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The 101 of Hair Fibers

March 27, 2020

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The 101 of Hair FibersLike any other part of the body, the hair needs proper care to live longer. As time goes by and we start seeing the first signs of grayness and hair loss, it's important to nurture the hair to make up for these changes. While effective hair loss solutions are hard to come by, hair fibers are probably the most popular and accessible options around. Enriched with natural properties and tailored to match the hair's natural composition, hair fibers involve a non-invasive process that's quick in showing its results.

Hair fibers adhere to existing hair strands to make the hair look fuller and conceal areas where it starts thinning. The result is a fully natural look that perfectly camouflages the fibers clinging to the hair. While different products have variable composition, all hair fibers need one ingredient to achieve this effect and blend with the strands: keratin.

What Is Keratin and Why Is It Important?

Keratin is a fibrous type of protein that makes up the hair, as well as the nails and the outer layer of skin in human bodies. Hard to tear and insoluble in cold and hot water, keratin is highly resistant and provides essential protective properties, regulating cell growth and protein synthesis.

Keratin is the key ingredient in countless hair care solutions. It strengthens the cells that make up the hair cuticle and nourishes the strands, making them look thicker and glossier. The repeated use of keratin treatments not only strengthens the hair, but makes it more manageable to brushing and styling.

All About Keratin Fibers

Keratin fibers are favored by many people for their wonderful results and natural composition. As mentioned above, natural organic keratin protein serves as the main ingredient in keratin fibers. Complemented with other vegetable properties, the fibers resemble the proteins human hair is made of, and this helps them blend more seamlessly to the strands. They are infused with an electrical charge that bonds the fibers more securely to the hair without the aid of chemicals or additives. The static electricity keeping the hair fibers attached is also the reason why they provide an instant effect that adds more volume to the hair.
Hair Fibers Can be Used by Men and Women
Once they're applied, the Keratin Hair Fibers provide a series of benefits that your hair will thank you for:
  • They strengthen thin strands and give volume, making the hair look thicker and fuller.
  • They leave no mess behind. Impervious to sweat, wind, rain, and even the pressure of hats and caps, the fibers remain adhered to the hair, removing all chances of smears or stain on your skin or clothes.
  • Available in several different shades, they fill bald spots while maintaining a natural look that matches your hair color.
  • They can be used by men and women alike and are safe for all hair types.
  • They unclog the scalp pores and give them more room to breathe.
With such an instantaneous effect and all the talk about electrical charges, it's normal to wonder about potential scalp damage. Because they are free of chemicals and made entirely of organic protein fibers, they are fully safe for repeated use. If you stick to the (very simple) application method and keep the fibers away from your mouth and eyes, there's no reason to expect scalp irritation or harm on the strands, which will only grow thicker and stronger.

There are 10 shades to choose from, so it will be easy for you to replicate your hair's natural color. It is allowed and even encouraged to mix different colors if you have various shades of hair coloration. Combining different shades will not dampen the thickening effect of the hair fibers and won't cause any harm on your hair and scalp.

Your particular hair condition will determine the amount of hair fibers you use per application and the number of applications in your regular routine, which is why there are three formats available (2,5 grs 12,5 grs 25 grs). You can choose whatever suits you best depending on how often you plan on using the keratin fibers.

The Right Way to Apply the Keratin Hair Fibers

Keratin Fibers are a Natural Hair Thickener
The keratin fibers are applied through a simple process that's ideal for beginners and quick enough for people with a hectic schedule. First of all, make sure your hair is fully dry before application or the fibers will take a lumpy texture that won't adhere properly to the strands. Start by shaking the Keratin Hair Fibers directly from the uncapped container on the area you want to treat. You can use the Keratin Comb to better spread the fibers on the affected area while keeping them away from your face. After this, use the Mist Hairspray to fix the fibers to the existing hairs.

The hair fibers will remain attached to the hair throughout the entire day, covering bald spots and making the hair look thicker in the process. There will be no smears or movement once they cling to the strands. To remove the fibers, you just have to scrub them off with shampoo while you wash your hair.

For years, The Cosmetic Republic USA has developed revolutionary hair solutions to enhance the hair's natural beauty while preserving the health of the scalp and the stands. Our Keratin Hair Fibers are no exception, having satisfied thousands of clients with a formula that's natural and 100% effective. If you still have questions about our exclusive hair fibers, call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form. We'll give you all the information you need about this and other hair care products. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get the most relevant content right in your inbox.

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