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The Best Products for Your Hair Type

September 18, 2018

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The Best Hair Products For Your Hair TypeWhen it comes to hair products, there is a sea of options out there: gel, mousse, wax, spray, cream, and even hair loss products. They all make roughly the same promise: perfect hair. Choosing the nicest packaging and hoping on the promises on the label is not enough. To get the perfect product, you must know exactly how they work on each hair type. And obviously, go through a trial and error process remember that your hair might react differently than expected, and even the weather can have an influence on the effectivity of a hair product.

Get ready to finally find out which are the best products for your hair type and how to use them for awesome results.

Fine/Flat Hair

What it looks like
This hair type tends to look sparse and it might lack volume. Often, it is also oily, at least at the roots. It hardly ever has frizz problems.

What it needs
Fine or flat/oily hair needs thickening, texture, volume, and often oil control as well.
The Best Hair Products for Your Hair Type for Flat or Oily Hair
The best products
Thickening/nourishing shampoo is a must. If the hair is also oily, it is essential to rely on a sulfate-free shampoo that cleanses without being harsh on the scalp or hair. Stick to the rule of applying conditioner only on mids and ends to keep oil in check.

Dry shampoo can be your friend on 2nd or 3rd-day hair, diminishing the oily look and feel and adding lift on the roots.

Mousse is another beneficial option for flat hair. Its aerated texture can add body, especially when combined with diffused heat. Apply a medium-sized dollop of mousse on hair and blow-dry using a diffuser.

Volumizer provides volume to roots. The best way to apply this product is by spraying it close to the roots on wet or dry hair, as you prefer - and lifting them with a round barrel brush and a blow dryer.

Fine hair is ideal to work with choppy cuts like the pixie or shaggy cut because they provide volume, making hair look fuller. To style these cuts, texturizer and wax are ideal. Spray texturizer liberally on wet hair and allow to air-dry or rub some wax on the hair ends to make them more noticeable and add hold.

Thick/Straight Hair

What it looks like
This type of hair tends to dry out, and if it is damaged it can have a hay-like, frizzy appearance. otherwise, it is smooth and manageable, looks strong and it allows for various hairstyles.

What it needs
To avoid dryness, get a gentle and nourishing shampoo. You can condition once a week with a deep treatment or use overnight vitamins to improve elasticity, shine, and strength.
The Best Hair Products for Your Hair Type Straight Hair
The best products
This hair type can benefit from many products. Mousse can help straighten when used on dry hair with a blow-dryer and a big barrel brush.

Shine drops are the perfect finishing touch for this hair type. A few drops on dry hair according to your hair density and length will add shine, and they can help control frizz and moisturize the cuticle when used on wet hair. A similar effect can be obtained with shine spray.

Styling oil is another product that helps add luster, just be careful not to use too much or else it'll weigh your hair down. Work your hair in sections so that the oil gets distributed equally.

If your hair is thick and abundant, mostly straight, but tends to have wavier strands, a creamy leave-in or hair lotion might provide the moisture and manageability you need, taming unruly sections of hair.

Wavy/Curly Hair

What it looks like
Wavy and curly hair tends to be thick and strong but prone to dryness and unruliness.

What it needs
The number one need of this hair type is hydration, and everything you do should be aimed at it, from the moment you shampoo to the moment you style the hair.
The Best Hair Products for Your Hair Type Curly Hair
The best products
Sulfate-free shampoo is your number one must if you have wavy or curly hair. Likewise, sulfate-free conditioner is important. Choose products that contain vitamins, panthenol, and natural moisturizing oil extracts like argan, olive or coconut as they will enhance the benefits to your hair type. Shampoo and other products with silicones are designed to coat the cuticle, providing shine and reducing frizz. However, some experts agree that silicones cause buildup and may dry hair out in the long run, so use them in moderation. If you want to learn exactly how you can get perfect curly hair from the moment you step into the shower, read our blog post on how to shampoo curly hair.

Leave-in conditioner is another curly-hair essential. It offers manageability, frizz control, and hydration for an extended period of time. You will have to figure out if your hair looks better when you apply leave-in while it is wet or once it has dried at least halfway. Most curlies get better results when applying any styling product while the hair is still wet as they help lock in the moisture from the water. If you have no problem allowing your hair to dry overnight, you can take advantage of night treatments. They give great results on thick, porous hair since hair has plenty of time to lock in moisture progressively.

Hair lotion is creamy and works well on less porous curly hair, but it can be counterproductive on very porous types since it takes longer to have a moisturizing action. Try it out to see if it benefits your curls. Remember to warm it in your hands before you apply it, and do not smother hair with it.

Mousse is a curly-hair classic. Smooth it gently on your wet curls to give them definition without weight. Gel is strong, so many curlies report that it's the only styling product that really gives them hold and definition. But they complain that it can leave curls crunchy and dry. A better option for these cases is spray gel, which gets distributed more evenly through thick curly strands and has a lighter texture.

Curlies who sometimes straighten their hair need a heat protectant balm or serum; these often have straightening and shine properties as well. Just be careful not to smother your hair with this product, or you'll get weighed down strands in a very short time.

Kinky Hair

What it looks like
Tighter curls usually have a very fine and fragile texture and are the most prone to frizz, breakage, and dryness.

What it needs
Moisturizing, moisturizing, and more moisturizing! And medium-to-strong hold and definition.
The Best Hair Products for Your Hair Type Curl-Kinky Hair
The best products
Again, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are a must, but even more so are deep conditioning treatments. Follow the same gentle washing ritual as with wavy/curly hair and do weekly deep conditioning - add a thermal boost with a cap. Try Detox cap, a treatment that nourishes hair deeply in just 15 minutes.

For styling, do not skimp on hair lotion, moisturizing serum, oils, or spray gel. Avoid wax, texturizers, and straighteners since they will weigh hair down. You might need more than one than product, so you should layer them properly: start with leave-in or hair lotion, then add a bit of spray gel for extra hold and finish off with shine serum or oil. A great trick to keep frizz control and hydration on this hair type is refreshing your curls with a conditioner mist as necessary. You can prepare it with a bit of conditioner and plain water, put it in a fine mist bottle and carry it with you to apply it whenever you need to refresh the curls.

Is There a Hair Product That Works on All Hair Types?

Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner stand for basic hair care regardless of type. For styling, hairspray is versatile and works on all hair types to hold and define hairdos. Make sure you pick an alcohol-free formula that does not leave hair sticky and dried out. Apart from that, you must have noticed that several products get repeated across the list for different hair types. Using them depends on the formula and how it works with the specific characteristics of your hair.

We hope you found this information helpful and detailed to get the best out of your hair type with the right hair products. The Cosmetic Republic USA has some of the staple hair products for healthy tresses regardless of the type. Call us at TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on this website to get information about our professional and daily hair care lines. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news from us right to your inbox!

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