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Can I Use Root Concealer on my Whole Head?

December 16, 2020

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Hairdresser Applying Root Concealer on Whole HeadNo one can deny that root concealers are a huge help when it comes to covering gray roots. A root concealer can replicate your hair's natural color or the exact shade of your current hair dye, saving you many headaches once your roots start to grow. Because they yield such great results with little effort, root concealers are an appealing option to hide different hair discoloration problems, to the point that some people have tried using them to complete a full-color job. Is such a thing even feasible? We explain what makes root concealers so effective and how using them on your whole head might defeat their purpose.

How Do Root Concealers Work?

Root concealers follow a very simple process. They can be used on the daily and still last for more than a month, saving you lots of money and enough time to improve other parts of your hair care routine. One of the perks of The Cosmetic Republic's root concealer is that it's equipped with an ergonomic 180 spray diffuser that helps you apply just the right amount of product. The application process follows three simple steps:
  1. Shake the can.
  2. Place the can at a 10 cm distance of the affected area.
  3. Spray the root concealer helping yourself with the Keratin Comb.
  4. Let it dry for at least 1 minute.
You can easily fit this process into any part of your day as long as you don't overspray. After your gray roots have grown long enough to be visible, it's not hard to single out the areas you want to cover with the root concealer.

What Can I Do with my Root Concealer?

Hairdresser Applying Root Concealer
Root concealers are probably the easiest and most effective way to touch up your roots. Getting your hair dyed on the regular is far from practical and one of the reasons your strands become dryer and more brittle in the span of a few months. By contrast, you can apply root concealer as soon as you start seeing a contrast between your roots and the rest of your strands, and continue using it as often as you like without risking damage. Let's see all the scenarios in which root concealers have worked as the ultimate solution:
  • Root concealers can hide gray roots while blending seamlessly with your natural hair color. After losing their pigmentation, gray hairs become more fragile than regular strands, turning root concealers into an ideal solution when you want to add color without making these gray areas even more vulnerable.
  • They are useful when it comes to touching up dark roots with blonde hair. This combination has been troublesome for many people in the past because of how hard it can be to match your color job without making your roots look slightly brighter in the process. Root concealers offer a variety of shades to perfectly match the current tone of your hair dye, even in the weeks after the original shade starts to shift.
  • They can make your highlights stand out without affecting the overall look of your hair.
  • Because root concealers can be easily applied without extra help, they are a quick solution for last-minute commitments, as well as for people with hectic schedules.
  • They are compatible with chemically treated hair (perms, etc) and don't nullify the effects of leave-in hair care treatments.
Business Man Sweating on His Forehead

Should I Use Root Concealer on my Whole Head?

You will get the answer to that question just by looking at the product's name. While you can technically use them on your whole head if you want to, root concealers are not meant to cover full strands of hair; they are supposed to complement your hair's dominant color. Whether you're touching up your roots between colorings or want to rock your hair's natural look, your root concealer will only provide a natural-looking result if you focus on the discolored areas around the top of your head. If you have colored hair, mixing the root concealer with the dyed strands might alter their original shade and ruin your whole look.

Other Common Mistakes

As we mentioned earlier, it takes little to no time to learn the right way of using root concealers, and this might be the reason why some people get overconfident when trying their benefits. Some things you should avoid doing:
  • Covering up bald spots. Their natural pigments are supposed to resemble your hair color so they won't look natural on bald areas. You might try using very modest amounts of root concealer to cover areas where your hair is starting to grow scarce.
  • Using on dirty hair. Your root concealer will remain on your strands through rain, sweat, and strong winds. This doesn't mean that you should leave grease and debris to collect on your scalp for days on end while using the product.
  • Using on wet or damp hair. You must wait for your hair to dry before applying the root concealer. You can either blow dry it or let it dry on its own.
Some people also try using root concealers on their eyebrows with variable degrees of success depending on the product's format (powder, spray, etc) and the amount of concealer they use. The cleanest option would be to use a brow pencil to highlight the shape of your eyebrows without losing precision, but if you want to experiment with your root concealer, very small amounts of powder are probably the safest choice. You should know that product waste is a very likely outcome.

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