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Hair Breakage: 9 Possible Causes and Treatments

December 04, 2018

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Hair Breakage Checking Hair With Magnifying GlassYou're brushing your tresses and notice bits of hair falling off; the first thing you think is "this is normal". When it happens again next day and the following, you know that something is actually wrong. Hair breakage is a sign that your hair is on the edge of complete damage. As soon as you notice your hair looking brittle and breaking more often, you need to act quickly before you have to deal with irreversible consequences. Once breakage becomes chronic, hair loss products, repair treatments and other care measures might not be enough to recover it.

Here is all the information you need about hair breakage, what causes it and how to treat it.

What Exactly Is Hair Breakage?

Hair breakage is the disintegration of the protein that hair is made of. Breakage starts when the hair's protective layer (the cuticle) is lifted, exposing the inner parts of the hair shaft. This debilitates hair to the point it starts splitting.

Hair breakage usually starts at the hair ends, which is the most vulnerable part of hair since it is the oldest and the one that receives the least moisture. Breakage at the hair ends is also called split ends , and it is usually the first symptom of hair damage. if you thought that split ends stay at the hair ends, think again! Hair breakage will progress upwards and ruin your hair's appearance progressively.
Hair Breakage Treatment for Women

What Are the Causes of Hair Breakage?

Some of the seemingly harmless things you do to your hair every day might be the real culprits of your hair breakage. Here are 9 of the most common causes of hair breakage:

1. Nutritional Deficiencies
If your diet is not varied and rich, you might be missing out on proteins, zinc, iron, vitamin C, biotin, fatty acids, and other nutrients that your hair needs to grow strong. Include animal protein or vegetable protein, leafy greens, fish, eggs, and nuts in your diet to benefit cell renewal in your hair. You might also need to take supplements to boost your vitamin intake, so consult your doctor and follow his directions about complementary treatments for your hair.

If you have been suffering from an eating disorder, you are in danger of getting severe hair breakage or hair loss. Get help to improve your overall health and eradicate the disorder.
Girl Without Hair Breakage Has a Good Diet2. Dryness
Lack of moisture is a surefire way to get hair breakage. Dry scalps do not provide the hair with enough natural oils to make hair supple and conditioned. Not using deep conditioning treatments regularly (especially in the case of naturally dry hair) increases the possibilities of getting dry and damaged hair to the point of breakage.

Dry and hot weather, hot shower water, and extreme cold can cause scalp and hair dryness as well. Counter the effects of temperature on your hair with moisturizing products.

3. Heat Damage
Heat tools are not your hair's friends. You can be sure that regular use of heat tools will wreak havoc on your hair even if you can't see it right away. The damage will accumulate and eventually lead to hair breakage, starting with split ends which can travel further up the hair shaft. Use your flat iron only occasionally, air dry hair to 60% before you use the blow dryer and use a heat protectant whenever you use either heat tool.
Girl With Hair Breakage Flat Iron on Hand4. Chemical Damage
Chemical over-processing is one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair. Chemical processes include coloring, relaxing, bleaching, and perming. Limit your exposure to these procedures to the maximum and never do more than one at a time.

5. Over-washing
Do you wash your hair more than twice a week? It might be too much. Also, remember what we just said about sulfate surfactants: they dry hair out and dryness puts hair in higher risk of breakage. Wash your hair only the necessary and only with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

6. Towel-drying
Rubbing frantically with your terry cloth towel is ruining your hair. Remember that hair is really vulnerable when wet, so this practice snaps and breaks your tresses, leaving them rough and frizzy. Ban terry cloth towels and dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt instead. You will see a dramatic difference, especially if you have curly hair.
Hair Breakage Woman with Ponytail in Front of the Mirror7. Hairstyles
Reconsider that tight ponytail you always wear or the twist bun you have to hold with a dozen bobby pins. Hair accessories and the way you use them on hairstyles on a regular basis can cause breakage. Make sure your accessories don't snap, tangle or pull your hair avoid metal parts and small pieces. And wear your hair down often, flaunt it!

8. Never Getting a Haircut
if you wait a long time between haircuts, you are accumulating damage and split ends, which may have gone upwards on the hair shaft. Do not wait forever between appointments or you might have to get rid of more hair than you thought! Regular cuts keep split ends at bay while they preserve length.
Woman Without Hair Breakage Washing Her Hair With Shampoo in the Shower9. The Wrong Haircare Products
Shampoo and conditioner that are not intended for your hair type are probably going to cause damage. styling products filled with alcohol dry the hair out and lack of sun-protectant products increase your chances of chronic breakage. Get professional quality products always sulfate- and alcohol-free!

You can avoid hair breakage by keeping a healthy hair care routine with professional products. The Cosmetic Republic USA has a variety of shampoos, conditioners, serums and treatments for all hair types, especially for delicate and thinning hair. All products are sulfate- and paraben-free, so your hair is completely protected. Call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on this website to get in touch with us. do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter for updates on professional hair care.

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