natural keratin structure. The result is stronger, smoother hair overnight.
AccessoriesIf you cannot find the right sun protection for your hair, or you want to reinforce the action of the products, opt for wearing accessories that offer an additional shield from the elements, such as hats, caps, and scarves. Whenever possible, you can also carry an umbrella. These accessories will protect not only the hair but also the scalp. Accessories allow you to be creative and reinvent your appearance along the summer while you keep your hair and scalp safe from the harmful sun rays.
Routine HaircareIt is important to protect hair all year round, not only in summer. If you take care of your hair as a routine, it will be much less prone to damage when the summer comes around. Start by ditching regular shampoos and conditioners with sulfate surfactants; they dry your scalp and hair out. Try out paraben-free and surfactant-free formulas like The Cosmetic Republic USA's Multi Vitamin Shampoo and Scalp Repairing Mask. The former is a deep cleansing shampoo with a balanced pH that protects the scalp and nourishes the hair. The latter is a revitalizing mask with keratin microspheres, wheat extract, and natural proteins. This treatment acts deeply on the hair, dramatically improving its appearance. The best thing about this mask is that it is free of parabens and sulfate surfactants, which makes it gentle on summer-damaged hair.
Woman Applying a Hair Lotion to Protect Hair from Summer SunSummer Damage and Hair LossThere is no direct relationship between hair loss and UV exposure. However, if your hair is weak and prone to thinning, you need to be extra-careful with sun exposure. As explained previously, UV rays degrade the keratin that makes up the hair shaft, therefore debilitating the hair. If you swim too much at the pool or the beach, chlorine and salt will dry your tresses, making them more prone to breakage, which will ruin the volume in your hair and worsen its appearance. Similarly, any dermatological problem that may be affecting your scalp needs to be addressed so that the summer temperature and harsher weather conditions do not exacerbate it. For instance, dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis need to be kept in check during the warmer months. Increased sweating or oiliness might appear and worsen the conditions of the scalp, which in turn increases the chances of hair loss —scalp inflammation might hamper the hair follicle and ultimately result in decreased hair growth. Yet another reason to protect from the sun.

Make hair care a priority in the summer months. To prevent damage to your tresses, choose The Cosmetic Republic USA's professional products. We have a wide range of haircare products made with state-of-the-art processing methods and the purest natural materials. Learn more about us and our specialized haircare lines by calling TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or filling out the contact form. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch with our latest news.

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