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11 Short Hairstyles for Women to Flaunt in Spring 2018

May 16, 2018

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A Short Hairstyle on a Woman with SunglassesShort hair is no longer "boyish"; it can be the sexiest and chicest way to make a girl-power statement. Who said that super long hair is the only female signature hairstyle? Years of fashion evolution have shown us from a long time ago that short cuts have a special way of showing femininity and power at the same time —not to mention that they are usually low-maintenance and therefore, easy to style. Another advantage of short cuts is that if by any chance you are looking to give your damaged hair a second chance, getting a big chop might work wonders on your hair. You will kill two birds with one stone since it will renew your appearance and allow your hair to grow back stronger and healthier without the need of expensive hair loss products.

With spring in full bloom, everyone is wanting to make a big change to keep up with the latest trends. What better than a short cut to give a fresh twist to your appearance? Learn everything about the origin of short cuts and check the coolest short hairstyles for spring 2018. Believe us, you won't be able to wait before you hit your salon and get one of these awesome styles.
One Hundred Years of Girl Power: "Short Hair, Don't Care"Ever since their appearance in the early 20th century, short cuts have always been meant to make a statement. The short flapper girl waves and the bob cuts that started to become popular in the 20s were the definitive trademarks of an era of rebelliousness when women wanted to make their voices heard and earn their place among men as their equals. From there, short hair for women only became more and more popular. Even into half of the century, many women kept short and chic cuts, and by the 60s it had turned into a much edgier reference of breeziness with the pixie style that Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy popularized. From the fresh bobs in the 80s/ 90s to all pixie cut varieties in the noughties and beyond, short hair has been around for a while now, and it's nowhere near going out of style.
The Latest Trends: Hottest Short Cuts for Spring 2018Among our 11 hot short-cut options, there's something for everyone. Statement-making super-short cuts, timeless bobs, and modern twists on them are here to change your hair game. Here are our favorites for spring 2018.
    Regular Pixie Short Hairstyle for Women
  1. Regular Pixie
  2. The pixie is so many things at once. It is undoubtedly classy and chic, but edgy and bold at the same time. Ever wondered why it's so popular? This cut has been around for a while and it has since been worn by fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, and Mia Farrow. As if that weren't enough to convince you of getting the pixie for this spring, you should know that it's very easy to maintain.

    This cut is short at the back and the sides, and longer at the top. You can ask your hairdresser to style the "fringe" sideways and add soft layering for a more modern look. You'll be ready to rock both casual and dressy looks, always looking fierce.
    Long Pixie Short Hairstyle for Women
  3. Asymmetric Pixie with Long Bangs
  4. This "longer" version of the pixie looks awesome with a layered back, a longer side, and longer bangs that fall all on the front. If you have super straight hair, this style will suit you best, and if you pair it up with cool hair color, you will surely turn heads. If you are going for a radical change and you want sleek, futuristic, and fresh to be your signature style, this is the cut you've been searching for this spring.
    The Twiggy Short Hairstyle for Women
  5. Sleek Twiggy Style with Highlights
  6. Keeping up with the chic trend, here is another head turner. The super short back will make this pixie look well put together with virtually no effort. The longer top looks super sleek in a side parting, and the highlights add a runway feel to this style. This is definitely the way to go if you like to keep your everyday style changeable and fun.
    The Buzz Cut Short Hairstyle for Women
  7. Buzz Cut
  8. So, the pixie is too common for you. Take it up a notch, then! The buzz cut is nowhere near going out of style. In this super-short cut, you can leave the top a little longer, so that you can flick it sideways or upwards. This is the lowest-maintenance cut you can get; a little gel, and you'll be good to go. Just make sure that you've got the attitude to match this fierce cut before you get it and then regret it all the way through to the next spring.
    The Undercut Short Hairstyle for Women
  9. Half Undercut with Sideways Bangs
  10. The undercut comes into our 2018 short-cuts list all the way from the 1930s barber shops: men everywhere used to sport this low-maintenance, rugged look. In more modern times, the undercut made a big comeback not only for guys but also for girls with an edge. Undercuts, like buzz cuts, say "I'm strong, I have a personality and a little bit of an attitude." If you are into a punky, bold look, the undercut is what you need. Girls wear it best when only one side is buzz-cut and the other side has a longer sideways fringe. Try to avoid this cut if you have coarse hair. It looks best on fine, straight hair.
    The Blunt Bob Short Hairstyle for Women
  11. Blunt Bob with Straight Bangs
  12. This short, even cut with no layering is like a flashback to the flapper girl era, but it has managed to remain fresh as ever. The perfect cute cut for fashionably sensitive girls, a blunt bob goes well with several styles, from vintage to futuristic. You can choose to get your blunt bob as short as below the ears, or the usual jaw length. Another variation, the lob (long bob) is just as popular right now for girls who want to keep some length and still stay trendy. Do not leave out the front bangs if you want a more interesting twist to the style.
    The Reverse Ombre Short Hairstyle for Women
  13. Shaggy Reverse Ombre
  14. This blunt bob looks best a little below the jawline, and with slightly textured ends. The parting down the middle makes it look put together at all times, and the reverse ombre is a breath of fresh air from the dark-to-light ombres that we have seen in the last couple of seasons. Choose this cut if you have slightly wavy hair; it will look more interesting.
    The Rounded Bob Short Hairstyle for Women
  15. Short Rounded Bob with Sideways parting
  16. This cut is very flattering on oval and rounded face shapes. The rounded ends and the deep sideways parting is super chic and feminine. Deep brown hair and other dark shades look wonderful with this sweet style that evokes vintage glamour.
    The Assymetrical Bob Short Hairstyle for Women
  17. Asymmetrical Bob
  18. This bob looks very interesting from all angles. You get the even cut on one side and the longer flick on the other. Straight hair will look great with this tidy, geometrical cut.
    The Curly Bob Short Hairstyle for Women
  19. Curly Bob
  20. Who said that curly girls can't get a bob? Bobs look very dreamy, feminine, and elegant on wavy and curly hair. Your hairdresser will probably have to layer more in order to give the cut a more defined shape, taking advantage of the natural shape of your curls. A-line bobs (slightly longer at the front than at the back) will create a tidy look that will be easy to style.
    The Tousled Short Hairstyle for Women
  21. Glam Tousled Bob
  22. If you want a haircut that looks serious and glamorous at the same time, go for tousled waves. Ask your hairdresser to give you a shoulder-length bob (a lob) with slightly shorter hair at the crown. Fling the front back with a barrel brush and a blow dryer. Remember, use the medium temperature to keep your hair protected from the heat at all times.
We bet it has been interesting to learn more about short cuts for women and how empowering —and sexy— they are. Now you hopefully feel ready to hit the salon and get one of these awesome haircuts.

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