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How to Touch Up Gray Roots and Cover Up Hair Patches

March 12, 2020

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How to Touch Up Gray Roots and Cover Up Hair PatchesIt's not strange for people to feel empowered when their hair manages to reflect their vitality. When it's bouncy, glossy and abundant, it complements the face and exudes liveliness. When it starts graying and falling out, the effect can be just as striking, but it's usually associated with unsavory concepts like waste and old age. While making peace with these changes is a praiseworthy approach, there's no reason to settle for them when there are solutions capable of rejuvenating your hair without putting a dent in your pocket. Solutions like the Keratin Hair Fibers serve as an example of all you can do to nourish your hair in a way that's both healthy and truly effective.

If you are not ready to give in to grayness and baldness, don't lose hope. You can restore both volume and natural color after learning how to touch up gray roots and cover up gray patches with the best formula developed to revive your hair down to its roots.

Some Things to Clear Out About Gray Roots and Hair Patches

Before trying to counter gray roots and bald spots, there are some details you must identify. The information below provides a clearer picture of this common problem and helps you make an educated guess on how its effects might evolve in the future.

How to Touch Up Gray Roots and Cover Up Hair Patches in WomenGray Roots:
  • Are mainly the result of our genetic make-up. Our genes play a big role, influencing how early the hair roots start turning gray, as well as the amount of gray hairs a person can develop in a given window of time.

  • Usually start showing between ages 34 and 44, with some premature cases occurring during the early 20's.

  • Can be worsened by a lack of vitamin B12 and D3. A general lack of vitamins and nutrients affects pigmentation, accelerating the appearance of gray hair.

  • Won't change colors if you pull them out. This will only damage the follicles and make the hair grow thinner and weaker.

  • Can be concealed when they grow in small isolated areas by combing the hair in different directions. There are several products designed to cover these little spots of gray, like temporary powders, sprays, and colored pencils. While not as aggressive as hair dyes, these products still have chemical components that can turn the hair brittle from repeated use.
How to Touch Up Gray Roots and Cover Up Hair Patches in MenHair Patches:
  • Are a common result of alopecia areata, which affects particular portions of the scalp.

  • Are also prompted by genetic factors, as well as by medical conditions like anemia and diabetes. Different skin conditions can also weaken the scalp and make the hair fall out in places.

  • Usually become noticeable around the late 30's.

  • Are generally coin-sized bald spots commonly located at the top or near the back of the head. In time, these spots can grow and take more space. When the hair starts thinning progressively, some bald spots can take the form of a receding hairline.

  • Can be aggravated by a poor diet lacking in protein and vitamins. An excess of greasy food, sugar, alcohol, and cigarettes also affects the circulation of blood and nutrients to the scalp.
How to Touch Up Gray Roots and Cover Up Hair Patches with Keratin Hair Fibers

The Best Way to Treat Your Hair

Hair patches are gray roots that represent a predicament that's shared by many people around the world, so you can probably find a decent variety of products and methods available to counter their impact. While a number of products can be found in the market, it's important to look into their components and evaluate how these solutions can affect your hair after repeated use, especially if your follicles are already fragile and your roots are particularly dry or greasy. Since bald spots are usually focused on particular, well-defined portions of the scalp, hair transplants are another common approach, but they are expensive, involve a recovery period and can leave a host of side effects.

If they want to, people can be free of all the worries that usually stop them from trying to stop gray roots and bald spots. The Cosmetic Republic USA is a leading brand in the creation of safe, practical solutions to improve people's hair care habits. The exclusive Keratin Hair Fibers is among these solutions. To erase all traces of old age in your hair, you can simultaneously touch up gray roots and cover up hair patches using a safe and reliable formula that works on all hair types.

This product integrates powerful vitamin-enriched fibers with a negative electrical charge that naturally adheres to the hair's positive charge. Its properties and vegetal components remain attached to the hair shaft and add volume to the hair with no chemicals to counteract the nourishing effect of the fibers.

You can apply the Keratin Fibers in two simple steps:
  1. Uncap the Keratin container and directly shake it on the affected areas. You'll see an instant change: all the bald spots will be covered in a way that will naturally match your hair's initial color and volume.

  2. After you're done with the Keratin, you have to splash the Mist hairspray on your hair to protect the fibers against movement, sweat, strong winds, and rain.
How to Touch Up Gray Roots and Cover Up Hair Patches with Root ConcealerAvailable in 10 different shades to ensure a natural look, the Keratin Fibers are specially developed to make your hair fuller and healthier in a matter of seconds, maintaining the effect throughout the entire day.

If your hair problems are only limited to gray roots, the exclusive Root Concealer is a quick and practical solution that will save a lot of the time that you have to spend repeatedly coloring gray roots throughout the day. Containing mineral pigments to ensure a natural shade, this formula will easily cover your gray roots until they are seamlessly blended with the rest of your hair. Thanks to an integrated 180 diffuser that ensures the solution is evenly spread, there is no waste and no mess.

These are the solutions we bring you to stop bald patches and gray roots once and for all. We are experts in all forms of hair care, so don't be afraid to come to us if you want personal recommendations to help care for your hair roots and cover bald spots. Just call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form. You can trust The Cosmetic Republic to help you restore the youth and beauty in your hair. Subscribe to our newsletter to get all the most relevant info right in your inbox.

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