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13 Best Curly Hair Tips for Women

March 01, 2018

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Woman with Curly Hair Many curly-haired women wish they had sleek, straight hair and they would do everything in their power to get it, regardless of the damage their beautiful curls can suffer in the process. What curly-haired girls don't realize is that many straight-haired girls wish they had the same kind of textured, wild-looking hair. If you happen to have curly hair, know that it is not a curse. On the contrary, it's a beautiful hair type that has character, looks sexy, and is known to turns heads just as much as straight hair.

It's true: when compared to straight hair, curls can be difficult to maintain and style daily since they tend to resist shaping and moisturizing. If your curls are unrulier than they should, this might mean that you are not taking proper care of them. Your curls won't be shapely or healthy unless you figure out your curly hair type and apply the right tips.

Types of Curly Hair

There are two determining factors for curly hair: the hair follicle and the hair shaft. Curly hair has oval rather than round follicles. Flatter oval follicles will result in kinky hair, while more rounded follicles will have a more relaxed wave. The hair shaft is filled with keratin (a protein) and sulfur. If the two sulfur atoms in the same protein are at a certain distance and join to form a bond, they bend, forming disulfide bonds along the hair shaft. This is what gives hair a curl. The greater the number of disulfide bonds, the curlier the hair.

Curls can be classified into three different types -2, 3, and 4, ónumber 1 being straight hair. The number type depends on the tightness of the curl. In turn, each type of curly hair can be separated into subcategories: A, B, and C.

Type 2 (wavy hair) is divided into three subcategories:
2A: Very soft bend, with minimal definition.
2B: More pronounced waves that start at eye level.
2C: Defined waves that start at the roots.
Detox Wrap New ProductType 3 (curly hair) has defined and springy curls. The difference among the three subtypes is the width of the curl:
3A: Thick curls.
3B: Mid-sized curls.
3C: Very thin curls (about the width of a straw). They are very defined but quite delicate.

Type 4 (coily hair) has very tight curls (with a tighter s-shape, or even a z-shape.) This is the "afro" hair type, which has a cotton-like texture / appearance.
4A: Small and tight s-shape curls.
4B: Z-shape, cotton-like curls.
4C: Undefined curls that can resemble dreadlocks.

Woman Doing a Daily Hair RoutineAll curly hair types share a defining characteristic: dryness. This is the main culprit of curly hair mess, so curly-haired women must give their locks extra care and nourishment, regardless of the type. Knowing in which category your curls are can help you understand and take care of it better.

Daily Hair Care Tips for Curly Hair

These tips are not hard to follow, and they can make a world of difference in the appearance of your curls.

  1. Detangle your hair from the bottom up
  2. Detangling from the top will only yank your hair, and possibly break it. Therefore, begin by detangling the roots first, then the mids, and finally, if you really need to, run a comb through the roots.

  3. Avoid brushing
  4. Brushes flatten out the curls and create frizz. A wide-toothed comb is your best bet for healthy, defined curls. Detangle your hair with the comb while still wet but do it very gently. If you need to style the curls or detangle them while dry, try using your fingers instead of a comb.

  5. Avoid products with parabens or sulfate surfactants
  6. Curly hair should take the least handling possible; this is one of the rules of thumb of curly hair care. Every curly-haired woman should know the parabens and sulfate surfactants can be quite harsh as they can cause their hair and scalp to dry out. Because of this, you should avoid shampoos with these ingredients at all costs! You don't need any more dryness than the natural dryness of curly hair. Sulfate and paraben-free formulas clean while leaving natural oils intact.

  7. Get deep-conditioning treatments regularly
  8. For the same reason mentioned above (the natural dryness of curly hair), it is necessary that you deep-condition frequently. Use masks once a week and, like with shampoo and conditioner, avoid using those that contain any harsh chemicals.

    Woman Daily Hair Care Shampoo
  9. Shampoo with your curls in mind
  10. Apply a modest amount of shampoo and massage the scalp gently to remove excess sebum and dirt. Do not scratch the scalp or rub the hair mids and ends harshly; that will generate frizz and breakage.

  11. Dry your hair the right way
  12. Say no to towel-drying! The coarse fibers in terry cloth will cause frizz. Use a cotton t-shirt instead; its fine fibers are more absorbent and minimize frizz. Air-drying can also be detrimental to your curls' appearance. Some studies show that the hair fiber swells when wet, which leads to more frizz. You can combine between t-shirt and air-drying or opt for using a blow dryer with a diffuser at low temperature.

  13. Use a serum or oil to moisturize the scalp
  14. Oil (argan oil, coconut oil) treatments can give shine, bounce, and hydration to thirsty curly hair since they moisturize the scalp. Try oil treatments right before shampoo day or in between shampoos and figure out which works best for you.

  15. Customize your hairstyling products
  16. Sometimes a single hairstyling product is not enough, so you can try different textures and formulas to find the one that best suits you. Serum is light but moisturizing, and it adds shine and definition to curls. Waxes can weigh hair down if you use too much, but they're great for mids and lengths. Stick with the one that shape your curls without weighing your hair down.

  17. Style hair while it's still wet
  18. Curly hair is naturally unruly, so you should take advantage of the malleability it gets when wet to style it. However, you must remove excess water before applying any styling, but do not wring it, or else you'll cause breakage.

    Heat Tools is not a Part of your Daily Hair Care Routine
  19. Use heat tools sparingly
  20. Using heat tools too frequently will damage your hair. Heat takes moisture from the hair, breaks it, and will eventually flatten out your curls. Once they lose the definition they originally had, they will be more prone to frizz and even harder to style. Embrace your hair texture and wear your hair naturally most of the time.

  21. Plan your haircare routine in advance
  22. Curly hair doesn't look its best immediately after washing and drying. Figure out the way your hair behaves and try to plan your hair care around it. If you have great three-day curls and there's an important event you plan on attending, wash and prepare your hair in advance to look its best on that specific day.

  23. Keep split ends at bay with regular trims
  24. Curly hair is prone to split ends, so its important to get regular trims to keep the damage from advancing. Your hair will get a revitalizing boost every time you get a trim: it will gain bounce, flexibility, and manageability.

  25. Get a haircut that flatters your curls
  26. Curly-haired girls should steer clear of even haircuts or they risk getting what's commonly known as "triangle head". This effect is visible when the hair is cut evenly, especially above your shoulders. To avoid this unflattering look that will frizz your hair out, choose layered haircuts.

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