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Can Eyebrows Be Made Thicker?

September 25, 2020

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Eyebrows Be Made ThickerIf you want to create a strong first impression, you shouldn't underestimate the power of a thick pair of eyebrows. When you look at a person's face, thick eyebrows infuse charisma and communicate the emotions in their eyes. Upkeeping the perfect eyebrow shape can be a hassle for some people, particularly for those with unflattering shades and not enough hair on the curve of their eyes. To make things easier for you, we show you all the tricks you need to make your eyebrows look thicker, including the best way to introduce the Keratin Brows kit to your make-up collection.

How Can I Fill my Eyebrows?

While there are many products to choose from to make the eyebrows look thicker, only a handful of them manage to deliver consistent results without obstructing the pores hosting the hairs in your eyebrows. As a highly versatile option for all types of clients, the Keratin Brows kit improves the esthetic appeal of most cosmetics and eyebrow fillers. It's enriched with keratin protein to match the eyebrows' appearance and comes with a dual brush that allows precision during application. It also makes it easier for you to style the eyebrow's shape, which is half of the challenge when it comes to getting thicker eyebrows in the first place. The Keratin Brows kit is available in ten different shades for you to either match your current hair color or to make your eyebrows pop out without looking unnatural.

On this note, darker hair colors usually call for shades that are one or two times lighter, while lighter colors might look more defined when your filler has a slightly darker shade that still manages to resemble the hair's natural tone. This is true for nearly all eyebrows fillers, even when some of them might involve more trial-and-error before providing a seamless blend.

The following list contains some common solutions created to make the eyebrows look fuller, each of them having varying levels of popularity depending on their affordability and on how manageable they are for clients who want a simple addition in their make-up routine.

Eyebrow markers: When eyebrows are invisible to the point that it's hard to recognize their natural shape, eyebrow markers are a popular choice. With a couple of strokes, markers define the eyebrows' contour without running or staining the face. They have very intense shades and thick consistencies, so it can be difficult to get a natural effect out of them.

Eyebrow pencils: Because their shades are duller, they are easier to manage when compared to markers and are often applied as groundwork to complement other eyebrow-filling products. They are one of the most accessible options in terms of price and technique, but if you have thin eyebrows and want to make them look thicker, their results might be underwhelming.

Eyebrow powders: They usually adhere more seamlessly to the skin after its been properly moisturized and must be applied mildly and evenly to give a natural appearance. Powders make the eyebrows thicker by adding shadows under the hairs, providing a natural look with minimal product waste.

Gels: They are particularly useful when you want to shape the eyebrow and not just make it look thicker. After removing excess hair, these gels enhance the curve and tail of the eyebrow to compliment the shape of your eyes. Gels give naturally thick eyebrows a tidy, clean look, but can't fill the eyebrows in any significant way when the existing hair is sparse.

Pomades: They are similar to gels in their consistency and application, with the added benefit of providing extra texture that makes thin eyebrows look slightly fuller.

Perfect Eyebrow ShapeNatural fillers: The nutrients of castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, petroleum jelly, egg yolk, and lemon can be used in homemade pastes and gels, as well as applied directly over the eyebrows to boost cellular metabolism and hair growth. In most cases, these solutions are rubbed over the eyebrow and left in place as their properties act on the area. Depending on the ingredients selected for these homemade treatments, they can be kept on the eyebrows for 20 minutes, an hour, or throughout the night.

Additional Recommendations

Your grooming technique will make your eyebrows look thicker, but try not to overindulge in it. Avoid razors / waxes and try to use only tweezers if your hair is already sparse. Look for a spot with optimal lighting and pluck only the unruly hairs that disrupt the contour of the brow. If you choose the right eyebrow filler, you won't have to worry about overplucking or ruining your eyebrows while grooming.

Some of the cosmetic products mentioned on the previous list use aggressive chemicals to remain fixed on the skin. Because of this, they might block the pores and make it more difficult for the hair to grow on your eyebrows. If you go for any of these options, use them in moderation and be sure to remove all your make-up from your face before going to bed at night. You should also be wary of putting creams and lotions on your eyebrows while washing your face, since they might also clog the pores around the area.

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