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Thinning Hair Solutions: How to Pick the Best Hair Brush

May 07, 2020

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Woman with a Comb, Perfect for Thinning Hair SolutionsWhen it comes to hair brushing and combing, most people are on autopilot and run a brush through their hair every morning just to look decent before leaving the house. Little do people know that hair brushing is actually very beneficial for the hair's health, which is why it should be done more often than just once a day. Proper brushing can work wonders for your hair: it strengthens the hair shaft and adds shine, volume, and body.

Brushing and combing your hair, however, is not only a matter of applying the right technique but also using the right tool. Once you define these two factors, you can choose the perfect brush for detangling, massaging, styling, and conditioning your hair —your hairbrush can even become a wonderful option to add to your Thinning Hair Solutions. Before delving into the different types of brushes and how they can help you according to your hair type, let's look at the benefits of brushing.
Why Is Brushing Beneficial?
  • Hair Brushing Helps Prevent Hair Loss
  • Hair loss has internal causes which are usually hereditary and related to androgen (male) hormones. However, other internal factors like blood circulation, diet, and overall state of health, can play a role in hair loss. In such cases, hair brushing becomes an extra aid to keep the scalp and hair healthy and strong. Brushing your hair frequently stimulates the capillaries (small blood vessels), which increases blood flow in the scalp. With this increase in blood flow, oxygen and nutrients reach the hair stem, resulting in healthier, stronger hair.
  • Hair Brushing Has a Cleansing Effect
  • When you brush your hair, you are getting rid of impurities that build up on the scalp. Dead skin cells, shed hair, and product buildup are eliminated, leaving your scalp cleaner. If you never brush, these impurities can clog the pores, debilitating hair roots. All in all, your hair and scalp will feel cleaner and fresher after brushing.

  • Hair Brushing Conditions Hair
  • Brushing helps to distribute sebum—your natural oils —evenly along the hair shaft, keeping your hair moisturized and manageable. By brushing gently, you also flatten the hair cuticles, and as they soften out, the hair looks shinier. Thick and coarse hair can become more manageable and easier to style with gentle brushing.
Keratin Brush as an Effective Thinning Hair SolutionBest Brushes According to Hair Type
  • Brushes for thinning hair:
Thinning hair can benefit from brushes and combs that add volume to hair.
Fine combs are great to separate thin hair and make it appear more abundant. The Cosmetic Republic USA has a wonderful option: Keratin Brush is an exclusive brush with more than 400 ergonomic & flexible 3D bristles that adapt to hair tresses, detangling them and adding volume.

In some cases, the hair is extremely thin, or there is a noticeable case of hair loss. This is when hair fibers like The Cosmetic Republic USA's Keratin Fibers are useful. This star product makes thinning hair look much more abundant. These fibers bond to the hair shafts and they won't come off with sweat, water, or movement. Keratin fibers comes with a comb that allows an even distribution of the product.
  • Round brushes with a metal barrel:
  • These are great for fine hair because they pull the hair away from the scalp, while they retain heat and help in styling with a blow dryer. The size of the barrel will depend on the length of your hair. The longer your hair is, the bigger the barrel should be. Small barrels are for short hair.
    Teasing combs are necessary for some hairstyles because their purpose is to separate and volumize sections of hair. You can separate sections of hair and brush it downwards in order to add volume to the roots of the hair. This creates the effect of more abundant hair.

    Woman Brushing her Hair
  • Large oval brushes:
  • Get a large oval brush if you want another great option for fine or sparse hair since it adds volume to roots. Choose one with a wooden base if you don't use a blow dryer and use one with a ceramic base if you need a little heat to tame your tresses. About the bristles, it is always a good idea to go with a combination of natural boar bristles and nylon bristles. The length of the bristles is important too. Keep them medium, rather than too short.

  • Brushes for curly and thick/coarse hair:
  • Paddle brushes are the number one choice for thick or coarse hair, especially if it's long. The wide shape of the brush and the separated but dense bristles are ideal to penetrate dense strands without combing out the natural shape of the hair, especially if it's wavy or curly.

  • Oval brushes with a pad:
  • These brushes also work well through thick tresses as they easily detangle knots.
    Nylon bristles go through thick hair more easily than natural boar bristles. A combination of both types can also work well on thick hair. Some brushes have ball-tipped bristles that glide well through thick hair while massaging the scalp.
    Keratin Hair Fibers Banner
  • Brushes for detangling:
  • These special brushes often have flexible plastic bristles, which adapt to hair strands as they work through tangles and knots. This means less tugging, pulling, and breaking. If your fine hair gets knots frequently, this is a very good type of brush to use.
    Detangling brushes and combs usually have wide-set bristles to avoid breakage, especially on wet hair.

Special Brush for Thinning Hair Solutions
  • Brushes for styling:
  • Some of the same brushes mentioned above are good for styling, especially barrel brushes with short bristles for short, fine hair, and large ones for more abundant hair. It is always a good idea to choose a metal or ceramic plate brush if you are planning to apply heat when styling, as metal and ceramic retain heat and ultimately help make styling easier. As we always recommend, keep heating tools to the minimum if you want to have your hair to remain strong and healthy.
    Your hairbrush can become your staple tool to get healthy, beautiful hair. Whether you have thinning hair or are just looking to make your tresses healthier, you have a wide range of options to choose from.
    The Cosmetic Republic USA's daily hair care, thinning hair solutions, and immediate solutions are the perfect complement to your haircare routine. For more information, call us at TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on this website. Subscribe to our newsletter for more information about our latest news and products. Don't forget to find us on Facebook (The Cosmetic Republic USA, and follow us on Twitter (@TheCosmeticUSA), and Instagram (@thecosmeticrepublicusa).
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