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7 Tips for Using Keratin Hair Fibers

December 27, 2019

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Keratin Hair FibersHair loss is extremely common and every year millions of dollars are spent on solutions for it, from complicated transplant surgeries to quick fixes such as keratin hair fibers. It's exactly the latter that we want to talk about because we consider that it is an effective way to get instant coverage for bald spots without any hassle.

Keratin Hair Fibers have become one of the most common ways to deal with hair loss, so we are about to give you useful tips to get the best results when using them. If you didn't know them, you'll be wondering why you didn't get to them sooner.
Keratin Hair Fibers Bottle

Keratin Fibers Really Work

Keratin hair fibers are tiny vegetable fibers used to fill bald spots. The vegetable material they're made of is not exactly like the keratin in human hair, but it's very similar. If you are wondering how these tiny fibers can cling to hair without falling off, the answer is down to their electrical charge, which is different to that of hair. Opposite charges attract, so the fibers cling to existing hairs and they don't fall on the scalp or clump up. You don't have to worry about sweat or movement either because they won't shift the fibers, and the color won't run or smear. All of these advantages guarantee that you can use hair fibers confidently and they will provide a natural result every time.

An added advantage of keratin hair fibers is that they are enriched with vitamins E, B, H, and other nutrients such as horse chestnut extract. When you shop for keratin hair fibers, make sure they contain no sulfates or parabens, like The Cosmetic Republic USA's signature fibers.

When it comes to blending, keratin hair fibers perform great: you'll get a seamless and natural appearance. You'll find 10 different shades and can even blend them to find a more customized shade to match your own.
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How to Take Advantage of Your Keratin Hair Fibers

    Keratin Hair Fibers on Dry Hair
  1. Always Use Keratin Hair Fibers on Dry Hair
  2. Moisture can interfere with the mechanism that help the fibers to adhere to hair, which is static electricity. Also, there is the possibility that moisture clumps up the fibers.

    You can shampoo and let your hair dry completely before using the fibers. If you plan on using styling products such as gel, serum or others, you should let them dry as well before applying keratin hair fibers. However, be careful with the styling products you choose. If they clump hairs together (like gel), the fibers won't attach as effectively to the hair shafts, therefore they won't look as good.

  3. Cover Spots with Some Hair Left
  4. Keratin hair fibers does cover completely bald spots, but it won't look as natural. Preferably, use this product on bald spots that still have some hair left. As tiny or thin as they may be, they will help the fibers hold well and the result will look much better.

    Keratin Hair Fibers Coverage
  5. Apply the Right Amount of Fibers
  6. Don't overdo it with the fibers! If you apply too many, the coverage will look unnatural. Dose the fibers carefully and look at the coverage and build them up little by little if you think you need more.

    Apply a small amount of fibers, pat on the area where you put them to spread them evenly, and then proceed to apply more if necessary. Do not rub on the fibers, just pat with your fingers, a coarse bristle brush or the keratin fiber comb.

    Keratin Hair Fibers Tools
  7. Use Keratin Fiber Tools There are a few special tools that will make fiber usage a lot easier. We're talking about the keratin comb. The main purpose of this tool is to keep fibers from falling on the forehead when you apply them on the hairline. You'll have a clean hairline without wasting fibers. You can also use the comb to carefully spread the fibers upon application. The soft contours of the brush penetrate easily through any hair type and distribute the fibers in a more natural way. If you are styling your keratin fibers on an extension or hairpiece, the keratin comb will be really helpful as well.

    Another wonderful tool is the mist hair spray. This tool fixes hair fibers to ensure perfect adherence and it's especially useful if you need more than one layer of fibers for full coverage. Moreover, it contains nourishing ingredients that benefit hair health. For perfect results, wait until each layer of fiberhold spray is dry to apply another layer of fibers.

  8. Choose the Perfect Color
  9. As we mentioned before, keratin hair fibers are highly blendable and they come in a wide range of shades (black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, auburn, dark blond, medium blond, light blond, gray and white). However, if the plain shades don't perfectly match your hair color, you can combine them. Apply the colors one by one, starting with the darker one as the base.
    Keratin Hair Fibers Colors
  10. Take Care of Your Finished Style
  11. Once you have applied the fibers, make sure you take some measures to keep them looking perfect for longer. While this product won't run or smear with sweat, stay guarded from excessive moisture. You cannot go swimming or sweat profusely with this product as it will come off. the fiberhold spray will delay the process of coming off if you happen to be under heavy rain, for example, but the style won't stay perfect.

    Keratin Hair Fibers Fiberhold Spray
  12. Wash the Fibers out with Thickening Shampoo
  13. Take advantage of the opportunity to wash out your keratin fibers with thickening shampoo. This kind of product has a special formula that can help you nourish your thinning hair. Try Multivitamin Shampoo and Oily Hair Shampoo. Both of them include ingredients that feed frail hair with essential nutrients, helping in the process of revitalizing and thickening limp hair.

    Keratin hair fibers are one of the best ways to deal with bald spots in a discreet, convenient, and easy way. Try them today! Call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on this website to talk to us about our keratin fibers and the rest of thinning hair solutions. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get our news right in your inbox.

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