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7 Essential Vitamins for Thinning Hair

February 13, 2019

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Vitamin for Thinning Hair Woman with Pill in TeethThinning hair is a sign that something is not working well in your body. It can be your genetic makeup, an imbalance in your hormones or a nutritional deficiency. The latter might be at the root of your hair loss. However, regardless of the type of hair loss you are experiencing, there are vitamins that have a direct impact on the health of your hair and can, therefore, help you recover thickness and body when taken regularly as dietary supplements.

While it's true that vitamin intake won't help you recover hair you already lost or stop baldness altogether for that matter , minding the vitamins you consume can't hurt. At the very least they'll help strengthen and beautify frail hair when paired with good products and thinning hair solutions. Here are the most important vitamins for thinning hair.

Vitamins from The B Complex:

The B complex is vital to organic functions such as cell growth and metabolism, brain function, and tissue formation. The latter includes benefits to skin, nails, and hair.

Two vitamins in the B complex are especially beneficial for healthy hair: Biotin (B7, also knowns as vitamin H), and Panthenol (B5, also known as pantothenic acid).
  • Biotin:
  • this vitamin is important for the conversion of food into energy as well as protein replication. As you may know, hair is mostly composed of keratin, a protein. This means that biotin can benefit protein restructuration in the hair's keratin, providing thicker and stronger strands. The regeneration process of the hair cuticle can be helped along by biotin intake. Biotin is often included in supplements that contain a variety of vitamins for thinning hair.

    There is a variety of raw foods from which you can get biotin: egg yolks and organ meats like liver, leafy greens, and cabbages, as well as lentils and nuts are good sources of this vital nutrient.

  • B5:
  • pantothenic acid is essential for blood cell production, metabolism of nutrients, and hair regeneration. B5 is one of the most common components in hair products because it restructures the hair shaft and adds a smooth and shiny appearance. Panthenol improves the elasticity and resistance, that's why it is so important for healthy hair.

    Among the dietary sources of vitamin B5, you can find broccoli and cabbage, potatoes, cereals, beans, poultry, dairy products, and nuts.
Vitamin for Thinning Hair Woman Sun Exposure

Vitamin D:

This is actually a hormone produced out of cholesterol after sun exposure. After going through conversions in the liver and kidneys, this vitamin works at a cellular level, regulating different functions such as calcium absorption and immune protection. When a case of hair loss is related to immune disorders (i.e. alopecia areata or balding patches of hair), vitamin D can be very helpful. Patients with this type of hair loss are usually diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency.

You can get vitamin D with sunlight, just make sure you protect your skin properly with sunscreen. Tuna, mushrooms, mackerel, and salmon are good sources of this vitamin as well.

Vitamin C:

You probably know of vitamin C's power to boost your immune system. However, this is not its only purpose. Vitamin C also plays a role in hair health since it helps fight oxidative stress, which might be a factor in hair thinning and graying. Additionally, vitamin C prompts collagen production and the absorption of iron (both these nutrients are instrumental in hair growth).
Vitamin for Thinning Hair Woman with Mix Fruits
A wide range of fruits like kiwi, mangoes, and citrus fruits (lemon, orange, grapefruit, strawberries) contain lots of vitamin C. You can also find it in green vegetables like kale and bell pepper. Balance your vitamin C intake with a healthy diet and lifestyle: smoking, alcohol, and eating disorders will hamper your absorption of vitamin C.

Other Important Nutrients for Hair

Omega-3 and -6:

These fatty acids are known for their benefits to hair and skin. According to a study , supplementation with omega-3 and -6 fatty acids have been proven to improve hair's thickness, density, and hair follicle activity on females with pattern alopecia.

Fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines are rich in these nutrients, but they can also be found in walnuts and egg yolks.
Vitamin for Thinning Hair Man With Daily Hair Care Product on Hand


This metal is instrumental for the body's correct functioning and has been found to play a role in cases of hair loss . Patients in several types of hair loss were found to have low levels of zinc in their blood, which may mean that this nutrient is key for functional activities in the hair follicle. Zinc delays the regression of the hair follicle and helps in follicle recovery as well.

You can get zinc from shellfish like oysters, lobster, and crab. When it comes to legumes and grains, look for it in chickpeas and kidney beans. Don't forget almonds, pork, and beef.


Iron produces hemoglobin, but when its levels are low, hemoglobin levels decrease as well, and the cells (including cells in the hair follicle) fail to receive oxygen for proper growth, causing slow hair growth or hair loss.

Iron and ferritin (a protein that binds to iron) deficiencies put you at a higher risk of telogen hair loss. If you have ever suffered from iron deficiency anemia, chances are that hair loss will ensue. Other types of alopecia are also related to low iron levels.

Make sure you get plenty of iron from dark greens such as chard and spinach, black beans, egg yolks, and meat.

Healthy eating and vitamin supplementation might be the boost you need to get your hair health back on track, even if you're struggling with hereditary hair loss. These vitamins for thinning hair will help you keep the hair you retain healthier for longer. Complement your hair care with vitamin-enriched products like The Cosmetic Republic USA's Our hair loss solutions have all the nutrients your thinning hair needs to regain strength and body from the inside out. Call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form to reach us and learn more. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news about us right in your inbox.

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