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Are Hair Fibers Noticeable?

December 02, 2020

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Woman Looking in the Mirror Checking If Hair Fibers are NoticeableHair loss is a cause of anxiety for many people around the world. This is why hair fibers have been such a welcome surprise for people with bald spots and thinning hairlines. The Keratin Hair Fibers promise a new look that will make your hair look fuller in a matter of seconds. Still, some people argue that such a solution might change their appearance too drastically to be attractive. If you're still on the fence about adding hair fibers to your hair care routine, we have the answers you need.

Understanding Hair Fibers

Hair fibers are charged with static electricity to bond with the hairs around a balding area. After gripping these strands, the fibers give extra volume and a uniform appearance that fully conceals all evidence of hair loss. They can cover bald spots, receding hairlines, and sections when the hair is thinner. Remember: hair fibers can't make your hair grow back, but they are the surest way to mask your bald spots in all kinds of day-to-day situations.

Woman with Hair Divided into Sections to Apply Hair FibersThe Cosmetic Republic's Keratin Hair Fibers are available in 3 formats and 10 different shades to help you create an attractive, natural look. They can be used from 8 to 80 times, depending on the format you choose and the severity of your hair problem (if you have multiple bald spots or the balding areas are relatively big, you will need to spend more fibers on each application).

Are Hair Fibers Noticeable?

Traditional hair fibers had a rough texture that was difficult to ignore, but that stopped being a problem when more sophisticated versions made their way into the hair care industry. In fact, the subtlety of their results is what increased the appeal of hair fibers in the last few years.

Keratin hair fibers are particularly effective because they are enriched with natural vitamins and the same proteins that are already within your hair's root and shaft. Keratin is one of these proteins, and its protective properties have made it a recurring ingredient in different hair care products. Even when altering their composition to replace the concentration of keratin with similar components, most hair fibers are 100% free of aggressive substances like ammonium, silica, or animal ingredients. This doesn't change the fact that keratin-based fibers are the best choice if you want your hair to look healthier and fuller.

Hair Fibers Charged with Electricity to Bond with The HairEven then, some miscalculations can make the fibers stand out as an alien addition when their purpose is to enhance your hairs' overall look. Here's a list of common mistakes that usually draw the wrong kind of attention:
  • Applying too many hair fibers: When a part of your head has more hair fibers than your hair can hold, the fibers will inevitably stand out from the rest of your hair. The trick is to divide your hair into sections and apply the fibers in layers. Use a comb to spread them evenly so the bald spots look just as full as the areas surrounding them. You can stop sprinkling once the skin on your scalps stops being visible, and even if you want to experiment with the fibers, a modest amount is still important to achieve proper adhesion.

  • Using the wrong tools to spread the fibers: Getting the fibers where you want them to be can be difficult during the first few tries. Some people try to spread them with their hands alone while others have problems fixing the fibers on the hairs. This is why the Keratin Hair Fibers come with a comb that's specially designed to style your hair properly after applying the fibers, along with hairspray to keep the fibers in place throughout the day.

  • Adding water into the mix: Hair fibers can stay in place through rain and strong winds, but you can't expect to keep a natural look if you get your hair completely wet. Don't get into pools and other bodies of water while wearing the fibers and use them only when your hair is fully dry.

  • Neglecting your hair care regime: Many hair loss problems become truly severe because people try different methods to make the hair grow back without acknowledging the real problem. If your hair isn't getting proper hydration and care, the remaining strands will grow weaker and fall at a much faster rate. Hair fibers need to get a hold of the existing hairs before they can provide volume, and there'll be no way for them to blend properly if you fail to keep your hair loss condition in check.

  • Keeping the fibers on your head for too long: Depending on your routine, hair fibers could spend several days on your head but the recommended time shouldn't exceed the 24-hour mark. After a day, they will gradually lose their grasp on your strands, and this will make your hair look clumpy, greasy, and disheveled. Though the difference isn't too drastic, hair fibers can still be recognized by touch, and they will feel particularly awkward after spending more than two days stuck to your unwashed hair.

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