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Root Concealers: The Easiest Way to Cover Your Pesky Grays Until Your Next Salon Appointment

November 30, 2017

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Young Woman Shows her Grey Hair RootsGreat hair is a personality statement: you can style it in any way you desire to express yourself. However, changes to your hair can either boost or diminish your self-esteem. One of these changes is graying, in which hair loses its youthful shine, color, and texture as we age. The process of graying has been widely studied, and the findings point to different reasons as to why it happens. Some of them are genetics, frequent exposure to genotoxic stress (UV light and chemicals), natural depletion of pigment cells, and progressive dwindling of the enzyme that breaks down the hydrogen peroxide that is naturally present in hair. Luckily, you don't have to dread graying with the wide range of hair color solutions currently available.

Getting Rid of Gray Hair

People with graying hair go to different types of remedies to cover their grays. The most obvious fix is hair dye, which has become so popular that over half of women worldwide have done it at some point in their lives. Whether to revamp your look or cover your grays, hair dye is by far the quickest option. Nowadays, several hair color options—namely temporary (root concealer), semi-permanent, or permanent dyes—are available to people who want to touch up their roots or even out their grays. The only problem with hair dye is that it fades relatively quickly, and it's hard to keep up with the maintenance. Hair is one of the fastest growing tissues in the human body (with an average growth rate of 1.25 cm or 0.5 inches per month), so root growth can be quite noticeable soon enough, especially if there is a big difference between your natural hair color and the dyed color.
Detox Wrap New ProductAll in all, many people with graying hair agree that it is often difficult to maintain perfectly covered grays. Stubborn grays might become costly, inconvenient, or even unhealthy to deal with for several reasons. First, professional coloring is not particularly cheap. Second, frequent salon appointments might be hard to squeeze into a tight schedule. Third, permanent dyes are packed with chemicals that damage hair in the long run. The latter is the first reason why many people choose to forgo hair dyeing. Repeated exposure to these chemical processes debilitates hair. In order to penetrate the hair shaft, the chemicals in permanent dye lift the hair cuticle (the hair's outer protective layer) to break down the hair's natural pigmentation and deposit the new color in its place. All things considered, it may be wise for many people who struggle with grays to diminish the use of permanent dyes and opt for root concealers.

Root Concealers Are the Best Solution for Graying Hair

Root Concealers Covering Grey Roots in a Before and After PictureRoot concealers have become increasingly popular as the most practical option to deal with pesky grays and root growth.

Available in a variety of presentations, such as compact powder, pencil stick, mousse, or spray, they allow the user to skip on ammonia-loaded hair color in a quick, convenient way. Approved and recommended by hair experts, The Cosmetic Republic USA's root concealer stand out among others with their flagship ammonia and peroxide-free spray for instant coverage of grays. This product vanishes grays and roots effectively while being gentle on hair for its mineral pigment formula. This high-quality root concealer stays on until you wash it out with shampoo; it won't wear off with sweat or water, or be transferred onto clothes or skin. For precise application, it has an ergonomic 180° diffuser that avoids unnecessary spills and facilitates full coverage. The Cosmetic Republic USA's Root Concealer is available in three shades (Blond, Medium, and Dark), and customizes itself to almost all hair color shades, blending perfectly. The look and feel of hair after using Root Concealer are perfectly natural—users can be sure that there will be no telltale signs of root touch-up! The Cosmetic Republic USA's Root Concealer and the rest of their hair care line aim at protecting hair from damage and proves to be a top choice for excellent quality and optimal results.

The Cosmetic Republic Cares for Your Hair

Hair can be beautiful regardless of type and color, and The Cosmetic Republic USA makes sure that everyone can see and enjoy the benefits of healthy hair. With the best ingredients and the most advanced hair care technology, The Cosmetic Republic USA is constantly innovating solutions that nourish, repair, and maintain the shine, body, and life of hair. To keep up to date with our promotions, don't forget to follow us on Facebook at The Cosmetic Republic USA, find us on Twitter The Cosmetic USA, on Instagram @thecosmeticrepublicusa and as The Cosmetic Republic USA on YouTube. Subscribe to the newsletter for up-to-date information about our hair care line and news.
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