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5 Tips for Covering Gray Hair at Home

January 28, 2020

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Covering Gray HairMost women prefer covering their grays than leaving them natural, even though constant retouching and coloring can be expensive. If you are trying to save time, money, and effort, why not try covering gray hair the easy way at home? Many tools are available, from the famous and practical root concealer to fibers, and they're all meant to make your life a lot easier. Let's look at these 5 tips for covering gray hair.

Covering Gray Hair with Highlights

1. Use a DIY Kit for Highlights

Thin highlights on all your hair can help disguise your grays quite well, especially if you have medium brown to blonde hair and you keep your highlights fair as well. Now, since highlights at a salon are not that cheap especially when done often we recommend that you get one of many DIY highlight kits and the help of a friend if you're more the type that doesn't have that much hairstyling skill at all.

Use all the tools in the kit and follow the instructions carefully and you'll get very good results spending just a fraction of the money you'd spend in a salon.

2. Use a Spray Root Concealer

We don't think there is an easier and more convenient way for covering gray hair than spray root concealers. With just a few sprays you can cover an extensive area completely. This is great for people with more than 40% grays or with wide roots. Another advantage of this type of concealer is that it looks very natural and it won't come off or smear until your next shampoo.

Covering Gray Hair with Root ConcealerRoot concealer usually has a 180-degree spray nozzle, so it allows for great coverage. Anytime you need to cover your grays, shampoo and condition hair as usual and dry or style as you prefer it's always better to use spray root concealer on freshly washed hair. To apply spray root concealer, hold the bottle at a medium distance from the area you want to cover and move the bottle left to right to achieve even coverage. If necessary, part your hair and apply layers of spray (letting it dry a bit in between for better fixing) so that you don't miss any grays, even the ones that are less visible.

Root Concealer is one of The Cosmetic Republic USA's star products and it stands out among other root concealers because it is completely colorfast (won't run or smear), dries quickly, and does not stain. Your hair will be completely covered until you shampoo it out. Get more in-depth information about this wonderful concealer in "How to Apply Root Concealer" and "Root Concealer for Different Hair Types."

Covering Gray Hair with Hair Fibers

3. Use Keratin Hair Fibers

The main use of keratin fibers is actually related to hiding bald spots, but if you have gray roots and your hair is thin (or your part is widening a bit), keratin fibers can do both at once: cover grays and a wide parting.

Keratin fibers work because of static electricity. Their electrical charge (which is different to that of the hair) makes them cling to the hair shaft and they won't come off.

Applying keratin fibers is very easy. Wash and dry your hair completely, then part in the middle or where you want to apply the biggest amount of fibers. Shake the bottle on the area and lightly pat on the fibers with the keratin comb to even them out. If you want to boost their fixing power, spray Mist Fiberhold Spray.

Covering Gray Hair with a Concealing Pen

4. Use a Concealing Pen or Stick

If you're the kind of people who need to look flawless all the time, you're more than likely to get the urge to touch up on your roots after you're out the door; perhaps because it's windy or because you just want to be sure everything's as perfect as can be. For anyone whose case is this, carrying a concealer stick or pen is a great idea.

You'd use this type of concealer like you would any pen. "Color" on the gray roots in different layers if necessary until you get the desired coverage. You'll love having the chance of covering gray hair anywhere in a flash.

5. Get an At-Home Coloring Kit

More than 50% grays get only two choices: embracing the silver fox look or going for permanent dye. Drugstore box kits bring everything you'll need to achieve complete coverage for around two or three weeks. After that time, you can complement with a concealer spray or stick, and if you prefer, you can cover only the roots with permanent dye again.

Covering Gray Hair with a Coloring KitWhatever you choose, get a high-quality dye. Remember that coloring is a chemical process and it damages your hair in the long run.

As you can see, you don't really have to break the bank in the salon for covering gray hair. A few good products can make all the difference and keep your color looking fresh for longer. Complement everything with a good hair care routine and include sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, deep treatments, and nourishing serums. The Cosmetic Republic USA offers these and more of the professional hair care you need to keep healthy and beautiful hair. Call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form below to get in touch with us. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get all our info right in your inbox.

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