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How Do You Touch Up Roots Between Salon Visits?

October 09, 2020

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If you're used to dying your hair, you know that few things are more annoying than finding new roots springing up weeks before your next dying appointment. After they've started regrowing, these roots will inevitably clash with the rest of a person's coloring job and steal all the attention your dyed strands should be getting. Some people's natural color allows the illusion of highlights, so it's easier to create a good look with some overgrown roots. When the contrast is too unflattering to simply take it in stride, root concealers are a quick, versatile option that helps you control the problem until it's time to hit the salon again.

Dealing with Regrown Roots

Depending on their hair shade, people usually wait for 4 to 8 weeks to book a new coloring session. If you have healthy hair that grows quickly and consistently, it's useful to know how to touch up errant roots by yourself, especially when we consider that too many visits to the salon are still discouraged in many parts of the country due to the ongoing health crisis. Trying to dye your roots yourself right after they show up might be a bit of an overkill. On one hand, you need to spend money on quality hair dyes that will still perform much better at the hands of a professional hairdresser. On the other, you would have to go through the whole dying process just to cover a few centimeters of hair, and this is already a handful without counting the extra effort you'll have to put to match your hair's dominant color.

Root concealers have become a great solution that solves many of these practical dilemmas. They can be handled by anyone, so even if you have no hairstyling skills, you can get a perfect look on the first try. Let's describe all the features that make root concealers such a popular choice while analyzing the different presentations available in the market.

Choosing your Root Concealer

With different formats for root concealers, there is usually something to satisfy every taste and preference under the sun. It's important, however, to check the product's composition and how their consistency might affect the hair's look after drying on the strands. This is one of the reasons why, after many instances of trial and error, people get a perfect blend only with shades that are lighter than their dominant color. The other reason is the ways hair assimilates a color after many dying jobs, which makes some shades too intense on hair that's still not used to permanent coloring treatments.

Since they simplify the tasks of applying the right amount of product, stick root concealers and powder root concealers are generally well-liked. Both formats are usually available in several shades to help people get a perfect blend. They also can be easily applied, especially if you have previous experience applying make-up. The downside is that they aren't very reliable to stay on the hair for long periods unless you use copious amounts of product, and this could make the roots more evident instead of seamlessly blending them to the rest of the hair.
Touching Up Roots Between Salon Visits
Some shampoos gradually lighten up the hair's natural color, reducing the contrast when the roots are darker than the artificial shade. These formulas don't provide immediate results, so they would not be an option if you want to get the right hair color on time for a special occasion.

Spray root concealers are practical and very easy to handle when they are properly equipped to allow precision during application. Otherwise, they can be too messy when compared to lipstick-like concealers. For instance, The Cosmetic Republic's root concealer has a 180 that helps you aim for the area you want to cover, so you can avoid mistakes if you're concealing your roots by yourself. Just hold the can 10 cm away from the patch of hair you want to work on and the root concealer will do the rest.

Tips to Touch-Up Roots Between Salon Visits

  • Because they are meant to be temporary concealers, most root concealers are completely free of aggressive substances like ammonia and peroxide (necessary ingredients to keep the dye on the hair for so many weeks). Root concealers don't need to attack the hair cuticle, so people can use them as often as they want without putting a strain on their hair/scalp. To learn more about the harmful effects of ammonia and peroxide, check out our blog "What Do Ammonia and Peroxide Do to your Hair?".

  • The fact that they're temporary doesn't mean that root concealers will dull their color or leave stains on your skin after a few hours like certain cosmetic products. A quality root concealer will take the desired shade and keep it day and night without any noticeable change.

  • As the name indicates, root concealers are meant to touch up roots. If you're expecting to cover up to full strands of hair, don't be surprised when the result is messy and mismatched. Covering all your hair with a temporary color is a huge waste of product. By the time the situation is dire enough to warrant a full cover, you will be ready to book a new dying session.,/li>

If dealing with regrown root is a constant problem for you, our signature line of hair care products can save you many headaches in the future. The Cosmetic Republic USA has the best collection of hair care products to counter pesky hair problems like the grayness, hair loss, dryness, and more. Call tag.SiteTelephone or fill out our website's contact form to find out what you're looking for among our comprehensive line of quality hair care solutions. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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