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How Do You Touch up Dark Roots with Blonde Hair

June 16, 2020

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Root concealers are an ideal way to cover dark rootsSometimes, getting the right color isn't as easy as it looks. For some people, it entails regular visits to the salon while others need to constantly work on their highlights to get the right shade. When your natural hair color isn't enough to enhance your beauty, a quality root concealer is the most practical way to get the right shade and complement your other hair care treatments. On top of hiding all your gray hairs in a matter of minutes, root concealers are also an ideal way to keep dark roots from taking all the attention when you're going for a lighter shade. Here's what you need to know.

Root Concealers are an Ideal Way to Cover Dark Roots

The Magic of Root Concealers on Gray Roots

The main advantage root concealers are known for is their ability to restore the hair's natural color after the gray roots have started to take over. With just a few shakes and a couple of minutes of spraying, the hair gets backs its natural color and shine. There's no need to dye all your hair just to cover your gray roots, so your strands can go longer without having to suffer through artificial colors. Gray hairs are thinner and more delicate than colored hairs, so when you use a natural root concealer to take care of them, you are also helping maintain your hair's volume and thickness in the process.

Touching Up Roots Between Coloring

If you're familiar with hair dyes, then you must know that keeping blond shades usually takes more work. Dark roots become noticeable quickly when the rest of the hair has a lighter shade than the root. It's true that dyeing the roots is a viable option because virgin hairs take easily to hair dyes, but it can be hard to match the color you were originally going for. This happens because the roots and the hairs around the hairline take to color differently, creating a noticeable contrast with the hairs that have been previously died or bleached. On the other hand, the best results are usually limited to the time when the root has half of an inch in length; shorter roots are hard to work with while longer roots can take advantage of the scalp's warmth to fix the color. Because of all of this, there are a number of tricks and cosmetic products created to avoid the tolls brought by hair dyes and bleach. Some popular options often used to touch up dark roots with blonde hair are:
  • Touch-up pens.
  • Headbands.
  • Hair mascaras.
  • Highlights.
  • Buns, and other hairdos to conceal the roots.
  • Root concealers.

Root Concealers to Cover your Dark Roots

It's easy to touch up dark roots with blonde hair when you have a root concealer to help you through it. Even then, you still need to apply the product with care to avoid messes and accomplish an all-around natural look. Root concealers have different textures that work better with certain hair types, but if you want to touch up your dark roots, a spray root concealer is the most practical way to do it. We bring you some useful tips you can easily try when applying the root concealer on your dark roots:

Root Concealers to Cover your Dark Roots
  1. First of all, you need to select the right color to match the current shade of your hair. If you have highlights, it's easier to find a shade that blends in with the rest of the strands. Nevertheless, there are ten available colors that can be mixed and combined during application to help you get a seamless blending.

  2. For good measure, shake the can before application and part your hair properly. Make sure the root concealer is 4 to 5 inches away from your roots before applying. While applying, hold the hairs about 5 cm away from the dark roots to avoid spraying the product on your hands.

  3. Wait 2 to 3 minutes for the root concealer to dry before moving on to another section of your hair.

  4. It doesn't matter how dark your roots are, you don't need to apply excessive amounts of root concealer if you don't want to make them look/feel mushy in the end.

  5. As mentioned above, highlights are an easy way to conceal dark roots between colors. Root concealers can help you enhance your highlights and refresh them whenever the hair starts growing. Its ergonomic 180 spray diffuser will increase your precision, making your highlights last longer without getting lost among your hair's base color.

  6. The root concealer can be easily washed off with shampoo.
With a formula that's free of peroxide, ammonia, and synthetic dyes, the root concealer won't add to the strain that extra coloring sessions would put on your roots. As your roots continue to grow and create a bigger contrast with your colored strands, you can use the root concealer as often as you want without having to worry about weakening the newly grown hairs. If you want to learn how your root concealer works with your particular hair type, read our blog "Root Concealer for Different Hair Types".

Because of their simplicity and effectiveness, root concealers can solve many hair problems at once. If you have too many gray roots and you don't know where to start, or your highlights are just too hard to upkeep, The Cosmetic Republic USA has everything you need to save time while keeping your roots in check. To learn all the benefits you get with our signature root concealer, call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form. You will get recommendations from renowned hair experts to make the best of your hair care routine. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get all our info right in your inbox.

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