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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Brushing Your Hair Before Bed

October 26, 2018

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Know Why you Should be Brushing Your Hair Before bedYou will find both people who are for and against brushing your hair. There's even debate on when and how you should brush your hair. This is where we recommend brushing your tresses before you hit the pillow. Your hair can get benefits from a steady brushing routine before bed! Just make sure you are consistent and use a good brush as the Keratin Brush. Learn why and how to do it and wake up to healthier hair day by day. You won't need thinning hair solutions to have amazing hair!

1. Your Natural Oils Will Be Spread Evenly

Beneath your scalp, there are sebaceous glands that produce sebum (the natural oils that keep your skin moisturized and protected). Regardless of your skin type, you produce natural oils that concentrate on your hair roots, and they won't get easily to your hair mids and tips easily if you don't help them along with some gentle brushing.

2. You Will Get Rid of Tangles And Avoid Further Breakage in the Process

If you never bushed, tangles would accumulate and eventually leave you with unmanageable hair. The more tangles, the higher the risk of breakage.
Why you Should be Brushing Your Hair Before Bed Unmanageable Hair

3. You Will Help Loose Hairs to Be Shed

We shed hair every day! This is normal and means that these hairs have completed their life cycle, and new hair is on its way to replace them. When you never brush your hair, loose strands that were already shed stay there, sort of floating, which is not harmful, but let's say that brushing helps 'clean up' shed hair from new hair.

4. You Will Stimulate Your Follicles

Healthy skin (and scalp) needs proper circulation. Brushing stimulates circulation, which in turn stimulates hair follicles. In conclusion, brushing helps cell renewal and hair growth to stay on track.

5. You Will Get Rid of Dead Cells and Buildup

Your skin is a fastest growing tissue, and so new cells are growing all the time while others are being shed. Dead skin flakes are removed with frequent brushing and allow the scalp to stay healthy. Your hair products produce residue particles that stick to the scalp and combine with sebum producing a dandruffy buildup. This sounds yucky, but it can be kept under control with frequent brushing.
Woman Brushing the Hair Before Bed

Recommendations to Brush Your Hair Properly Before Bed

The very first recommendation is to get a good brush! It doesn't matter when you choose to play out your brushing routine, make sure you get a good brush, otherwise you'll be risking your hair to breakage. Natural bristles are the way to go since they help spread natural oils and do not get stuck on tresses. There is also a variety of detangling brushes in the market. They have flexible bristles to adapt to hair texture and shape to work out knots without pulling.

Regardless of your hair type, you should start by undoing your knots and tangles, which will most likely be located towards the ends (the driest area). get rid of those tangles, then work your way to the mids. Finally, move to the scalp (where you can do a mild massage with your hair, especially if it has natural bristles), and then you can run in through the whole length of the hair with a few strokes. Don't do too many strokes since that can increase the risk of frizz and flyaways.
Why you Should be Brushing Your Hair Before Bed Silk Pillowcase
If you are thinking of washing your hair before bed, you can brush before the shower (to diminish tangles before you actually shampoo), or leave that job to your conditioner, which will also soften hair and help undo the knots. If your hair tangles considerably, the first option is better because hair gets weaker when it's wet and lots of tangles to work through will increase the risk of breakage.

Brushing before bed and even at all is usually ruled out for curly textures. As beneficial as brushing can be, curlies will have to do without it if they don't want to flatten out the texture and shape of curls. However, brushing before the shower is a solution for some curl textures, and an excuse to apply a wash-out deep conditioner.

One tip that will benefit all hair types after a nightly brush-out: sleep on a silk pillowcase! Silk won't tangle and fray your tresses like cotton can with the nightly tossing and turning. A silk scarf will work, too. If all the previous ones are not options, you can slip on a cap or braid your hair after brushing. A few night vitamins, serum or hair lotion before slipping on the cap can help retain moisture as well.

The cap won't do much if you make the terrible mistake of slipping in a tight ponytail or with any metal/tough rubber scrunchies on. These accessories plus the night's tossing will most likely end up in lots of breakage.

Did you think that something as simple as brushing actually had benefits for your hair? Well, it does. Brushing will help you keep healthy hair and scalp, provided that you do it properly and don't exaggerate on it. Remember that overbrushing (like everything in excess) can damage your hair by breaking and drying it. Find your perfect balance according to your hair type, set a nightly brushing and hair care routine, and get ready to wake up to gorgeous hair.

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