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How Can I Strengthen My Weak Thin Hair?

September 18, 2020

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Make Your Hair Grow Thicker
It's hard to discover that our hair is not as strong and shiny as it used to be. When the strands are deprived of the right nutrients, the hair is fragile to the point that many hairstyles and hair care products are off the table. Grooming turns into a chore that can cause more damage if we're not careful. To get your hair back to peak condition, you need to nurse your locks back to health and that takes commitment. A proper hair care treatment must include proper washing, regular conditioning, and a hair thickener to nourish the strands from within.

The Signs of Weak Hair

From a poor diet to a lax scalp care routine, many things can take the life out of your hair and, in many instances, different causes of weak hair tend to overlap. While it's hard to recognize an underlying hair problem if your strands are naturally thin, the fact that fine hair is simply more delicate means that you have to put extra care in your choice of hair products. All types of hair can develop weak strands, and you can get an idea of the causes when you know your hair well enough to pinpoint the moment it starts to feel different. Usually, weak strands are the result of:
  • Genetics.
  • A poor diet (lack of vitamins, protein, omega-3s, etc).
  • Damage on the hair follicles (usually caused by certain styling methods).
  • Underlying health conditions.
  • Medication.
  • Chemical / artificial hair products.

The Way to Stronger Locks

Each person assembles a washing and styling regime according to their type of hair and the conditions ruling their daily life. Similarly, the right treatment for weak hair will look different for each person, mainly because the causes mentioned above are more aggravated in certain cases and demand a more active approach. With that in mind, we will expand on the 6 most important steps that should always be a part of your hair care routine if you're trying to help your hair grow stronger:
  1. Natural Hair Treatments: If your hair problem resides in your follicles, this is the most effective way to help your hair grow stronger. Natural solutions, usually developed to be applied as leave-in treatments, make up for the lack of natural oils needed to nurture your scalp. Their nutrients stay on your hair and progressively restore the softness of the strands while removing dead cells and debris.

    Even if your weak hair is the result of genes or other health conditions, natural hair treatments are a non-invasive option to get the right properties on your scalp. Conditioning treatments are also a great alternative to take care of dry, gray, and curly hair since they are all particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of excessive hair washing.

  2. Regular Trimming: With the myths about trims and hair loss officially debunked, there's nothing to fear from some trimming on your split ends. The frequency of your trimming sessions will depend on your hair's growth cycle, but it usually takes between 6 weeks and two months for new split ends to appear.

    Remember that trimming doesn't entail a full haircut, so you don't need to cut healthy-looking strands unless you plan on cleaning up your current hairdo. Split ends are not hard to spot: they are more rigid and stick out when you grab a portion of hair, so you can take these frizzy strands for a trim one handful at a time.

  3. A Reasonable Washing Routine: Two key factors can make or break your hair care efforts. On one hand, shampooing your hair more than 3 times a week makes your scalp itchy and your hair more brittle. If your scalp is already sensitive, excessive washing can make way for allergies and flaky skin, and this will affect your follicles.

    One of the reasons for this is tied to the second factor to consider: parabens, sulfates, and formaldehyde are common shampoo ingredients, mostly because of their anti-bacterial properties and cleansing effects. All these ingredients, however, strip the scalp of its natural oils and make the hair drier, on top of causing different skin conditions and other health problems. Also, some fragrances come from aggressive chemicals that can easily damage the hair in the long run. To strengthen your hair in your regular washing routine, you need to switch to paraben and sulfate-free formulas and stick to vitamin-based shampoos.

  4. How to Make Your Hair Grow Thicker
  5. Proper Brushing: The incorrect brushing technique is the most common cause of breakage on the strands. If your hair is already brittle for whatever reason, pulling too much during your combing sessions will result in more than a few broken strands. Make your way from the ends to the shaft with gentle but firm strokes and don't go overboard after removing all the knots or you'll be putting extra pressure on the strands. If you want the results of your hair care treatment to last, you can use the Keratin Brush to keep new tangles at bay without straining your hair.

  6. Hair Thickening Solutions: Volumizing formulas are fairly common both as shampoos and leave-in treatments. They are usually made of vitamins, minerals, and properties that resemble the hair's composition, with biotin and keratin microspheres being important ingredients in their composition.

    Using a specialized solution to actively stimulate thicker locks will effectively fortify your hair. Not only will it look fuller, but it will also grow stronger. The hair thickener will act on each of your strands and restore your hair's body and the vitality of your current look.

  7. Styling: Many hairstyles flatter your particular hair type and make your tresses look fuller. You can make your curls stand out in your daily hairstyle after pampering them with the right nutrients and hair care products. Curls provide movement and work wonders on your hair's volume with little to no extra styling. It's also possible, however, to create a lively look even when your hair is both straight and thin.

    With the added shine given by natural hair treatments, you can show off your hair's color and the renewed richness of its texture. The Keratin fibers are a great addition to create more body on areas where the hair is thinner. These fibers are already meant to cover balding spots with minimal product waste, so it wouldn't take much to create the perfect hairstyle.

The more you wait, the harder it is to restore the health and strength in your hair. Exercising trial and error with different hair care products will likely result in more damage, so be sure to get recommendations from a hair expert before going blindly into a new haircare treatment. The Cosmetic Republic USA creates and distributes tested formulas tailored to complement your hair depending on its type and condition. Call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form to get more information about the products we make to improve the hair care industry. And remember to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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