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How Long Do Hair Fibers Last in your Hair?

October 15, 2020

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Woman Applying Hair Fibers on HairWith a quick application and no chemicals to leave harmful after-effects, hair fibers are some of the most effective options to make the hair look fuller without making a drastic change in your daily routine. If you want to start using the Keratin Hair Fibers to add more volume in your hair, we bring you several useful tips to get the best results and have your hair look its best for longer.

How to Use Hair Fibers

You've probably heard of the benefits of hair fibers before. After all, hair fibers are probably the most practical and least invasive method to conceal the effects of hair loss. They are applied on your head directly from the can and attach themselves to the existing strands through minimal effort and in little time. Keratin-based fibers, in particular, can quickly achieve a natural-looking result because they have the ideal composition to bond themselves with the hair. Some common tips that you need to know to ensure these results with each application:
  • Chose the right area to apply the fibers. Hair fibers adhere to existing hairs. You are not supposed to get them fixed on the bald patches themselves but the hairs surrounding them. It doesn't matter if the strands are too thin and delicate, the hair fibers will latch on to them and make the entire area look thicker and healthier.

  • Don't get too excited while applying. Too many fibers at once will get your locks lumpy and increase the chances of stains on your skin and clothes. A modest amount is a thousand times more effective to provide a natural appearance.

  • Help yourself with the right tools to get the fibers. The keratin comb will help you style your hair and keep the fibers away from your face while applying.

  • They are removed when you rinse off your hair during the shower, so keep that in mind when you include them in your daily routine.

  • Complement the hair fibers with hair thickening shampoos and other products that promote hair growth. Now, let's answer some common questions that are directly related to the long-lasting results of hair fibers:

    How Long Can I Keep Hair Fibers on my Hair?

    Hair fibers are the answer for those with very hectic schedules. They can stay on the hair for days on end and they remain adhered to the strands throughout both daytime and nighttime activities. Those who wear hair fibers daily usually apply them early in the morning or right before bedtime. While we don't recommend spending more than three days without shampooing, the hair fibers can technically stay fixed on the strands for an entire week.

    The hair fibers remain in place without smearing or loosing up their grip despite the movements in your routine, temperature changes, and the pressure created by hats and other head accessories. They withstand rain, sweat, and strong winds, but you should still avoid extreme wetness: stay out of swimming pools if you plan on wearing the fibers until nightfall.

    How Long Do the Hair Fibers Last Before Running Out?

    The answer to this depends on the size of the can and how you plan on using the fibers on the daily. The Keratin Hair Fibers are available in three different formats that last for 8, 40, and 80 applications respectively. For regular users, a can of hair fibers lasts an average of 60 days. Remember to follow the rule above and use small amounts of product to get better results in the long term.

    Man Checking How Long Last Hair Fibers on Hair

    Can I Keep Hair Fibers Overnight?

    The fibers can last days on your hair without being affected by the friction caused by fabric, so you can sleep without worrying about smearing your pillows. Your hair won't be losing its full look overnight. The effect of the fibers, however, will gradually fade the longer you spend without washing your hair so it's best to not make a habit of leaving them on for more than one night at a time.

    Will My Type of Hair Affect the Performance of the Hair Fibers?

    As long as you apply the fibers correctly, they will stay fixed on your hair. They adhere firmly to both fine strands and coarse hairs with no difference in the overall time you can keep them on. Likewise, it doesn't matter whether you have straight brown hair, curly blond locks, or Ethnic hair, hair fibers will deliver a natural look in all scenarios as long as you use the right amount and shade. The Keratin Hair Fibers are available in 10 different shades, all of them matching natural hair colors as well as the most popular shades of hair dyes.

    Can I Use Hair Fibers if I Have a Scalp/Hair Problem?

    To replicate the inner composition of the strands, hair fibers integrate properties that are part of actual human hair. Because of this, they are harmless when used on sensitive scalps and actively beneficial for people with alopecia and other hair loss problems. You can even use them while taking medications without having to worry about unexpected side effects. The fibers don't penetrate the hair cuticle, they don't clog the pores on your scalp, and cause no dryness on your strands. People with naturally weak hair will find that the hair fibers cause no strain during application and can be easily removed after shampooing without having to subject the strands to endless pulling and rubbing. You might get a mild breakout if you're prone to allergic reactions, but the ingredients of the fibers are not aggressive enough to cause severe damage and the fact that they are not permanently fixed can work in your favor under these conditions.

    The hair specialists at The Cosmetic Republic USA have all the tips and tricks you need to know to infuse liveliness and shine into your hair's everyday look. To get our signature Keratin Hair Fibers and learn more about our other products, call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form. You can give yourself a salon-worthy treatment and help your hair become healthy in a matter of weeks. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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