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Do Keratin Hair Fibers Cause Hair Loss?

June 22, 2020

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Hair fibers are known for providing an almost miraculous effect that makes thinning hair look instantly fuller and thicker. With such outstanding results, there are also some reasonable concerns. Many people wonder whether there are some side effects to such a wonderful formula. Like any other specialized hair care product, keratin hair fibers involve a specific composition that's borne of months of careful research. When the wrong ingredients are used to make up for the natural properties of the hair fibers, the result is a poor quality product that will only exacerbate your hair loss problem. We bring you all the information you need to make the right choice for your hair.

What Are Keratin Hair Fibers Made of?

Hair fibers are made out of vegetal properties that adhere to the person's hair to give more volume and make it look stronger. Keratin hair fibers in particular take the same protein that's present in human hair to make this blending more seamless and avoid unpleasant side effects. By using keratin to replicate the thickness and color of the existing strands, it's possible to achieve a natural effect without having to subject the hair to invasive methods.

Even knowing this, is there any chance of keratin causing negative side effects when applied through hair fibers? Understandably, people's biggest concerns are linked to the possibility of increasing their hair loss problems with aggressive ingredients, since hair fibers require multiple applications in a given period. Let's address some of the most common worries associated with hair fibers:

Keratin Hair Fibers: Common Myths

  • Hair Fibers Clog the Follicles: It's sadly common for people to see their hair loss problems increase after trying a particular hair product. When it comes to hair fibers, many people fear that applying the fibers regularly will eventually obstruct the follicles on the scalp and keep the hair from growing. While this myth is completely false, it's important to note that any allergy of damage resulting from having sensitive skin will inevitably lead to more shedding, even while using hair fibers to conceal the effects of hair loss.

  • The Chemicals in Hair Fibers Damage the Hair and the Scalp: The amount of chemical dyes within the hair fibers can damage the scalp and weaken the strands. While hair fibers are meant to make fine strands more resistant to breakage, the repeated use of artificial ingredients will hinder this process in the long run. Being made of the same protein of human hair, keratin hair fibers have no ingredients that could alter the structure of the strands. They are infused with natural colors, along with vitamins, horse chestnut extract and omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, so they are most likely to provide extra protection.

  • Hair Fibers Only Draw Attention to my Bald Spots: Barring a faulty composition of the hair fibers, this might come from unknowingly using the product the wrong way. No matter how big the hair patches, hair fibers shouldn't be used in large amounts, this will only ruin the natural effect you're going for. Another thing worth mentioning: even though they cause no damage on the scalp when applied to a fully bald spot, hair fibers work because of their ability to stick and blend with the existing strands. Applying them on areas where no hairs are growing won't make a big difference in you hair's volume.

  • Hair Fibers Irritate the Scalp: When the scalp is irritated there are no chances to stimulate hair growth. If the hair fibers are left on the hair for too long or aren't removed properly while showering, product residues can easily cause irritation, pimples and redness on the scalp. If you're prone to allergies of have sensitive skin, you can also see similar side effects, so it's important to look carefully through all the ingredients displayed by the brand, ask the brand's representative, or discuss your options with your dermatologist.

Be Careful with These Ingredients

As mentioned earlier, the overall composition of the hair fibers makes all the difference. Even when its main ingredient is 100% safe, some brands are known to add components that might carry certain side effects.
  • Ammonium Chloride: This is a non-organic ingredient that usually makes part of what's meant to be a fully natural formula. Used on fertilizers and liquorices, ammonium chloride is used in many hair products for its ability to help adhere the product to the hair. Keratin hair fibers can be applied once a day or every two days depending on your washing schedule, and this entails regular use. Repeated exposure to ammonium chloride can cause respiratory and circulatory problems, along with muscle spasms and allergies.

  • Asbestos: Known for causing serious lung problems, the damaging effects of asbestos are widely known, so it's less likely to find hair products that contain these fibers. Nevertheless, it's important to mention that asbestos is still a part of several hair solutions, including hair fibers. While some could argue that there's not a big exposure through these products, asbestos still can be the cause of breakage on the strands when they need to be at their best for the hair fibers to provide the desired effect.

  • Cotton: Often used to replace keratin, cotton is used to help replicate the natural appearance that hair fibers are known for but it is also the leading cause of several allergies with a variety of symptoms ranging from skin inflammation to asthma.
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