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How Can I Protect My Curls While Sleeping?

December 03, 2019

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How Can I Protect My Curls While SleepingMany curlies agree that locks are not easy to handle. They need extra care about everything, from washing to styling, and even when sleeping. Previously, we've helped you right your washing wrongs on "How to Wash Curly Hair," but now we're going to teach you how to preserve your delicate curls from the tossing and turning each night. It's easy, really. It only involves a few accessories and perhaps a hair serum or leave-in from a hair loss treatment for women line like ours.

Why Protect Your Curls While Sleeping?

Curly hair usually doesn't go well with the 'woke up like this' motto. Contrary to what you might think, it does need some preparation. It's not only 'wash and go', you need to give it more attention than that. Here's why:
  • While you sleep, hair is exposed to breakage, fraying, and tangling due to tossing and turning, as well as from contact with bed linen.
  • Wearing accessories such as hair ties or clips can cause further breakage while sleeping, as well as being uncomfortable.
  • As you know curls can lose their shape very easily, so brushing your hair and going to bed is not an option. You need to protect them so that they keep shapely overnight.
Woman with Wrap to Protect Curls While Sleeping

How To Protect Curls Before Bed?

The basic plop
The plop is just wrapping and tying your hair in a towel or other type of fabric. We recommend applying a leave-in before plopping. This will help hair retain the moisture and protection that the leave-in offers.

However, there is a catch for curlies, and it's that regular towels are not good for curls. The rough fabric can tangle, break, and undo curls, especially if you use it right after the shower to dry hair. This leads us to the next point:

The after-shampoo plop
If you washed your hair near bedtime, you can dry it with the recommended method for curly hair (a t-shirt instead of a terry cloth towel, and no rubbing, just squeezing), and leave it in a plop overnight with the same t-shirt or a dry one if you must. You might need a safety pin/bobby pin to give the t-shirt plop more hold. Enhance the overnight results with a leave-in, like we mentioned earlier.

Pineapple Style to Protect Curls While SleepingThe pineapple
This type of bun is easy to make. Just flip your head upside down and gather your hair high at the top of your head. Secure it with a fabric/silk scrunchie or any other scrunchie or accessory that is loose and gentle on the hair. Avoid the smaller, finer type of scrunchie (especially if it has metal pieces) because they can leave dents on the hair.

Multiple pineapples
Coily, shorter hair might benefit more from several pineapples since it's not likely to be long enough to gather at the top of the head. You can tie three sections of hair with elastics to keep hair separated and protected.

The two-strand twist
If your waves are fine or not too defined and you'd like to add definition to them, do two loose twists. Part your hair in the middle, then part each section in half and twist. Secure the twists at the end with metal-free elastics.

The classic braid
Wavy hair can get a little definition help from braids, whether a French braid, a single braid or several thinner ones; it all depends on how tight you want the waves to be. In any case, braids are a great way to preserve and enhance curls.
Braids Will Help Protect Curls While Sleeping

Other Tips to Preserve Curls Before Bed

  • Whatever you do, don't brush your hair. If absolutely necessary, just run your fingers through knots very gently.
  • Once you took your hair in a bun, cover it with a satin bonnet or a silk scarf. These types of fabric do not create friction; therefore, they avoid frizz. For the silk scarf, fold it diagonally and wrap it with the longer side down and the peak up. Tie the ends at the front and if they're long enough, tie them at the bottom, too for extra security. You can tuck the ends of your hair into the peak of the scarf that was left at the front.
  • You can take advantage of your overnight silk scarf routine to massage your scalp with a bit of essential oil or a hair serum of your choice. This will be especially beneficial if you have very dry hair or dry scalp. Try The Ultimate Hair Serum, which helps diminish split ends, nourishes hair and scalp.
  • Pillowcase to Protect Curls While Sleeping
  • Take extra caution by sleeping on a silk pillowcase. You can just leave your pineapple done and not wrap it with a scarf or bonnet if that bothers you or feels too tight around your head (some people can get a headache even with the slightest pressure around the head after a while). The silk pillowcase will help reduce friction and therefore avoid frizzy curls.
  • Shampoo is extremely important. Use only sulfate-free products to avoid dryness, much better if they are designed for dry hair.
  • Get frequent deep treatments. Remember that curly hair is often naturally dry, and it needs extra hydration. We like Detox Wrap, a quick and effective nourishing and moisturizing treatment that acts in only 15 minutes, leaving hair hydrated and manageable.
So there you go. Try the different ways we proposed to protect your curls over night. You'll wake up to bouncy, fresh and shapely curls every time. Help your locks look even better by using only professional products. If you are a hairdresser, we invite you to check out The Cosmetic Republic USA's wide range of hair loss solutions and wonderful sulfate and paraben-free hair care. Call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form below to get in touch with us; we'll be glad to help you! don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news from us right in your inbox.
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