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How to Deal with Hair Loss

December 12, 2018

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Bald Man Finding Out How to Deal With Hair LossHair is considered a symbol of youth and beauty for both men and women, so it is not easy to accept that your hair is thinning and might eventually be all gone. Hair loss affects your appearance and therefore your self-esteem, which means that doing something about it on time is crucial to regain confidence and well-being.

As soon as you notice signs of hair loss, you should set out to discover the reason behind it. This will give you the tools to revert or at least minimize the amount of hair loss you experience. There is always a way to improve hair thinning, from switching to the right hair care products to covering bald spots with keratin hair fibers. Hair loss doesn't have to be the end of the world! Follow our advice to deal with it in the best possible way.

1. Learn About the Causes

There isn't only one cause for hair loss, and as you can imagine, the treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Identifying the source for your hair loss problem is the first step towards relief. Here are the most common ones:
  • Genetics: androgenetic alopecia is an inherited condition, and not only men are subject to it, women can suffer from it as well. Androgenetic alopecia is characterized by an oversensitivity to a variation of testosterone called DHT, which causes hair follicles to die progressively. This type of hair loss follows a characteristic pattern: men lose hair at the sides and top of the head, whereas women see hair thinning in the crown area. It's important to note that androgenetic alopecia cannot be "cured", you can only attempt to retain as much hair as possible for as long as possible and adapt your hairstyle and appearance to the progression of hair loss.

  • Health problems: maybe your diet lacks important nutrients for hair growth like iron, protein or zinc. Your hair loss might also be a sign of underlying conditions that need to be diagnosed properly and timely like lupus and cancer. In the latter case, it is likely to receive chemotherapy and lose your hair as a side effect of it.

  • Stress: intense stress and trauma both physical and mental can trigger hair loss because hormones get imbalanced and the hair growth cycle gets disrupted. This type of hair loss is called Telogen Effluvium.

  • The wrong hair care: this includes drying shampoos and conditioners with sulfate surfactants, treatments with harsh chemicals and unsuited treatments for your hair type. Similarly, drying, brushing, and styling can also damage your hair, causing hair fall and accelerating hair loss.

  • Chemical damage: harsh chemicals like bleach, hair dye and dubious hair treatments can cause extreme breakage or hair loss because of hair shaft and follicle damage.

2. Act According to the Causes

Without the previous step, you will probably be shooting blind about your hair loss. Once you have observed yourself closely and possibly visited a doctor, you will be ready to start applying the strategies to minimize hair loss in every case.
Woman Knows How to Deal With Hair Loss With Good Balanced NutritionFor androgenetic alopecia, all you can do is retain as much hair as possible for as long as possible, but hair loss will continue its course. A hair transplant surgery is another possibility you can work with if you are a candidate and want to deal with its implications. Laser treatment is said to encourage the follicle to stay alive too.

For illness and nutritional deficiencies, a physician must evaluate and control the condition and indicate whether the specific treatment will help hair loss subside. Nutritional deficiencies can be tackled with supplements and a balanced diet.

For stress, it is also wise to seek for medical and psychological advice if necessary. Balancing body and emotions out will help bring the hormones and hair growth to a healthy point once again. Telogen effluvium subsides eventually and does not affect health.

For the wrong hair care, all it takes is switching to sulphate- and paraben-free haircare to avoid damage and drying which may lead to hair breakage or loss. When dandruff, psoriasis or other skin conditions are leading to hair loss, it is necessary to look for the correct medicated shampoo and follow a strict treatment.

For chemical damage, make sure you do one chemical treatment at a time or what's best, avoid them altogether. People with fragile, thin hair, or predisposition to hair loss, should be especially wary of chemical treatments to keep their hair the healthiest possible.
How to Deal With Hair Loss Man Applying Natural Keratin Hair Fibers

3. Turn to Immediate Alternatives

Some hair loss treatments bear immediate results and they are very easy to use on a daily basis. Immediate treatments conceal hair loss at an affordable price and without the costs and the risks of hair transplant surgery (infection, the treatment not working as expected, and the hair growing in an unnatural way).

Keratin Hair Fibers is the perfect example of how these solutions can change your life. These keratin particles come in different shades to match your hair color perfectly and they cling to your hair with static electricity, which means they won't come off with sweat, water, or movement. The color on hair fibers won't run and stain your face or clothes. This is a secret weapon that many people with hair loss use to improve their appearance.

All it takes is applying directly onto bald spots. You can even apply them on the hairline area, with the help of a special comb that ensures a clean and effective application. Many users say they have finally found in keratin fibers the most convenient way to deal with their hair loss.
How to Deal With Hair loss Before and After Keratin Hair Fibers

4. Accept Your Hair Loss and Learn to Live With It.

Dealing with hair loss can take a toll on your peace and self-concept. Do not allow one aspect of you to overshadow everything you feel and everything you do! Obsessing over your hair loss will cause stress, which might actually worsen the condition. Understand this as a new condition to cope with and try to get used to it gradually. There certainly are ways to carry on with your life in a healthy way after hair loss.

Dealing with hair loss is not an impossible task. Draw on your knowledge and the effective thinning hair solutions that The Cosmetic Republic USA offers. We have a wide range of products to treat and conceal hair loss. call us at TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form below to get in touch with us. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive our latest news!

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