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Is Root Concealer Safe for Your Hair?

May 14, 2020

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Gray roots can surprise us at any point in life, calling for some changes in our hair care routine after the first few gray hairs start showing up. In a sea of dyes, treatments, and other hair products, the root concealer comes as a solution that's almost too good to be true. It effectively covers all the gray spots, seamlessly taking the hair's natural color and giving an effect that makes the hair look healthier and more abundant in the process. What exactly makes root concealer such an effective solution? Are there any drawbacks to such a convenient formula?

Gray Roots and the Best Way to Conceal them

To properly treat gray roots, as well as any other hair problem, it's important to know what causes them and what to expect once we take notice of them. Many of the myths surrounding gray hairs have been put to rest in the last few years, but it's still necessary to clear all doubts if we're going to make root concealers a permanent fixture in our hair care routine.

Gray hairs are part of a natural transition that usually begins after you turn 30, but can often start during your mid-twenties. Genetics determine the stage in life when gray roots start showing up, but the chances have a yearly increase of 10 to 20 percent after the 30-year mark.

In short, gray hairs appear when the production of melanin decreases. As the years go by, the cells responsible for producing pigment on the shaft start to die and the new hairs lose their color in the process, often taking various shades of gray or silver. Our genetic makeup is the main factor triggering the appearance of gray hairs, but race and certain health conditions like vitiligo and thyroid disorders also play a part in the process.

Gray hairs call for extra love. After losing their color, gray roots become inevitably thinner and more delicate than colored hairs. They can also grow frizzy and more prone to breakage. Because of all these reasons, it's important to choose carefully when you look for ways to cover gray roots. Naturally fine hairs require special attention on this front.

While hair dyes are a popular choice for those in search of a long-lasting solution, natural ingredients will always be the most effective way to treat natural hair. Usually provided as sprays or powders, root concealers are meant to cover all gray roots while taking the exact shade of the existing colored hairs surrounding them.

The Wonders of Root Concealers

Developed with mineral pigments to allow repeated use with no strains on the strands, root concealers are a great alternative and offer fast results. Here are some of the benefits that make the root concealer such a perfect solution:
  • Stays on the Hair for as Long as you Like: The root concealer remains on the shaft in spite of sweat, rain, fabric, chlorine, and previous chemical treatments. It stays on your hair until you wash it off with shampoo.
  • A Great Way to Avoid Waste: The root concealer is equipped with a 180 diffuser that makes it easy for you to spread the right amount of product on your hair. This makes it possible to make the root concealer last for up to 75 applications.
  • Simplifies the Styling Process: With the root concealer, it takes less time to style your hair the right way. You won't have to resort to outlandish hairstyles to keep all your gray roots hidden.
  • Free of Aggressive Ingredients: Free of peroxides and ammonia, the root concealer preserves the health of the shaft while improving the appearance of the roots.
Root Concealer Preserves The Health of The Shaft

Are Root Concealers Safe?

There are many questions associated to the use of root concealers. Some people wonder whether root concealers actually reduce the appearance of gray hairs while others fear causing potential damage to the strands when they're already weakened by the loss of pigmentation. While root concealers have no power over the genetic and hormonal changes that lead to gray roots, their properties are harmless to the inner structure of the strands. As mentioned above, the shades of a root concealer are given by mineral pigments to compensate the lack of melanin on the shaft and the product itself remains free of alcohols and additives. There's no need to worry about breakage, dryness, or other forms of hair damage down the line.

The proper application of the root concealer will deliver an evident change that will last on all hair types. To make the best of this solution, however, there are a number of details you must never forget:
Root Concealers don't Damage The Hair Shaft
  • Constant Conditioning is Important: You must not neglect your washing and conditioning routine, especially if you have naturally dry hair. It's always easier to treat your gray roots when the hair is healthy and properly hydrated.
  • Using the Root Concealer to Cover Facial Hair: The root concealer is designed to cover gray roots at the scalp and the part line; its pigments are meant to match this type of hair. While it poses no harm when applied on the eyebrows or the beard, it's best to use very small amounts, helping yourself with a small-tipped brush to spread it evenly.
  • Using the Root Concealer to Add Highlights: The root concealer is the ideal way to enhance highlights when you have mixed shades, but its application is limited to the hair root. It cannot create a full streak of highlights from scratch.
  • Mixing the Root Concealer with Hair Dyes: The components of the root concealer don't go well with the additives most hair dyes are made of. Do not apply the root concealer if you plan on dying your hair. Wash it off in advance if you're already wearing it.
  • Choosing the Right Shade to Get the Desired Effect: The mineral pigments are especially perfected to ensure a natural looking result and a perfect blend. As such, they're particularly versatile and will take on mixed colorations when you work from the darkest shade available.
  • Covering up Bald Spots: While the root concealer can make small bald spots less noticeable, a proper hair loss solution will conceal them more thoroughly and deliver better results overall. The root concealer can safely work with these solutions without losing its effect on your roots.
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