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4 Products to Treat Split Ends

January 21, 2020

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Products to Treat Split EndsEveryone dreads split ends because they just crawl upwards on your hair shafts, fraying and weakening them progressively until your only choice is to go for a dramatic chop to get rid of them. You won't need to cut your hair as often or settle for hay-like hair if you treat your hair permanently. There are products to strengthen hair and visibly repair dry, brittle split ends, but before we delve into those, let's first talk about the daily hair care routine for happier ends.

Daily Tips to Avoid Split Ends

These things are not hard to do, and if you keep them in mind, you can significantly reduce your split ends.
  • Always detangle your hair before the shower.
  • It's known that wet hair is a lot more fragile, so do your best to avoid getting into the shower with tangled and knotted hair. Brush carefully and undo knots before the shower, so that applying shampoo won't create more tangles that might snap hair. If you brush while dry, it'll also be easier for your conditioner to work through knots easily.

  • Don't shampoo roughly.
  • You can get a lot of breakage from rough handling of the hair while shampooing. Never scrub your hair like you're trying to wash the kitchen rag! It's delicate and it needs good treatment. Apply shampoo with gentle circular motions with the tips of your fingers on the scalp. Don't involve the mids and ends of your hair; it's not necessary.

    Hair Serum Products to Treat Split Ends
  • Don't skimp on conditioner.
  • There is conditioner for every hair type, so regardless of yours, use a lot of conditioner to keep the hair shaft lubricated and more protected against dryness which is one of the main culprits of split ends.

  • Don't do too much heat styling.
  • Heat styling tools dry your hair, period. And dry hair is much more prone to breakage. The flat iron, curling iron and blow-dryer strip your hair of moisture, open the cuticle, and set the stage for chronic dryness that might become the main reason for your split ends.

  • Cut a bit more than intended.
  • Doesn't sound good, but it might be very beneficial for your hair. This will get any damage that has already progressed beyond the very ends of the hair before it gets worse and you have to cut even more hair.

  • Don't allow your hair to fray.
  • Fraying and snapping occurs mostly from rough handling, whether while brushing, drying, styling or even tossing and turning during your sleep. Always be delicate when handling your hair!
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4 Products to Treat Split Ends

    1. Serum

Among the different hair products, serums are one of the best products to treat split ends. The texture (lightweight and rich at the same time) does not smother hair bit provides the right amount of hydration and control.

Usually, serums contain ceramides and silicones, which "fill" in the ruptured places in the hair shaft while they soften and close the cuticle, improving the appearance of split ends almost immediately. At the same time, serums usually have nourishing and moisturizing ingredients such as argan oil, jojoba oil, and others. The protective action of many serums even extends to heat tools, sunlight, and pollution.

Any type of hair can benefit from serum as a treatment for split ends, but especially curly and wavy hair which are prone to dryness and breakage will look and feel a lot better with regular use of serum for split ends.

Application is easy: wash and condition hair and let it air-dry partially. Take a few drops, warm them by rubbing on the palms, and gently apply them to the ends of the hair. An extra bit can be used on the mids and lengths to protect all the hair and add shine. We love The Ultimate Hair Serum, a formula with natural ingredients that guarantees smoothness, frizz control, and split end relief from the first application. We like The Ultimate Hair Serum.
Leave-in Products to Treat Split Ends

    2. Leave-ins

Here is a product to treat split ends that suits thick and abundant hair better: leave-in conditioner. Extremely dry hair can get prolonged hydration, as leave-ins extend hydration from water when applied on wet hair, and also moisturize (provide a protective oily barrier that is similar to natural oils).

Other advantages of leave-ins are frizz control, sheen, and protection from external elements. Leave-ins make a difference especially in texture and moisture on thick, coarse and dry hair. You will also notice more manageability and softness.

Leave-ins can coat the hair shaft and provide a good amount of moisture, as well as tame frizzy ends, making them look less straw-like.

Apply leave-ins depending on your hair type. Dryer hair needs more product, and it can be applied from mids to ends or even roots to ends, with emphasis on the ends for better results. Finer hair benefits more from using leave-in on the ends. A tip that will make a difference: apply on wet hair (not soaking wet, though); this will lock in moisture for longer.

Ampoules Products to Treat Split Ends

    3. Hair Ampoules

This type of treatment is characterized for being a lot more concentrated than others. Their main purpose is to provide intensive nourishing or treatment for a particular hair issue. Ampoules come in single-dose vials and usually in boxes with several vials for a complete treatment.

Ampoules will be wonderful for your split ends if you also deal with chemically processed and damaged hair. This treatment is best used every time you wash your hair for a limited period of time (the whole treatment or as long as your hairstylist recommends). However, do not overload your hair with ampoule treatments.

Applying an ampoule treatment involves rubbing the product on the scalp, contrary to what is recommended with other intensive treatments that can weigh hair down. This is because the ingredients in the formula are supposed to penetrate the scalp to nourish hair from the inside. The main action of ampoules is not superficial, but they can certainly improve the appearance of hair on the hair shaft upon application. After you have massaged the product on the scalp with circular motions, run the rest of the product on the lengths of the hair. Emphasize on the ends to repair split ends and improve brittleness. SAF100 Multivitamin Hair Concentrate contains plenty of vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and keratin to deeply repair your split ends.
Hair Thickener Products to Treat Split Ends

    4. Hair thickener

Hair with split ends looks much thinner at the ends, like the points of arrows. With some haircuts, you can actually notice how hair thickness seems to taper towards the ends. The reason? Split ends cause hair to lose protein and break down (like a fraying rope losing bits). The situation gets worse if on top of split ends, you have thin and frail hair.

Hair thickeners add body to the hair shaft, so they build a more volumized appearance overall. The diameter of each hair strand is increased with coating ingredients.

Apply a hair thickener on mids and ends to get more body. Thin split ends improve their appearance instantly and get coated with nourishing ingredients that seal them and keep them from looking strawy. Keep in mind that the results are immediate, but not permanent, so you will have to apply thickener every time you want to get more volumized hair. Like with every other hair product, try to choose only sulfate-free ones, which give maximum protection to your hair. Try Hair Thickener and tell us how it goes!

That was our pick of 4 amazing products to treat split ends. If you want more professional products for hair loss and fine hair, contact The Cosmetic Republic USA. We are experts in healthy hair. Call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form in our site. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get our latest news right in your inbox!

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