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Can Lack of Vitamins Cause Hair Thinning?

August 27, 2020

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A Good Hair Care Regimen and Diet Can Prevent Hair Loss and Promote Longer HairIt's no secret that vitamins go a long way in protecting our health. A lack of vitamins can bring a host of negative changes in our bodies, some of which are visible through different skin problems and sudden weight changes. Because they can also stimulate hair growth, vitamins are common ingredients in different thinning hair solutions. It's reasonable to think of hair loss as an obvious outcome when there are not enough vitamins in our diet and hair care products. So, how much can vitamins determine our hair's growing pattern? Which vitamins are directly responsible for boosting hair growth?

The Role of Vitamins in Keeping Healthy Hair

Vitamins are important, there's no way around it. A lack of vitamins leads to severe health complications that could be easily avoided with research and a proper diet. In some cases, the effects can't be seen at first sight, but hair thinning is a persistent sign of prolonged vitamin deficiency that you should never ignore.

While a lack of vitamins isn't the sole cause of hair loss, it is a deciding factor that determines just how severe the condition winds up being. Each vitamin affects your hair in particular ways and reduced levels are sure to boost hair loss if you're genetically predisposed to it. Even if you don't naturally shed enough hair to notice hair thinning, cell creation and follicle structure are still affected by this lack of nutrients in your system, eventually hindering hair growth and weakening the existing strands. On the flip side, an excess of vitamins can be just as harmful to your hair and general health, especially when your vitamin intake is reduced to supplements and prescription drugs.
Can Lack of Vitamins Cause Hair Thinning?
When taken in moderation, the following vitamins are essential to keep your hair healthy and strong enough to lessen the effects of hair loss. We will now address their benefits and all how a lack of vitamins can result in hair thinning:
  • Vitamin A: It stimulates the creation and reproduction of cells, and this serves as a direct boost to help the hair grow faster. It also increases the production of sebum on the scalp. A lack of vitamin slows the follicle's activity and halts the hair's growth process. Excessive amounts of it can result in toxicity, so the hairs fall too quickly for the follicles to create new strands.

  • Vitamin B: The majority of vitamins in the vitamin B complex provide essential benefits to maintain the hair's color and elasticity. They improve the circulation of oxygen around the scalp and carry the nutrients needed to protect its health. Biotin (B7) deficiency can result in hair loss for people of all ages, while a lack of vitamin B12 keeps important nutrients from reaching the hair follicles through your blood due to poor production of red blood cells. The lack of B vitamins also prompts the early appearance of gray hairs.

  • Vitamin D: By protecting our immune system, vitamin D fortifies the follicles, stimulating the creation of new hairs to make up for the hair that falls off every day. Studies have shown that low levels of vitamin D increase the effects of androgenetic alopecia and telogen effluvium. This happens because a lack vitamin D will halt the natural hair growth cycle as the amount of nutrients protecting the follicles starts shrinking.

  • Vitamin C: A lack of vitamin C makes the hair more fragile, lifeless, and prone to breakage. It may also cause the appearance of red spots on the scalp, and this is a sign of weak blood vessels on the hair follicles.

  • Vitamin E: Healthy amounts of vitamin E encourage the regeneration of dead cells, working as a big asset to prevent signs of premature aging on the hair and skin. This vitamin is also a powerful antioxidant with valuable protective properties. Vitamin E deficiency often results in increased shedding patterns and severe hair loss problems.

How to Stop Hair Thinning

Night Restructuring Vitamins
Supplements are a safe way to complement your diet when you're working through a specific vitamin deficiency. They are often recommended by doctors when vitamin levels are low enough to pose a threat to a person's life, but they can also be integrated into your routine under less pressing circumstances thanks to their safe vitamin concentration.

Sun exposure is the most well-known solution to compensate for a lack of vitamin D. Excessive sunlight can lead to heatstroke and skin problems, but you don't need to be under the sun for more than 20 minutes a day to get a healthy amount of vitamin D in your system. If you plan to spend more time outdoors, remember to stay hydrated and don't go overboard with your sunscreen.

Leave-in treatments infused with natural properties are also a safe way to stop hair thinning and pamper yourself during your hair care routine. Enriched with B3, B5, B6, C, and E, the Night Restructuring Vitamins give the nourishment that your weakened strands sorely need. This treatment revitalizes the inner structure of existing strands while purifying your scalp's natural balance and stimulating the follicles in the creation of new hairs.

A healthy diet is an obvious requirement that will improve all body functions beyond just hair growth. Many of the diet plans created to fight vitamin deficiency might be above a person's budget, but all the vitamins you need to keep your hair from thinning are present in foods that are affordable and easy to find. Including at least one vitamin-based ingredient in each of your meals is already a step to prevent the problem from getting worse. Our blog "What Should We Eat to Reduce Hair Fall Immediately?" has a detailed list of foods you can choose from to start improving your current eating habits.

You don't need to make sudden changes in your lifestyle to counter the effects of hair loss, but discipline and specialized formulas are still necessary to stop hair thinning on time. The specialists at The Cosmetic Republic USA are ready to help you. Call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form to get up-to-date tips and a detailed overview of our best hair loss solutions. Our formulas are just what you need to return the thickness and body of your hair. Also, don't forget subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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