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9 Steps to Start your Daily Hair Care Routine

February 07, 2020

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Daily Hair Care RoutineYour hair is one of the first things the world sees. When it is smooth and shiny, hair is a sign of refined taste and good health. It takes commitment to get it to look the right way, and once you find what works, the continued care of your hair is just as important.

If your hair looks frizzy and coarse despite your best efforts, just remember that it's never too late to improve your daily hair care routine. With the right products and some useful tips, you will start seeing differences in no time.

These are the steps that make up a full hair routine:
  • Cleansing: Washing the hair to remove dirt, dead skin, and product residue.

  • Conditioning: Moisturizing the hair and restoring its shine. This conditioning takes place while the hair is wet and after removing the shampoo, as well as through further hydration of dry hair with moisturizing products and sealing oils.

  • Combing: Detangling the hair to restore order and avoid breakage.

  • Styling: Using different tools and products to enhance, add volume, or arrange the hair in a particular style.
Steps for the Daily Hair Care Routine
The process looks simple enough, but it can be tricky to complete each step in a way that actually makes a visible difference on your hair. The frequency of the routine and the products used will vary, not to mention a number of in-between habits that might need to be changed or adapted. There are four basic hair types: flat hair, straight hair, wavy/curly hair, and kinky hair. In addition, hair can be particularly dry or oily, affecting its overall appearance and volume. Each hair type responds differently to certain products, is sensitive to certain things, and demands a certain number of extra measures, so you need to start by identifying what works best for your hair. If you're not sure which products and nutrients to choose from the variety of options available, check our blog "The Best Products for Your Hair Type."

Despite all this, a number of tips are universally effective. They involve no risks and always result in improvements and benefits that your hair will definitely appreciate. Let's look them over to make sure you're following the most important steps in your hair care routine.
    Shampoo for Daily Hair Care Routine
  1. Use Shampoo the Right Way: Your hair won't get any thicker or healthier if you wash it too often or scrub it to roughly. As you probably know, washing your hair everyday can easily result in dryness and dandruff. The time between each washing session changes depending on the hair texture and the amount of natural oil produced by the scalp, but twice a week is usually enough. When you wash, scrub gently while putting pressure in the pads of your fingers to spread the shampoo and remove residues. Stick to sulfate and paraben free shampoos and your hair will be healthier in the long run.

  2. Avoid Hot Showers: We know how much a hot shower can relax the body after a long stressful day. Sadly, hot showers do your hair no favors. Hot water attacks the protective oils in your hair, taking its natural shine and even washing out the shade if you have colored hair. You can reach a middle ground using lukewarm water instead, and your hair will grow stronger and healthier.

  3. Don't Skip Conditioner: Conditioner moisturizes the hair directly while it's still wet and saves you a lot of effort detangling the strands after using shampoo and before getting out of the shower.

  4. Deep Treatment for Daily Hair Care Routine
  5. Use Deep Treatments: You can moisturize your hair with the right nutrients to keep it smooth and fresh for hours after application. Massage your scalp to condition your hair from within using coconut and other natural oils, or cream-based lotions containing collagen and hyaluronic acid. We recommend trying Detox Wrap's nourishing formula to revitalize the beauty of your hair in only 15 minutes. Depending on your hair type, you can apply deep treatments once a week or after each shower.

  6. A Proper Brushing Routine: Brush your hair from the bottom up to avoid damage while untangling. Stick to using combs when the hair is wet; a wide-toothed comb is a good choice that will reduce the chances of breakage.

  7. Hair Serum for Daily Hair Care Routine
  8. Treat Your Split Ends: While it is a myth that regular haircuts will help your hair grow faster, trimming sessions are necessary to remove split ends and prevent your hair from getting an unkempt look. If you want to keep your hair long and regular trimmings are a problem for you, you can use products like hair serum, ampoules, or hair thickener to restore the hair's strength and nourish the split ends.

  9. When Styling, Be Gentle: While natural products definitely make for a good start, there are other changes you can make to avoid damaging your hair while styling. Let your hair air dry as often as possible and refrain from using heat styling tools. Blow-dryers and irons put a huge toll on your follicles, so if you're in a rush and a blow-drier is the only way to go, stick to cooler settings. Exposure to UV rays can also result in heat damage, so remember to cover your hair whenever you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun. Also, be careful about pulling your hair too tightly when styling it in braids, ponytails, or while twisting it in any way. It's often more comfortable to wear your hair up, but be gentle when you do it and let it flow freely whenever you can.

  10. Hair Bursh for Daily Hair Care Routine
  11. Stop Overbrushing or Needlessly Touching Your Hair: A brushing routine also entails a regular schedule to avoid overbrushing and stretching the hair. If you tend to overbrush your hair or touch it needlessly at random times, be mindful of the damage you're doing to your weak ends and the risks of getting a receding hairline a few years down the line. Constant touching also adds to the natural amount of oil in your hair, making it look greasy as a result.

  12. A Healthy Diet Goes a Long Way: Help your hair absorb the right nutrients to keep its shiny, bouncy look. When you include protein, Vitamin B 12, and Vitamin E in your diet, you're contributing to the hair's natural creation of keratin and helping it grow stronger and healthier. Eggs, fish, beans, and legumes are all excellent options to complement your hair care routine.
Once you ease your way into it, it's not hard to keep the right hair care routine. A few tweaks in your regular habits and you'll start seeing instant and obvious changes. Don't forget to read "5 Hair Products to Include in Your Daily Hair Care Routine" so you can always treat your hair with quality products while following the steps we just showed you. The Cosmetic Republic USA has everything you need to quickly restore all the beauty and energy in your hair. Are you interested? Call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form in our website to get in touch with us. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get all our info right in your inbox.
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