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Ultimate Tips to Optimize your Beard Care

July 10, 2019

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Man Beard CareSo, you already grew a considerable beard, which is already an accomplishment in itself since some men just can't get past the point of the stubble. Once you got the beard, unless you establish a clear beard care routine, you'll be entering 'hobo-looking guy' territory fast and almost effortlessly (just like you treat your beard). We believe you don't want that; in fact, you'll want the exact opposite: compliments and respect towards your full but well-groomed beard that speaks of wisdom and attitude.

In case you didn't know, you can optimize your beard care with a few tools, among which you can surprisingly count hair loss solutions (we'll dwell into that later). Let's learn how you can step up your beard care game.
Man Trimming Beard Care

Watch the Growth

If you are taking care of your beard, we suppose that you have reached the length you want. But beyond this, you will have to watch its growth permanently because you'll want to keep it trimmed and shapely. For this, you're gonna need a pair of scissors, and possibly a trimmer and a razor blade. As a rule of thumb, to control the overgrowth, you should get rid of any hair that grows sparse and doesn't define a clean line. Also, you should trim the ends every two weeks or once a month to get rid of split ends.

Figure Out the Best Shape

If you spent a long time growing out your beard, then you must have been through the process of styling it according to your face shape and other facial features. And if you haven't, then you should really take it into consideration because it can make a world of difference. Styling your beard in a way that doesn't harmonize with your face shape and features will totally ruin the look. Get some inspiration from our previous blog post about beard shapes; you'll feel like a brand new you with a perfected beard shape to match your allure.
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Keep it Clean

Just like you would clean any other body part with hair, you must wash your beard and the skin beneath it. Debris accumulating in your beard will ruin its appearance. Get a special beard wash (they are a good investment because they are gentle on beard hair and make it suppler).

In case you cannot find a special beard wash, then you can double up your sulfate-free shampoo as beard wash, just use a small amount. When you wash your beard, do not focus on rubbing the hair harshly; instead, use your fingertips to gently rub down to the skin and allow the lather to wash the beard hairs lightly.

As to the right times to wash your beard, you should avoid excess. Every day is too much, it's better if you just wash a couple of times a week, or even just one, depending on how bushy it is.
Man Beard Care Combing

Brush and Comb

Just like there's such a thing as special beard wash, there's also special beard brushes and combs, and they're necessary. They have the perfect shape and size to groom beards easily and fast. Many of them have natural boar bristles, which penetrate to groom even the longest beard.

Brushing is very important because it conditions your beard and distributes the natural oils evenly so that it looks tidier and grows healthier. If your beard hair is too dry, you can add a few drops of beard oil while you brush. Additionally, brushing often helps you clean the beard from dust and debris. Last but not least, your brushing routine can tame unruly hairs that grow to the sides.

Combing is ideal for longer and thicker beards because its teeth are able to detangle more easily. Ideally, you should own both a brush and a comb for optimal results.
Vitamins for Beard Care

Nourish and Sustain

Not because you have already reached your ideal length does it mean that you should stop worrying about your beard growth. Provide your beard with vitamins, proteins and other ingredients so that hair keeps growing strong from the inside out. Try vitamin supplements with biotin, include protein, fatty acids, zinc, iron, and vitamin E in your daily diet. All of these help in cell and collagen formation, strengthen the keratin in the hair shaft, play a role in the hair growth cycle, and improve the overall quality of hair.

Use Specialized Products

As we mentioned previously, you're going to be using a few new products that will contribute a lot to your beard grooming routine. The basic products are beard wash, beard softener, beard balm or oil (they have a similar effect), a good brush, a comb, a pair of scissors, and a trimmer.

Whenever possible, make sure that every single product you use is enriched with vitamins and moisturizing agents, and free of harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens. As we mentioned before, some hair products can double up as beard products, but it is essential that they belong to a professional hair care line and are free of sulfates and parabens. In this sense, hair loss solutions have wonderful products that revitalize and thicken hair, which will certainly benefit your beard.
Multivitamin Shampoo BannerThe perfect beard you've been dreaming of is within your reach, you just have to adopt the right routine and get the right products. At The Cosmetic Republic USA we can help you with a professional line of hair care products, plus our best tips. Learn more about us by calling TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or filling out the contact form below. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get our latest news right in your inbox.

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