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4 Soft and Shiny Hair Tips

August 10, 2018

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Woman with Soft and Shiny HairWe have all tried something to make our hair soft, shiny and supple. From shampoos that offer glossy results to vitamin supplements, there are many promises for lustrous hair. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most effective tips you can follow to get your hair to shine bright. You don't have to wait until it is too late and you need hair loss products to restore your hair!

Why Only Soft Hair Is Shiny

If the hair's texture is soft, it means that the cuticle is in good conditions. In turn, a healthy cuticle is closed and therefore reflects light more than an open, worn cuticle. In other words, if you want soft and shiny hair, you need to find a way to make it softer and more malleable with the right routines.

The Four-step Plan of Attack for Soft and Shiny Hair

You can achieve silky, lustrous hair if you follow four courses of action at once: nutrition, moisturization and hydration, conscious day-to-day styling, and sealing. These four steps for long-lasting results that improve the hair from the inside out.


This is at the bottom of the shiny hair pyramid. Soft and shiny hair is nourished from the inside out, so it is important that you mind what you eat and take supplements to boost the benefits of certain nutrients on your hair. It might sound like a cliché, but a balanced diet is the foundation of a healthy life, and in this case, the first step to healthy hair. Healthy food has vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that help at a cellular level with processes related to hair growth and shine.

Hair is not a vital organ, so the lack of certain nutrients such as iron can affect it the most since other tissues will get most of the share. This is why it might be wise to start taking supplements rich in biotin, iron, vitamins B5 and D, and fatty acids such as omega-3 and 6. Don't forget to consult a doctor whenever you plan to start a supplement regime.

Proteins are also building blocks of healthy hair -remember that hair is mainly made up of keratin, a protein. Protein consumption helps to strengthen hair and keep it in the growth phase. Lack of proteins can turn your hair brittle and cause stunted growth. Make sure you include eggs, milk, poultry, or beans in your diet to get the right protein intake. Carbohydrates are also important: they provide the energy to sustain the accelerated rate of hair growth. Eat whole grains and avoid low carb crash diets. In summary, start minding what you eat and keep a balance if you want to reap the benefits for your hair.
Woman with Soft and Shiny Hair Having a Good Diet

2. Moisturization and Hydration

Thirsty hair is dull and brittle. No smoothness or luster, just coarseness, and flyaways. If you want to moisturize it, you need to find high-quality conditioning products. Conditioners work by attracting moisture in and sealing the cuticle with simple chemistry: the cationic surfactants on conditioner have a positive charge that binds to the hair's negative charge thus sealing the open cuticle. Start with a good regular conditioner and a good leave-in treatment that you can apply once a week —or twice if your hair is really thirsty. An ideal conditioning treatment should include proteins like keratin and panthenol, as well as amino acids. These agents help with the uptake of water into the hair.

Keeping your hair hydrated will avoid the dreaded frizz. Remember that frizz happens when your thirsty hair tries to grapple to any moisture it can —and it will surely hold on to lots of it since hair can retain 30 to 50% of its weight in water. No frizz means smoothness and shine, so make sure you regularly condition your hair, especially if it's curly (curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair).
Woman Eating an Apple for Soft and Shiny Hair

3. Conscious Day-to-day Styling

Hairstyling starts from the moment you shampoo. Very few people realize the world of difference good shampooing makes when the time comes to style their hair every day! First of all, do not over-shampoo as this will strip your hair of its natural oils. The temperature of the rinsing water is another thing to keep in check: hot water will over-dry your hair, whereas cool to cold water will add some shine. Also, do not use too much product and do not rub or wring your hair with it. Choose your shampoo wisely; avoid harsh chemicals like sulfate surfactants and parabens. The Cosmetic Republic USA has two wonderful chemical-free options, Multi-Vitamin Shampoo and Oily Hair Shampoo . When rinsing shampoo and conditioner, make sure you clear them out thoroughly since buildup will dull your hair out too.

Drying and combing is important as well! avoid terry cloth and dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt instead to avoid cuticle opening and breakage and do not dry completely on a blow-dryer. Also, avoid using a comb or brush on wet hair whenever possible. Brushing is supposed to be gentle and conscious. Detangle and style with natural-bristled brushes.
Woman with Soft and Shiny Hair Showing Multi-Vitamin Shampoo

4. Sealing

Once you have cleaned, conditioned, and detangled hair, you style it, and for this, you should choose a reliable product that respects all the care steps you have taken so far by sealing the moisture in and extending it while adding suppleness and shine to hair strands. Natural oils like argan, jojoba, coconut or macadamia fulfill these requirements perfectly. If they weigh your hair down, remember that these beneficial ingredients are in a wide variety of hair styling products of all kinds: sprays, serums, creams, lotions or butters. Your choice will depend on your hair texture. Remember, sealing is ever more important before heat styling, so have a heat protectant ready for any flat-iron or blow-dry styling session.

Experts do not recommend sealing or shine drops that contain silicone. This ingredient can fill in the gaps of open cuticles and increase shine and manageability, but it also dries the hair up in the long run. Serums without silicone (like The Cosmetic Republic USA's Ultimate Hair Serum) are just wonderful for split ends and they add shine and suppleness, minus the drying effect, for super soft and shiny hair.

Blinding-shiny hair is possible if you take good care of your hair. Once you work on these four steps, you will be flexing glossy, sexy tresses all the time. Remember that good hair care is always natural and free of parabens and sulfate surfactants, like all the products from The Cosmetic Republic USA's wide range of hair products. Learn more about our products for salons and licensed professionals by calling TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or filling out our contact form. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news about us right to your inbox!

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