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Root Concealer for Different Hair Types

August 07, 2019

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Root Concealer TypesRoot concealers are the best thing that could have happened to anyone who needs constant root retouch. These products make coverup quick, effortless, inexpensive, and harmless for your hair. Do you know what the best root concealer for your hair type is and the best tricks to use it correctly? This is what you're here to learn. We'll help you choose the right one to end all your root and gray predicaments. But first…

Where Root Concealer Comes From

Root concealers are just one more option in the wide spectrum of hair color products. As you may suspect, hair coloring is nothing new, and the first type of hair color worked sort of like a root concealer. The Egyptians used henna (a natural pigment) to camouflage gray hairs. For thousands of years, the options to cover gray hair continued to be made out of natural ingredients, like plant extracts and sometimes heavy metals, which could result dangerous. However, it was not until 1907 that the first chemical dye for mass consumption was created by Eugene Schueller, the founder of L'Oréal.

Egyptian Woman Coloring HairIn the following decades, hair dye formula was perfected, getting safer and easier to use, until box hair dye came to light in the 1950s and got popularized quickly. By the end of the 1960s hair dye was extremely common and it hasn't stopped evolving to this day when more options than ever are available. Now we don't only talk about permanent hair dyes, but also demi-permanent, semi-permanent, temporary, and alternative, which includes root concealer. This convenient product was born out of the necessity to find a quicker and more practical way to take care of roots and grays since frequent dyeing can become hard to keep up with.

Why Root Concealer Is Better Than Hair Dye

Root concealer cannot give you multi-dimensional, full-coverage and permanent color, but there is a good reason why we think it is better than hair dye: it does not damage hair.

Root concealer acts only on a superficial level, not like hair dye, which lifts the hair cuticle by means of the oxidation process so that hair color can be deposited inside the hair shaft and stays in. As you may already know, lifting the hair cuticle leaves hair vulnerable to damage and dries it out.

You may be wondering if the color in root concealers is reliable. The answer is, yes. Root concealers are colorfast, so you won't have to worry about smearing, running or staining on your skin or clothes.

Why There's a Root Concealer for Every Hair Type

Not all root concealers are made alike, and some of them definitely work better than others depending on the hair type and the specific needs of each individual. Here is a quick guide to hair types and the corresponding root concealer type that fits them best.
Root Concealer for Dry HairDry hair
Dry strands need a product with maximum fix power. Formulas that are too loose might have less staying power on dry hair, so as a general rule we recommend avoiding powder, compact or mineral formulas. Here is our pick:
  • Spray root concealer offers good coverage of wide areas and does not over-dry already dry roots.
  • Pencil or stick root concealer has a thick texture that fixes well to dry strands and won't make them too oily.
  • Cream root concealer also offers wonderful coverage on dry hair. This type of root concealer looks like mascara and it has a sort of mascara wand or a similar brush to apply the product.
Most root concealer formulas are enriched with conditioning ingredients, which also play a part in protecting and nourishing dry hair.
Root Concealer for Oily HairOily hair
In general, it's a good idea to avoid very creamy formulas since they may add to the natural sebum in the roots and weigh hair down. If you have oily hair, it's better to use the following types:
  • Spray root concealer works great with all hair types, including oily hair. For best results on this hair type, make sure you use them on clean, dry, and heat-styled hair.
  • Mineral or compact root concealers have super fine pigments that attach perfectly to oily roots offering seamless coverage.
  • Markers have a weightless finish, which makes them perfect for fine or oily hair.
Root Concealer for Fine HairFine hair
Fine hair tends to clump up with thick, creamy formulas, so as a general rule, it's best to choose lighter formulas with a clean application. Also, it's important that the texture of the product allows it to be layered until the desired coverage is achieved.
  • Spray root concealers have a fine mist that won't smother fine hair.
  • Mineral or compact formulas are light and buildable on fine hair.

Hair Textures and Root Concealers

Generally speaking, the type of root concealer you use won't make much difference with different hair textures. However, we recommend spray concealer for its fine mist and wide coverage even on curly or coily textures. Straight and wavy hair can look great with any root concealer type. It's more important to take into consideration the hair type (dry, oily or fine).
Root Concealer Colors

Root Concealer Colors

Most root concealers come in a range of about five basic shades which match most hair colors and can also be blended easily for a closer match. Root concealer doesn't have to make a perfect match, but it can be blended into the closest shade to your hair color, whether it's natural or dyed.

The most common shades are black, dark and medium brown, blond, and auburn. We recommend that regardless of your hair color, you choose a root concealer without sulfates or parabens, which takes care of your hair.

Another recommendation is that when you use a spray root concealer, you shouldn't point the nozzle too close to the scalp. That will help you get perfect coverage without clumping up your hair.

Also, if you want solid color and you have more than 40% grays, it might still be a good idea to use hair dye instead of a root concealer.
Root Concealer So, there you have our recommendations for perfect coverage of grays and roots with a root concealer. Make sure you get a high-quality, professional product like The Cosmetic Republic USA's. We have a wide range of hair loss solutions and products for healthy, beautiful hair. Call us at TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on this website. We will be glad to help you choose the best products on the market. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter if you want to get the latest news about us right in your inbox.

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