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How to Stay Safe in Hairdressers and Beauty Salons during COVID-19

November 12, 2020

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Woman Using Mask in Hairdressers and Beauty SalonsAfter months of unrest caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we are entering a new stage of awareness and adjustments in our daily habits. Businesses are back providing many of the specialized services that were put on hold back in March, and thousands of people in all corners of the country are looking forward to new opportunities to hit the salon. Hair products for beauty salons offer unique revitalizing solutions that can't be found at a retail store and the specialized attention of a hairdresser can't be easily replicated, especially if you're going for a long-lasting change. It is the right time for you to unwind with a much-needed make-over, but only if you know how to take care of yourself and others while doing it.

What is COVID-19?

The Covid-19 is a highly infectious disease mostly known for causing mild to acute respiratory/vascular problems. Symptoms vary from person to person, making the disease hard to identify in some cases, but usually include dry coughs, fever, and muscular pains.

The covid-19 virus is mostly transmitted through airborne respiratory droplets that are blown away while a person sneezes/coughs/talks. Because these droplets can survive up to 5 days on certain surfaces and the disease's incubation period is so unpredictable (3 to 14 days), it has taken months of hard work to stop this new coronavirus from spreading after its first global outbreak at the beginning of the year.

Safety Measures at Beauty Salons

Within this context, hair care treatments that are usually left to professional practitioners (haircuts, styling, perms, hair color) call for the participant's trust concerning the salon's safety precautions. Clients must heed the practitioner's instructions, so you must do research in advance to verify that the salon fulfills the necessary sanitary standards and is adhering to the appropriate guidelines.

Make sure that the beauty salon of your choice:
  • Promotes the use of protective equipment in all members of its staff. Your hairdresser, as well as other workers you cross paths with during your visit, must be wearing face masks and gloves at all times, along with a full-face plastic visor in some cases. If your hairdresser must remove any of these items for whatever reason, they must retreat to a private area away from clients.

  • Follows the necessary sanitary requirements, having all surfaces and appliances properly disinfected and sanitized before each new session.

  • Is organized and free of clutter, with enough room for people to keep the recommended 6 feet of physical distance.

  • Has screens to clearly separate each of the different working stations, as well as visual cues marking the distance to be kept with other practitioners. They can also have banners or posters displaying the right way to use the protective equipment, along with the other safety rules.

  • Guarantees that its staff has been properly trained to follow the safety protocol.

  • Gives you the option of making virtual consultations and online payments.

  • Has the foresight to inform you of new safety measures, either through digital means (announcements on their website and social media, informative emails, etc) or by giving you a clear heads-up when you make your appointment.
If you have doubts concerning the safety measures taken at your regular salon, the CDC has compiled a guideline listing the necessary requirements for salons and barbershops. Likewise, you can guide yourself using the rules set for your city, usually displayed at your local government's official site.
Women Using Masks in Hairdressers and Beauty Salons

What Can I Do to Stay Safe at the Beauty Salon?

With a huge majority of customers eager to book an appointment at the salon, it's useful to be ready in advance, with a clear notion of the part you play to ensure a safe salon experience. Many of these recommendations are actually mandatory in most esthetic centers so make sure you have what you need to fulfill the salon's safety rules before making your appointment:
  • Wear a face mask: All hair care treatments call for a lot of physical contact between clients and estheticians. This is why it's so important to keep your face covered during your time at the salon. Your willingness to keep a face mask also shows respect for your hairstylist and consideration toward their safety.

  • Keep the physical distance: If the salon of your choice has an efficient booking system, you shouldn't have to worry about sharing your space with too many people. Still, it is important to avoid skin-to-skin contact with your hairdresser and keep at least 6 feet of separation with other workers and clients.

  • Refrain from bringing food or drinks to the salon: If you have the habit of eating snacks between multiple treatments or before checking in, you will have to hold on until you've left the salon, otherwise, your hairdresser will probably stop you before you take the first bite.

  • Touch as little as you can: Keeping your hands to yourself is already part of basic client etiquette. You'll be giving the stylist more freedom to work with and save them a lot of headaches while they keep tabs on their working space/utensils. This rule also entails a conscious effort to avoid putting your hands on surfaces that you usually touch unconsciously (counters, armrests, door handles).

  • Do what you can at home: Many salons are encouraging clients to wash and blow-dry their hair at home before heading to the salon for other treatments. In fact, many hairstylists are providing online tutorials and product recommendations to help clients maintain the basic parts of their hair care routine without having to book a salon visit. If you don't suffer from a major hair problem like dryness or hair loss, it probably won't make a difference if you wash your hair at home before the appointment.
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