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9 Tips to Prevent Hair Loss in Women

August 13, 2019

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Woman Needs to Prevent Hair LossHair loss is one of the most distressing appearance changes that a woman can go through. When it starts, most women do not know where to turn to find an explanation as to why their hair is thinning at an alarming rate. Once hair loss has had its onset, is it possible to prevent it anymore? The answer is yes, it is possible to delay further hair loss. Of course, this also depends on the type of hair loss that the patient is dealing with. It all comes down to choosing the most appropriate hair loss treatment for women. Here are the 9 best tips to prevent hair loss in women.

Preventing Hair Loss

According to the type, hair loss is only controllable or fully preventable.

Androgenetic alopecia (female pattern baldness) cannot be prevented, but it can be more or less predicted when considering hereditary predispositions such as the following:
  • Family history of androgenetic alopecia on either side, especially if other women in the family have suffered it.
  • Hair loss or thinning that started in late adolescence or later usually predicts androgenetic alopecia.
Prevent Hair Loss in Women Related PostThe earlier hereditary hair loss is detected, the more prevention can be done. Said prevention must focus on retaining as much hair as possible and keeping its quality.

Traction alopecia (hair loss derived from rough handling of hair) and even telogen effluvium (when it is caused by poor nutrition or extreme emotional stress) can be fully prevented. In the case of the former, it will be necessary to quit harsh hairstyles, and in the latter, you should watch your habits, from diet to sleep patterns.

In any case, the tips we're about to share with you will keep hair loss in control and improve the quality of your hair.

Products to Prevent Hair Loss in Women

1. Follow a serious hair loss treatment for women.

This should include a range of products specially formulated for thinning hair, from shampoo and conditioner to serums, vitamins, and leave-ins. These options are bound to thicken your strands and provide your hair with more volume and body, which you'll always need if you have a thinning issue.

Hair loss products have ingredients such as vitamins and fatty acids that work from the inside of the hair, nourishing it and allowing it to grow stronger; as well as silicones and other components that thicken the hair strand externally for a fuller appearance.

Stick to a brand with a variety of products and use them all so that they all reinforce their effects. Here's a full line with a professional hair loss treatment for women. It's important to remind you that this treatment should be free of sulfates and parabens so that it's gentle on your frail hair.

Laser to Prevent Hair Loss in Women

2. Consider laser treatment.

Low-level laser therapy stimulates the hair follicle by encouraging circulation. The hair follicle can stay alive for longer (the anagen or growth phase gets extended). Laser combs are safe, and they avoid the difficulty and expense of going through invasive procedures like hair transplant, which also has a high rate of possible failure. If you are planning to get laser therapy, you need some commitment to make a daily routine and devote at least fifteen minutes of your time using your laser comb.

Topical Treatment to Prevent Hair Loss in Women

3. Try topical treatments.

There are over-the-counter treatments that cause hair growth. They act directly on the hair follicle by stimulating its diameter, which allows it to produce thicker hair progressively when used in an average period of six months. The prescription for women is 5%, a lower prescription than that for men. The only problem with topical treatments is that they stop being effective as soon as they are stopped, so they take lifelong commitment. This type of topical drug also creates a risk that hair will grow in undesired areas.

Keratin Hair Fibers to Prevent Hair Loss in Women

4. Use hair fibers.

Hair fibers have come to save the day! This product consists of tiny fibers of vegetable origin that cling to existing hair (with the mechanism of opposite electrical charges) and visually thicken the strands, filling bald spots. Hair fibers can cover a wide parting or sparse hair all over the scalp. This solution can improve the appearance of balding areas quickly and conveniently because it is easy to apply and does not come off unless you wash your hair with shampoo. Learn more about hair fibers in our previous blog post "Keratin Fibers: The #1 Instant Hair Solution."

Massage to Prevent Hair Loss in Women

5. Massage your scalp.

It is known that keeping circulation on the scalp at an optimal state can help hair growth by stimulating the hair follicle. In this way, it can stay in the growth phase for longer, apart from receiving all nutrients appropriately. Some experts recommend a massage a day while hanging the head upside down (to stimulate blood flow). This position cannot be held for too long, but a few minutes a day will suffice. To improve the effects of any scalp massage, it is a good idea to use a few drops of an essential oil that has growth-stimulating properties, such as rosemary or cypress oil.

Gentle Hairstyles to Prevent Hair Loss in Women

6. Wear gentle hairstyles.

Rule out any hairstyle that puts a strain on your hair (especially on the delicate hairline), such as braids, tight ponies, cornrows and others. Wear your hair loose and treat it gently at all times, from shampooing to drying and combing. Do not pull at the hair roots, snap it while detangling or rub it while drying. Any rough handling can break it thus further deteriorating its appearance.

Don't Bleach to Prevent Hair Loss in Women

7. Forget about chemically treating your hair.

Frail, thinning hair does not need any external threat, much less in the form of chemical treatments. This includes perming, the Brazilian blow-dry, bleaching, and even coloring. Chemical treatments are designed to alter the natural structure of the hair, and they usually represent a point of no return, so your hair won't really be the same after them. You could risk more hair loss or extreme breakage, which will leave your strands looking even sparser, not to mention brittle and damaged.

Prevent Hair Loss in Women Avoiding Heat Tools

8. Avoid heat tools.

Heat degrades the keratin (protein) of the hair shaft, resulting in thinner strands. The last thing you need is even thinner hair, so try to use heat tools only very sparsely if at all and use a heat-protecting product in the latter case. Embrace your hair as it is and just focus on making it healthier, not on changing its style with heat.

Eat healthy to Prevent Hair Loss in Women

9. Watch your diet.

Eating healthy will keep your systems working properly. Remember that extreme weight gain or loss, as well as stress, can cause your hormones to go berserk, and they have an important influence on the hair growth cycle. Eat well and if necessary, use hair-friendly supplements. Some of the best hair foods are leafy greens, nuts, fish, olive oil, among others; and the best supplements are biotin, omega-3 and -6, zinc, iron, and vitamin E.

So, there you have our tips to prevent hair loss in women. You don't have to settle for hair loss; there are options! Try the professional line of products by The Cosmetic Republic USA and start your hair loss treatment for women. Regain thickness and volume, nourish and beautify your hair with our special formulas for thinning hair. Call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on this website to get in touch with us. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news about us right in your inbox.

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