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7 Beard Styles for Bald Men

June 08, 2018

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Beard Style on a Bald Man with SunglassesMen stress over thinning hair and do everything in their power not to go completely bald. Many still struggle with choosing looks and feeling comfortable with them because they place too much importance on head hair for their overall appearance. However, the truth is that it doesn't have to be so! Many bald men can grow beards like other men can't, and they are in the perfect position to take advantage of their facial hair and rock awesome beards.

If you can grow a beard despite your baldness, consider yourself lucky. Many men wish they could pull off even one of the many beard styles there are to choose from. Beards are a sexy and timeless symbol of masculinity, and many people —including many females— even consider them to be the mark of a true man. So, why not give your beard a chance? After you see these beard styles you might even be ditching your hair loss treatment for men and fully embrace your bald head to welcome a new, hunkier, fully-bearded version of yourself. Turn the tables in your favor and get ready to rock some awesome beard styles that will catch attention —away from your bald head and towards your awesome beard.
Why a Beard Goes so Well with a Bald HeadFacial hair will balance out the lack of hair on your head. It will also define your facial features and overall give your appearance more of an edge. But there's a catch!
One Beard Fits All? Not ReallyWe don't mean to exaggerate, but your beard can really make you or break you. The shape and type of beard you choose can be detrimental to your appearance if you don't choose it wisely —that is, taking your face shape into account. The first thing you should do when styling your beard is to get the help of an experienced barber. They will analyze your face shape first and foremost, apart from analyzing your hair type and assessing you about the maintenance you want to give your beard. These three factors are crucial to determine which beard type will best suit you.
Beard Type – Face Shape Combos
Beard Style on a Bald Man Clean-CutClean-cut Boxed Beard – Oval Face
If your face is longer than wider and the forehead is greater than your jawline, you have this type of face. Oval faces can have a defined but not bony or sharp jawline. This is an opportunity to sport a beard with a squared shape at the jaw and clean lines on the cheeks. Try to keep the beard trim at the bottom. You can rock many styles because an oval face has naturally balanced features. You can try a short boxed beard —like the one in the illustration— or something edgier, like a Garibaldi (long and bushy), or even variations of a goatee.
Beard Style on a Bald Man Chin CurtainChin Curtain – Rectangular Face
If your face is longer than it is wide, this is your shape. You can take advantage of the length and grow a trimmed chin curtain, just make sure that you allow hair to grow a little more on your cheeks. This will visually widen the jawline and draw attention away from the length of the face. You can add a connected moustache if you like.
Beard Style on a Bald Man BeardstacheBeardstache – Triangular Face
This face shape has a longer jawline than the width of the cheekbones. The beardstache is a very fashionable option for this face shape. You can keep some hair on the cheeks, but make sure it is trimmed down or else your jawline will look even wider. You can even get away with sideburns on this face shape. Other options are the circle beard (goatee connected to moustache) and the Balbo (an extended goatee with a separate moustache).
Beard Style on a Bald Man Chin StrapChin Strap – Round Face
Your face is almost equally as long as it is wide, and your jawline is soft, with a less defined angle. Chin straps add definition to this face shape. Keep the cheeks clean or very trim, and style any hair here in clean, angular lines down towards the chin to define it and elongate it. You can obviously turn the chin strap into a boxed beard, just make sure you work the angles.
Beard Style on a Bald Man StubbleDesigner Stubble – Heart Face
This face shape has a wider forehead, prominent cheekbones, and a small, pointed chin. There is a risk that the lower part of the face and the chin will look too soft, so it is a good idea to get a clean designer stubble that will cover the lower part of the face and make it look more "filled".
Beard Style on a Bald Man GoateeGoatee – Square Face
You face measurements are very similar and you have a strong, defined jawline. While this face shape looks very manly and the strong jawline is a plus, you don't want to turn your face into a box. Triangular or rounded shapes around the chin will suit you. A goatee will flatter this face shape as well since it will show off the wide jawline without adding too much focus to it.
Beard Style on a Bald Man BalboBalbo – Diamond Face
Your face is widest at the cheekbones and you have a smaller forehead. The jawline is around the same width as the forehead, and you probably have an angular jawline. The Balbo is a good option that will show off an angular jawline and give some attention to your chin but keeping it low-key. Many other beard styles are flattering on this face type, just try to always keep some hair on the chin, and make sure it is not too long, as this will draw too much attention to this area and elongate your features. You can also get away with keeping some hair on the cheeks, as well as wider hair areas along the jawbone.

So, here you go. A bald head does not mean an uninteresting look! Apply all this face shape knowledge and change your beard game. You will feel edgier and happier regardless of head hair -or lack thereof!
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