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Hair Loss Solution for Barbershops and Beauty Salons

November 05, 2020

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Hair Loss Solution for Barbershops and Beauty Salons
Hair loss problems can be hard to ignore and even harder to get rid of. After trying many home-made remedies and without the budget to afford medical treatment, many people go to beauty salons and barbershops to get the knowledgeable services of seasoned hairdressers. On top of being an important asset to improve your salon's hair care techniques, an effective hair loss solution can be what you need to boost the reputation of your establishment.

Providing Hair Loss Solutions at your Salon

Hairstylists and barbers are expected to know about hair loss and the right ways to treat it. Even if it's not the main focus of your salon, the ability to recommend hair loss solutions that yield quick, noticeable results is an important aspect of the trade.
Multivitamin Shampoo for Barbershops and Beauty Salons
There are different solutions to treat specific hair loss problems. A formula meant to cover bald spots might not be as effective at treating fine strands and poor hair volume. Clients must evaluate their condition beforehand (when it started, how severe it is, etc), and the hairdresser must be well-versed on all the different forms of hair loss to avoid giving an ineffective and potentially harmful treatment. Depending on the client's condition, the hairstylist might help by doing any of the following:
  • Hair extensions and other kinds of hair replacement.
  • New hairstyles are fixed with the right products to conceal thinning areas.
  • Thickening treatments using keratin-based formulas, thickening shampoos, scalp detoxifiers, etc.
  • Instructions and guidance about accessible hair loss treatments based on the client's description of the problem.
Hair-volumizing formulas are necessary when the problem is too persistent and/or difficult to conceal. Some people need quick, superficial solutions that will make the hair look thicker after a single salon visit, others will ask for deep nourishing treatments that can gradually strengthen the strands after being integrated into the client's regular hair care services. These are all quality formulas that will counter all kinds of hair loss problems, seamlessly complementing the treatments your client has chosen in advance:
  • Hair Thickener: A shampoo that will provide the necessary hydration to make the hair thicker and stronger. This formula can be used to wash the hair on the regular without prompting dryness or ruining the softness of the strands. The hair thickener is enriched with keratin microspheres and B3 vitamins to actively nurture your hair into a fuller, healthier look.

  • Hair Fibers for Barbershops and Beauty Salons
  • Multivitamin Shampoo: If a person's hair needs extra stimulation to restore the scalp's natural benefits, this formula is the best way to start a hair care treatment at the salon. Without proper nourishment on the scalp, the strands grow weaker and their whole growing cycle will be affected. The Multivitamin Shampoo creates a perfect balance to nourish the hair, make it shine, and fight hair loss at the same time.

  • Keratin Hair Fibers: The most powerful asset to make the hair look fuller with little effort. These natural hair fibers provide a quick result that fits all hairstyles and hair colors. They are enriched with vitamins and vegetal components that match all hair types without risking hair damage when used many times a week. The Keratin Hair Fibers have an instant volumizing effect that will last through the day, making them perfect for both day-to-day commitments and special occasions.

What to Avoid

Despite our best efforts, it's easy to make a hair loss problem much worse while working on a treatment, especially if we don't have all the information about the causes and progression of the condition. Here are a series of things both clients and hairstylists must avoid during a service at the barbershop or the salon:
  • Rough treatments: After getting the client's summary of the condition and personally assessing the hair's texture, stylists should know that a careful touch and mild formulas are their safest bet. Hairstyles that involve too much pulling put a strain on strands that are already fragile enough to fall without prompting. This also happens when the end result of a hairstyle ties portions of the hair too tightly. In addition, aggressive chemical treatments (hair dyes, bleaching, perms) will take away the nourishment given by your hair thickening formulas.

  • Hair extensions: Hair extensions are undeniably appealing for clients with poor hair volume, so they are usually in very high demand. The problem is that these extensions put constant pressure on the hair from the moment they are fixed in place. They can make the hair look as rich and bountiful as the client desires, but they will damage the existing strands and aggravate hair loss.

  • Keeping information from the hairdresser: Some clients withhold information about their hair loss problems out of fear of getting banned from certain services. This tactic is ultimately pointless. The hairstylist will probably detect a problem soon after they start working on the client's hair, but depending on how far they are into treatment, it might be impossible for them to avoid any resulting hair damage. Invasive treatments using too many chemicals will only make your hair loss more severe and harder to care for.

  • Applying many treatments at once: Another reason why being open about what you know is so important. Identifying the causes of the problem early on might rule out many products that will be of no use. Even if you try to put some order into a combined treatment, nothing good will come from mixing up many different formulas that are simply not meant to work together. The products you use might have a mild concentration of chemical ingredients, but at the very least they will continue weakening the hair by weighing it down.
You need the best quality to satisfy your clients and promote your business successfully. The Cosmetic Republic USA has unique hair loss formulas that are suitable for all hair types, along with many other hair care products to bring out the best look for your clients. Call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form to learn more about our growing variety of hair care products. And don't forget to subscribe to our Newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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