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The Truth about the Most Popular Hair Myths

April 05, 2020

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It's hard to keep up with the number of hair care treatments currently available. Different people come up with different hair care routines, mixing up certain conditioners and hair loss products with particular combing techniques until they find the perfect solution. We can't blame anyone for getting confused by all the options floating around, but we can at least shed some light on the popular hair myths that have caused so many mishaps in the past.

There's truth behind some of these myths, while others are just unfounded theories to appease those who want to sidestep the trials of a proper hair care routine. Either way, when people believe random theories and apply the tips associated with them, they might be slowly and consistently causing major hair damage.

Let's take a look at the most popular hair myths to clear some things up:
  1. Cutting your Hair Makes it Grow Faster: There's a reasonable explanation behind this myth: When you trim your ends regularly, you prevent breakage and help your hair grow healthier and more abundant. This doesn't mean that cutting your hair will somehow accelerate the growth of the strands. Since the hair grows from the follicles in your scalp, you won't be affecting its natural growing rate when you work on your split ends.

  2. Shampooing Makes you Lose Hair: Hair washing always involves some shedding, and a single shower can make you shed up to 100 strands. This is a natural part of the process and it's unavoidable if you want the shampoo to reach all parts of your hair and scalp. Losing some hairs during the shower is not a sign of hair loss. If anything, by removing residues and nourishing your scalp, your shampoo is helping your hair grow stronger and healthier.

  3. Pulling One Gray Hair Will Make Two More Grow in its Place: There's really no way to tell where this myth comes from but it's completely false. An alternate version of the myth states that pulling out gray hairs will stop them from growing back altogether, which works only as a long-term outcome. Regardless of the version you choose to believe, pulling out your hair will only weaken your hair follicles, eventually affecting your hair's natural volume. If you want to preserve the health of your scalp, your gray roots need as much nourishment as the rest of your hair. You can apply the Root Concealer to cover up gray hairs without subjecting them to such a rough treatment.

  4. Hair Myths You Need To Stop Believing
  5. Stress Results in More Gray Hairs: Genetics will always be the primary cause of gray hair. Stress and anxiety can't singlehandedly prompt more gray hairs to come out. If your genes are already predisposed to produce less melanin, then it's possible that a string of stressful events might quicken the process, but it's not like a different state of mind will prevent it from happening.

  6. 100 Strokes a Day to Brush your Hair: While it's important to brush your hair every day, 100 strokes is taking it too far. If you brush excessively, you'll be putting a big strain on your follicles. Brush your hair long enough for its natural oils to spread around the scalp. There's no need to continue brushing after all the strands have been detangled. The right brushing technique is also essential to avoid unnecessary damage, so remember to brush gently from the ends to the roots and refrain from pulling.

  7. You Should Skip Conditioner if You Have Greasy Hair: Greasy hair does not make up for the hydrating effects given by a good conditioner. Conditioning your hair after shampooing won't increase the production of oil in your scalp. When they are infused with the right nutrients, conditioners counter the excess of sebum production while giving proper nourishment to the strands. Many of them benefit all hair types while minimizing the hygiene problems that come with a greasy scalp. When it comes to leave-in treatments, the best approach is to focus on the mids and ends without spreading the product on the scalp.

  8. Hair Myth About Blow Drying
  9. Dirty Hair Grows Faster: Strangely enough, dirty hair is a requirement in many hair myths. According to some myths, dirty hair takes better to hair dyes and is more resistant to breakage. None of these are true. The scalp must be clean to help the hair grow thicker. There are no benefits in any of the natural or product residues lingering on the hair when it's not washed, not to mention the bacteria and dead cells that will also be a problem the longer you go without shampooing your hair. While it's true that excessive washing can make way for dandruff and/or a greasy scalp, leaving your hair dirty is not the way to go regardless of your hair type.

  10. Always Air-Dry your Hair: It's true that leaving the hair dry on its own is the best approach on a day-to-day basis. There is, however, the option of using your blow drier at its lowest setting to avoid harming the roots. Under certain circumstances, air-drying can damage the strands bringing a lot of complications when it's time to style the hair. Blow-drying the hair every once in a while is a viable option to keep the strands in check and it's ultimately much more convenient than ironing. To revitalize the strands after using your blow drier, you can apply the Night Restructuring Vitamins and restore the hair's natural properties.

  11. Keep Switching your Shampoo: According to this, you need to change your shampoo and conditioner every few weeks / months before your hair grows immune to them. This hair myth is the extreme misconstruction of a basic fact of life: As you grow older, your hair will change and you will have to make some adjustments, adding some products and replacing others depending on the case. While seasonal changes might call for different products, the benefits of your current shampoo and conditioner won't be hindered by repeated use.
If you've been taking any of these myths at face value, chances are you're getting underwhelming results. You might have to make some changes and include more appropriate products according to your particular problem, whether you want to improve hair growth, enhance natural shine, strengthen thin strands, or reduce the grease on your scalp. Assess your hair type and habits to avoid any more misadventures in your hair care routine. Are there any other hair myths you want us to discuss?

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