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14 Reasons Your Hair Gets Greasy So Fast

September 05, 2018

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Woman with Hair Gets Greasy so FastYour hair looks sticky and feels weighed down. Washing every day doesn't seem to work. We get you, oily hair is not sexy or nice. It can even make you a bit embarrassed. But it is not the end of the world! Sometimes the change to a good oily hair shampoo is all you'll need to keep your oily tresses in check; some other times something so simple as wearing a different hairstyle will do the trick. Read through these reasons and find which resonate with you; then apply the super-easy solutions we offer to tackle this pesky problem once and for all.
  1. You Have Oily Skin
  2. Most people with extra-greasy hair have oily skin overall. They need special mattifying lotions for the face, and probably even acne treatment. Their skin often feels oily and sticky or sweaty, and it gets worse in hot weather.

    The solution: oily skin can't be changed since it depends on the genetic makeup, but it can be controlled with the right products, among which shampoo is the most important one. Extreme oiliness makes these people wash their hair more often, but this can be problematic and leads to the next possible reason your hair is too greasy:

  3. You Shampoo Too Often/ Not Often Enough
  4. Washing your hair every single day might be the surprising reason it is too oily. The reason is that most shampoos have sulfate surfactants that dry your scalp and make it produce more sebum to compensate. On the other end of the spectrum, you are probably allowing too long to go between washes.

    The solution: regardless of hair type, it is not advisable to wash your hair every day. Rethink your washing schedule and re-train your hair to stand longer between washes. Try washing every other day, then diminish the frequency progressively as you start noticing changes. Ideally, you should start noticing much less oil within three weeks to a month and will be able to wash once or twice a week without problems. The shampoo you use will make a difference too, so make sure the formula is free of sulfates and specially designed for oily hair.

  5. You Condition Wrong
  6. Naturally, oily hair is better off with conditioner being applied only to mids and lengths. Conditioner on the hair roots normally weighs hair down. Curly-haired people can usually get away with this since their hair can use the extra moisturization.

    The solution: very oily hair has good natural moisture, so you may not need conditioner (or at least not much of it). Choose a sulfate-free formula and keep it only on the hair mids and lengths. Stay away from very heavy butter textures and opt for lighter ones with naturally astringent ingredients such as tea tree oil.

  7. You Never Brush Your Hair
  8. This does not really apply to curly hair, which is usually dry and can't take brushing without losing shape and bounce. Straight, fine or sparse hair should be brushed at least once a day to help distribute sebum efficiently.

    The solution: If you have straight/fine hair brush at least once a day with a natural-bristle brush. Natural bristles distribute oils evenly on the scalp and do not damage your hair.
    Oily Cleansing Shampoo
  9. You Have Straight Hair
  10. People with straight hair don't necessarily have oily skin and scalp, but oil is more noticeable because sebum distributes more evenly and quickly than in other hair types. This applies to fine hair as well: the finer (or sparser) the hair, the more noticeable oiliness becomes.

    The solution: Wear oil-hiding hairstyles: slick, pulled-back hairstyles like buns and braids are welcome. You can also wear accessories like thick headbands, scarves, and hats. If you curl your hair you might also notice that hair takes longer to become oily; this is because curly hair makes it harder for sebum to distribute evenly through hair.

  11. Your Hormones Are Out of Balance
  12. Hormones can be imbalanced in some days of the month due to stress or normal fluctuations, especially in women. Other times, there can be an underlying medical issue involving your hormones. In both cases, the result is your sebaceous glands going into overdrive.

    The solution: notice when your hair gets noticeably oilier and try to pinpoint the cause. Then, apply measures. If stressful days bring about more oil on your scalp and skin, try to have a calmer approach to life, your skin will thank you. If you suspect there is a medical reason your skin is on oily overdrive, consult your physician.

  13. You Load Your Hair with Products
  14. Using a lot of styling products eventually weighs your hair down and makes it greasy. Products with alcohol result drying on the hair which in turn leads to more sebum production. Oils or silicones can also increase production of sebum.

    The solution: choose lightweight products and as we recommended before, keep them free of drying sulfates and parabens. Get rid of buildup with clarifying shampoo.

  15. You Live in a Humid Climate
  16. The amount of sebum you produce might be normal, but it can feel overwhelming in a humid climate.

    The solution: there's only so much you can do to fight Mother Nature. Try to keep cool and wear fresh styles, like high ponytails and braids.

  17. You Work Out Frequently
  18. Sweat and dirt can accumulate quickly when you work out frequently, and give you a greasy, yucky feel that will lead you to wash your hair more often. As mentioned earlier, over-washing can, in turn, dry your scalp out and encourage sebum production.

    The solution: wash your hair minimum twice a week if you're a gym regular, and wear sweatbands whenever you can. You can also refresh your hair by air-drying it after every workout and applying a conditioning/astringent mist. You can do this by yourself by mixing a bit of essential oil (like lavender or tea tree oil) and a bit of water and spraying all over.

  19. You're Rinsing with Hot Water
  20. And drying out the hair and scalp in the process. To make up for it, sebum starts going into overdrive.

    The solution: use lukewarm water or cold water whenever you can. A plus that cold water has is that it makes your hair shinier.

  21. You're Using Heat Tools Too Often
  22. These instruments result drying in the long run, not to mention that they transfer residue and possibly dirt when they haven't been cleaned in a while.

    The solution: go easier on heat tools and clean them more often.
    Woman Brushes her Hair to Avoid Get Greasy so Fast
  23. You Always Keep Your Hair in a Bun
  24. When your hair is up all the time, sebum doesn't get distributed evenly along the hair shaft but concentrates on the roots.

    The solution: straight hair is good for many different styles. Lay off the eternal bun, brush your hair, and change your hairstyle game a bit!

  25. You Never Clean Your Brush
  26. Brushes accumulate oil, dead skin, and grime even though you might not immediately realize. If you never clean your brush, you'll be transferring all of that to your hair (yuck!)

    The solution: clean your hair in a warm, soapy solution at least twice a month. Oh, and change your pillowcase often!

  27. You Are Always Touching Your hair
  28. Whether you are unconsciously trying to relieve stress, or you just love your tresses, do yourself a favor and keep your hands off your hair. Unless you want to transfer oil and dirt to hair, not to mention dry hair out and possibly even create split ends!

    The solution: bring this bad habit to your consciousness and refrain from it. While you get used to keeping off your hair, you can try a fidget toy.
There you go, all the possible and sometimes surprising reasons why your hair is extra-greasy. Regardless of the solutions that work best for you, professional hair products are the number one step to beautiful hair. The Cosmetic Republic USA has professional solutions tailored to improving the texture and appearance of oily hair. Get in touch with us by calling TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or filling out the contact form on this website. Do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get our latest news right to your inbox.

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