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How to Hide Thinning Hair at the Front

May 27, 2019

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Man Showing How to Hide Thinning Hair at the FrontThinning hair makes you feel at best uncomfortable and at worst, unhappy about your appearance. Thinning hair at the front can be especially distressing because it changes the hairline and therefore the way your face looks. But it's no use complaining and brooding about it; you'd better put that effort into finding hair loss solutions. Here are the best ways to hide thinning hair at the front.

Why Hair Thins at the Front

If you are a man, you'll lose hair at the front first. Some males can see a receding hairline as early as right after puberty and by the age of 50, 85% of men are experiencing some degree of hair loss.

Male pattern baldness starts with hair thinning out at the front (on the temples) in an M shape. At first, it doesn't look so serious, but you can be sure that eventually, the hairline will recede across the top of the head, leaving a ring of hair around the bare scalp. Sometimes the hairline stays the least changed right in the middle of the forehead, creating a v-shape called a widow's peak.

Female pattern baldness is a bit different because usually, hair loss does not start at the hairline, but diffusely all over the scalp. However, the hairline can recede a little bit around the temples.

But both men and women with alopecia spend time and effort looking for an answer on how to hide thinning hair at the front.

Solutions for Thinning Hair at the Front

Let's get into the quick and long-term solutions for a receding hairline:

Quick solutions: these popular solutions do not take too much effort and they are great for an early receding hairline.

Root Concealers
These colored sprays to touch up roots can double up as concealers for a receding line, especially if your hair is going gray. Choose one with a strong fix and staying power and apply along the hairline, being careful not to smear it. Your hair will look thicker, your hairline more defined, and your grays covered up.
How to Hide Thinning Hair at the Front with Root Concealer
Hair Fibers
This product can pretty much revolutionize the world of hair loss solutions. The vegetable fibers resemble the keratinized structure of hair and they cling to it thanks to the fact that they have the opposite electrical charge.

When you apply these powder fibers on your receding hairline and bald spots, you will notice how they provide a fuller appearance and fill in the empty areas along the hairline. Don't worry about the fibers smearing or staining the skin because they are colorfast. Take a look at our previous blog post where you'll learn everything about Keratin Hair Fibers.
How to Hide Thinning Hair at the Front with Keratin Hair Fibers
A New Parting
You don't want to accentuate a thinning front with the wrong hairstyle! Side partings are a no-no if you have a receding hairline. Instead, consider adopting a middle parting which can drape hair on the sides.

A Shorter Cut
Shorter and layered cuts give hair more volume and allow you to cover thinning spots. Ask your hairstylist to leave the back shorter in strategic places for a fuller look.
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You have to pump up that new shorter cut with a good blow-dry. Use a blow dryer with a diffuser and a round brush. Start with damp hair, divide it into sections, pull it up with the brush and blow-dry in the opposite direction that hair naturally falls. You'll end with volumized hair.

Less Styling
Do not over style your frail hair! Keep hairdos simple so that you exert the least manipulation on your hair. Likewise, avoid hair accessories with sharp edges, metal parts, or tight fittings which can snap and break hair.

This might be one of the best options for an advanced receding hairline. Many hairpieces are designed to cover the front only, so you don't get unnecessary coverage. Don't worry about the piece blending in with your hair, the texture and feel look very natural; besides, you can find them in any color you want.

Some people just can't be bothered to try and hide their receding hairline with anything complicated. If this is your case, a cap, hat or scarf can do the job and give you a distinctive look at the same time. But you shouldn't hold on to them forever because they might generate side problems like even thinner hair, an oilier scalp, and brittleness.

Long-term solutions: Take your time and be patient to get more effective results in your quest to recover your hairline. If you are wondering how to hide thinning hair at the front over a longer term, follow through with these routines.

Scalp Massages
Good circulation is key for healthy hair follicles, so make scalp massages a routine. Some people put their hair down to get the blood flowing and massage the scalp with essential oils.
Woman Massaging her Scalp to Hide Thinning Hair at the Front
Thinning Hair Products
Volumizing and thinning hair shampoos have ingredients that puff hair up, so it is a good idea to leave regular shampoos behind completely and start using sulfate- and paraben-free special treatments.

Why not help your body get an extra dose of hair -friendly nutrients? Biotin, ferritin and fatty acids are great to add strength, shine, body, and protection.

Protein-Rich Foods
The hair is mostly made of keratin (a proteinic substance), so proteinic foods help restore the damaged protein in the hair shaft. Include eggs, meat, legumes in your diet.

Don't wait to take action about your receding hairline. Stop wondering how to hide thinning hair at the front and start taking care of your hair with specialized thinning hair solutions. The Cosmetic Republic USA has the most suitable products for the health and recuperation of thinning hair. Call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form below to get in touch with us; we'll be glad to help you. Subscribe to our newsletter!

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