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Best Haircuts for Balding Men

January 03, 2020

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Best Haircuts for Balding MenIf you are going bald but there's still some hair remaining, you should know that you can indeed work with what you got. These hairstyles will give you the sleek look you thought you couldn't achieve because of your thinning hair. Of course, you can also use the help of a hair loss treatment for men to improve the overall health of your hair. Put yourself in the hands of a good hairstylist and barber and show him one of these haircuts for balding men to recreate, then get ready to feel your best, even with thinning hair.

Long Top Haircut for Balding Men

Long Top

If you have a receding hairline with good amount of hair at the top, keep most hair and keep it long (except for the sides, which could be faded or trimmed). The hair at the top will also cover any bald spot on the crown and give an overall look of more fullness. Pair it up with a long beard or a full stubble.

Modern Combover

For a deep but even receding hairline, a modern combover can look great. Get an undercut that goes almost all the way to the top and leave the hair on the crown long and combed over.

Choppy Top

A sheared and faded look with a choppy and up-swept top can add an edge to your look. Use a bit of gel or pomade to hold the style.

Faded Undercut Haircut for Balding Men

Faded Undercut

If you have a full beard (which is probable if you're bald or balding), take advantage of it. A faded undercut that blends from the ears to the beard through the sideburns, with clean edges, will drive focus to the facial hair and away from the balding spots. You can comb over the top towards one side.

Full-Top Buzz Cut

Contrary to what you might think, the buzz cut doesn't have to make you look balder. It can actually give you an attractive rugged look. If your receding hairline looks even and it's not very pronounced, you can buzz-cut evenly. You can also ask your hairstylist to buzz-cut the sides and leave the top short.

Tapered Fade with Man Bun

You can get a tapered fade with a man bun. As you have seen so far, leaving the top long is one of the best resources to fill bald spots and improve the appearance of thinning hair and a receding hairline. Straight hair and good facial hair look best with this kind of haircut.

Full-Top Buzz Cut Haircut for Balding Men

The Razor Shave

The razor shave seems like your best solution if your balding pattern is very pronounced and you don't wish to spend an energy concealing it. Going completely bald can give you an edgy look, especially when you have good facial hair, which can complement the absence of scalp hair. Take advantage of what you've got and ask your barber to focus on giving you a killer beard style. You can find inspiration on "7 Beard Styles for Bald Men."

Products to Conceal Hair Loss and Enhance Your New Cut

Whatever haircut you choose, you have two hassle-free options to complement your look and conceal bald spots to make your hair look fuller and thicker. We're talking about colored disguise sprays and keratin fibers.

Colored sprays give more dimension to areas where there's hair but it's thinning out. We recommend using them only if your thinning spots are not too empty, otherwise it might look like a big painted patch. Spray the product at a medium distance to get better coverage. Clean any excess from the hairline so that the color doesn't look as if it's smearing. The Cosmetic Republic USA has Root Concealer, a product that performs this task. Read "How to Apply Root Concealer" to get the features of this spray and tips to use it correctly.

The Razor Shave Haircut for Balding MenWhen it comes to hair fibers, we think they're among the most practical solutions for thinning hair out there. They work thanks to static by clinging to existing hair strands and staying put, so you don't have to worry about them smearing or running. Keratin fibers are made with vegetable fibers that resemble human hair, so they look natural. We recommend applying hair fibers on spots where there is still some hair (even baby hairs will provide support for the fibers). Use complementary tools such as the keratin comb and the mist fiberhold spray. Learn everything about keratin fibers on our previous blog post "Keratin Fibers: The #1 Instant Hair Loss Solution".

What do you think of these cuts? We hope you've finally found the next hairstyle that'll make you feel renewed and proud of your appearance even if your hair is thinning out. Don't forget special thinning hair care, though! The Cosmetic Republic USA offers a wide range of nourishing and thickening hair loss solutions that will take care of your hair sulfate and paraben-free! Call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on this page to get in touch with us and learn about our products. Also, subscribe to our newsletter and get our news, offers, and articles right in your inbox.
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