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Hair Treatment for Split Ends

July 04, 2018

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Woman Needs a Hair Treatment for Split EndsAnyone who wants beautiful hair dreads two words: split ends. These signs of damage are many girls' nightmare and the number one hair problem that we encounter, regardless of hair type. We believe it's safe to say that split ends are a tribute to pay for having hair at all; they're inescapable! Everyone has had to deal with them at some point.

At times, split ends can progress to a state of extreme damage and breakage that might even leave you considering getting a hair loss treatment for women. There should be no need to get to this point of no return if you really get knowledgeable about split ends and learn about the best hair treatment for split ends.
Are Split Ends Just Ends?Most people don't know much about split ends beyond the fact that they only happen on the ends of the hair, right? False. In reality, as strange as it may sound, split ends are not found only in your ends! You can find them in the mids and lengths, too. So, split ends are nothing but the splitting or fraying of the hair shaft, regardless of where it is found. You may then be wondering why the name focuses on "ends". For one, trichoptilosis —the medical term for this problem— seems harder to pronounce! But apart from that, split ends were named after the fact that the ends are often the most vulnerable parts of hair since they are the oldest.

Split ends start when there is a fracture in the outer layer of hair (the cuticle). This fracture exposes the hair cortex and the hair shaft opens up. At the early stages of split ends, other parts along the hair shaft do not exhibit the same cortex exposure, which means that a hair with split ends seen below a microscope would look like a frayed rope, with some smooth parts and other broken ones.

The fraying at the hair ends is likely to go upwards along the hair shaft until the whole length of the hair shaft looks haylike, lifeless and dull if split ends are not remedied in any way —yes, this is bad news. The good news is that all is not lost.
Split Ends Come in the Shape of Frays, Feathers, Forks, and KnotsThe basic split end is self-explanatory: the hair shaft splits into two. However, hair proteins can wear out in different ways: forks, multiple feathery ends, crinkles, or knots anywhere along the hair shaft, or a thin candlewick appearance right at the hair ends. The type of split end will depend on the type of hair and the cause of the damage. For instance, curly hair is more prone to knotting and crinkling, and thin, over-combed or mechanically stressed hair types are more prone to the feathery type of split end.
Woman Looking at Her Split EndsHair Is Prone to Split Ends, PeriodThe only way in which your hair can be out of risk for split ends is not having any hair at all! As long as you subject your hair to any form of mechanical, chemical or thermal manipulation, you'll be a candidate for split ends. This includes any manipulation, from simple everyday brushing to dyeing, perming or heat tool abuse. Here are some causes for split ends:

  • Seemingly innocuous habits like over-shampooing or overbrushing might be the culprits of your split ends.
  • Chemical treatments such as perms, bleaching, and coloring, open the hair cuticle, which puts your hair at high risk of split ends. Remember that cuticle opening is the first step in the progression of damage.
  • Overusing heat tools "fries" your hair cuticle progressively, until it wears it out. Your hair will end up looking brittle regardless of any corrective treatment you attempt to apply.
  • There are a few other causes of split ends that seem to be beyond your control:
  • UV radiation (sun exposure) and extremely cold weather can lead to increased drying and ultimately to split ends.
  • Some medical conditions involving copper transport disorders can be characterized by split ends and hair breakage.
Hair Treatment for Split EndsAvoiding split ends often boils down to a thoughtful haircare routine, rather than being a matter of complicated measures. The key word here is avoiding! As you may have heard before, once split ends have set in, there is no way to truly get rid of them but to cut the hair. Here are some doable hair treatments for split ends:

Young Woman Needing a Daily Hair CareCoatings and OilsDespite the fact that split ends cannot be eliminated once they have appeared, they can be remedied temporarily. There are products that seal the hair cuticle. These treatments are usually keratin- or silicone-based (these components are similar to the proteinic composition of hair) and they act as a filler for the frayed sections of the hair by penetrating the keratin layer. When these professional treatments are applied, hair looks smoother and healthier for around six months. However, such methods are not miraculous, and they need to be taken care of with further measures to extend their effectiveness.

A much faster and practical option is split-end fluids. These products coat the hair shaft in a layer of protective silicon oil, providing a healthier appearance to frayed hair. If you use this kind of treatment, do not make it too often. Instead, try to space the applications out so that you do not cause buildup. Also, bear in mind that this is a momentary solution. For a superior oil treatment without silicones, parabens, or sulfates, try The Ultimate Hair Serum, which repairs split ends, revitalizes hair and nourishes the hair shaft. This product contains avocado, jojoba, rosehip, and carrot extracts to hydrate dry and brittle ends and provide hair with suppleness and shine. you can use it as a no-rinse conditioner and it won't weigh your hair down.
Woman Using Shampoo as a Hair Treatments for Split EndsShampoo and ConditionerThe shampoo and conditioner you use can go a long way to protect your hair and prevent split ends while improving its overall appearance. Not all shampoos are made alike; traditional shampoos contain sulfate surfactants to make them foamy. This chemical is very drying, so if you want to give your hair extra care, you need to choose a shampoo that has no surfactants and no parabens. The Cosmetic Republic USA has just what you need: Oily Hair shampoo and Multi Vitamin Shampoo, two gentle cleansers that won't dry hair out, but nourish it with refined natural ingredients.
Frequent TrimsThis is one of the most effective ways to keep split ends at bay, and the only way to truly eliminate them once you have them. However, it's not a DIY matter: do not attempt to trim your own ends at least you have professional training! Chances are you don't have the correct tools either (that pair of scissors lying around at home will only damage your hair further, stay away from them!)

Trimming your ends regularly means stopping split ends from going upwards along the hair shaft and causing more damage. In other words, you will be getting rid of the bad part of hair before it causes further damage.
Give Your Hair Some TLC At All Times
  • Be extremely careful when shampooing, drying, brushing or combing, and styling.
  • Do not rub shampoo frantically on hair, and do not apply it on mids and lengths (the foam that lathers down is enough to clean the mids and lengths).
  • Do not dry your hair on blow dryers completely, instead wait for the hair to lose most of its moisture by air-drying, then finish off with the blow dryer if necessary.
  • Be careful with overbrushing, tugging and pulling. Avoid brushes with plastic bristles and prefer the ones with natural bristles. Try not to brush or comb wet hair since this is when it's its weakest, but if you must, use only a wide-toothed comb.
  • When it comes to styling, be the gentlest you can. Do not use rubber accessories with metal parts that can snag hair or tight dos that cause strain on the hair roots. Use heat tools to style hair the least possible; remember that heat tools are one of the biggest threats for your hair.
Don't let damage accumulate on your hair and rob it of its beauty. Split ends are the most common type of hair damage, but you don't have to allow it to progress, you can minimize it. At The Cosmetic Republic USA we have the best products for a high-quality haircare routine that nourishes and pampers your hair and avoids split ends. Call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on this website to reach us and get the best hair care. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news about us right in your inbox!

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