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How Can I Cover Gray Hair Without Damaging It?

July 19, 2019

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Woman Wondering How to Cover Gray Hair Without Damaging ItFew things are more annoying than pesky grays that find a way to glow no matter what you do. You may have changed the way you wear your hair, worn hats and caps, and of course, dyed your hair and touched up your roots more often than anyone should. This last measure against gray hair is the most damaging of all since it exposes your hair to unnecessary chemical treatments repeatedly, not to mention that it becomes expensive and time-consuming.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid this hassle: root concealers have been around for a while, and if you don't know them yet, we'll introduce you to their wonders. So, here's how to get perfect roots and grays in a simple step. We are sure you won't be able to do without your root concealer from now on. Let's learn everything about gray hair and how to cover it with the right products.

Why Hair Goes Gray

Hair color is genetically determined by the melanin (pigment cells) in our hair follicles. However, with time, less melanin is produced, and this causes hair to grow in gray. At the beginning of the graying process, all pigment cells are present, but inactive, until they eventually dwindle. Other theories point out that graying happens because of exposure to UV radiation and environmental pollution. Stress has also been thought to have a cumulative effect that causes graying. Some lifestyle choices especially smoking are also considered possible culprits of early graying. Last but definitely not least, genetics also plays a determinant role in the manner, time, and extent to which each person grays.
Woman Head Wondering How to Cover Gray Hair Without Damaging It

How to Deal with Gray Hair

Graying hair can become a pesky problem for people who won't embrace it or find an alternative way to deal with it. This is because gray hair has a different texture than normal hair: it is coarser and usually less manageable, which tends to cause trouble taking care of it and styling it.

In case you have the habit of plucking your gray hairs, you should not be scared that many others will grow in their place; this is just an old wives' tale. However, getting obsessed with plucking will just cause an effect of excessive shedding and possibly damage the hair follicles, so you should find a different way to deal with your gray hairs. Here are some ideas:
Woman Dyeing Hair
Embrace It
You can complain about your genetic makeup forever or just embrace your silver hair. Especially if you started graying at an early age, upkeeping coverage of grays will get too expensive and complicated to do sooner or later. When your grays are too extensive to keep covering, the best thing you can do is stop dyeing and just grow the grays out. There are some benefits to going all natural:
  • Ditching chemicals that affect your hair's quality and can potentially cause allergic reactions.
  • Saving money on hair dyes and salon appointments.
  • Saving time and effort.
  • Avoiding the frustration of upkeeping for nothing (grays are stubborn, and they grow back very quickly!).
  • Feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin regardless of age and looks.

Depending on your genetic makeup you may actually have a really cool graying pattern that adds attitude to your look, so this is definitely a plus. Obviously, you should also consider the rest of your look to complement your grays. Avoid any accessory or style that may make you look "old" or unkempt.

Letting your grays be doesn't mean you'll stop caring for your hair; this is actually the time when a consistent haircare routine will help nourish and beautify your graying hair, which is probably unrulier than necessary. This takes us to the next point:
Cover Gray Hair Without Damaging It with Our Root Concealers
Treat It Well
Gray hair has a rougher cuticle than regular hair, but it's still delicate and needs special care. Follow these steps:
  • Start with the right shampoo: a sulfate and paraben-free formula will clean minus the drying out detergents.
  • Gray hair tends to get a brassy color that looks very unflattering. You can get a special shampoo with purple or blue tones to cancel out the yellowish shade. Grays will look silver and more vibrant.
  • Use masks or serums at least once a week to keep hair hydrated and manageable.
  • Brush every night with a boar bristle brush to distribute your natural oils along the hair shaft and tame unruly grays. You can also include leave-in treatments in your night routine.
  • Never expose your gray hair to the sun for long periods of time. Wear a scarf, hat or sun protectant to avoid discoloration.
  • Try different styling products like mousse, gel, spray or lotions to find the one that suits you most and helps you style hair easily. Just try to get products without parabens or sulfates and make sure you use a clarifying shampoo every month to get rid of all buildup.

Change Your Style
It's difficult for most women to feel comfortable with their looks during the adjustment time since you stop dyeing your grays (hair color can look awkward). To remedy this, you might want to get one last coloring treatment done. Your hairstylist will assess you according to the condition of your hair and the extent of your grays, but this usually consists of balayage, highlight or lowlights, which can uniform the "salt and pepper" pattern throughout the hair. A short cut can also eliminate most of the colored hair so that grays start blending in faster (getting grays to blend in can take anywhere from six months up). However, keep in mind that these salon appointments can get quite expensive, so make sure the job you'll get done will be worth it.
Root Concealers to Cover Gray Hair Without Damaging It
Cover Up
If your grays are not too extensive yet, then you have it easy: use a root concealer. This product has many advantages:
  • Root concealers are not expensive; they can actually be much cheaper than upkeeping frequent salon appointments for hair color.
  • They provide immediate results; no waiting time to reveal new hair color.
  • They guard your hair against the damage of chemical products because they only act superficially. Your hair cuticle won't get lifted, so there is no risk of over-drying your hair. However, they do not look as shiny as hair dye.
  • They come off with shampoo, which means that you can touch up roots and grays as much as you want (you can build it up for a couple of days if necessary).
  • Root concealers are colorfast, they won't come off with sweat, rain or movement. No smearing on clothes or ruining your makeup.
  • They don't leave clumps or messy spots.
  • They come in a wide range of shades to blend in with any hair color. When blended well, they can adapt to a wider range of hair colors and still look like they have depth and variety.
  • There is a variety of types available in the market: from pencils and lotions to sprays and compact powders.

Why Root Concealers Don't Damage Your Hair

Hair dyes lift the hair cuticle, exposing the hair matrix to break down the original pigment with an oxidizing agent (peroxide) and then deposit the new hair color. This chemical process strips hair of its color and causes drying. However, root concealers stay on the surface of the hair shaft, so they do not cause any chemical damage. This is great news for people who need coverage of grays because it can be hard to keep up with very frequent dyes, which cause cumulative damage on the hair.

Another advantage is that many root concealers are free of parabens and sulfates, not to mention that they are enriched with vitamins and other conditioning ingredients. As you can see, root concealers don't damage hair, they just cover grays and roots instantly while taking care of your hair and your pocket.
Root Concealer BannerAs you can see, root concealers are the best way to cover grays and roots instantly without risk of damaging your hair. Why complicate yourself and compromise the health and beauty of your hair? Get in touch with The Cosmetic Republic USA to get high-quality root concealers and professional hair care products. Call us at TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on this website to learn more about us. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

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