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10 Tips for Summer Hair Care

July 02, 2019

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Woman Summer Hair CareSummertime is upon us, finally! We have been looking forward to the warmer days of fun outdoors. But just like you should protect your skin with a good sunscreen and your eyes with a nice pair of shades, you should also protect your tresses from sun damage. To accomplish this task, you can always rely on a few tips and tricks and even some great hair loss solutions. Here is the scoop on the best steps for summer hair care.

Why Protect Your Hair from the Sun?

Both UVA and UVB radiation cause damage on the hair shaft: UVA rays cause color changes and UVB degrades the protein (keratin) structure of the hair. According to a a study from the NCBI, photosensitive amino acids of the hair absorb radiation and start producing free radicals which are responsible for the aforementioned structural damage. In addition, you mustn't forget that the hair is supported by the scalp, which is very sensitive skin and can get burned easily or become overly dry and flaky after prolonged and unprotected sun exposure.

Let's Jump Into Summer Hair Care!However, not all is lost. The melanin (pigment cells) on hair partially block free radicals, keeping them out of the hair matrix, but this is not enough if not aided by products to protect the hair cuticle from sun radiation.

Other Summer Threats to Your Hair

Long days of summer don't only bring the threat of warmer sun rays loaded with more radiation, they're also bringing chlorinated pool water and salty sea water, which have their own share in hair damage.

Chlorine: this chemical is highly oxidizing, which means that it creates free radicals that damage the protein structure, lipids, and vitamin E in hair. The observable results of this negative impact on hair are dryness, dandruff, discoloration (an unsightly greenish tint on fair hair), breakage, and even follicle damage. You can read all about chlorine damage on our blog post "What You Must Know to Protect Your Hair from Chlorine."

Saltwater: as you may know, salt absorbs water (moisture), so the salt in seawater can end up stripping your hair from its natural hydration, leaving it tough, brittle, and tangled. It might get more difficult to brush and style and split ends can start forming.

Summer Hair Care with Sunscreen

Summer Hair Care: The Top Tips

1. Use Products with Sunscreen

Just like your skin needs some SPF, your hair does too, to fend off the damage that UVA and UVB rays can inflict. Find a product with sunscreen, vitamins, and protein to nourish the hair and thicken the strands at once. If you're wondering how you're supposed to go swimming wearing a hair product, you should know that they have been specially formulated to stay on and not weigh your hair down. What's more, their protective ingredients also shield colored hair from losing brightness.

If you cannot find a hair product for sun protection, you can use a bit of sunscreen lotion (some facial formulas are lightweight and non-oily). It will shield your cuticle from UV damage. If you plan to spend too long under the sun, rub a bit of the same lotion on your scalp with your fingers to avoid sunburns.

2. Get Hair Masks Often

As you may know, hair masks are a must for all hair types. Shampoo and conditioner alone cannot give you the beautiful hair you want, you need extra care and nourishment, especially during the summer months. Mask your hair at least once a week with a thick formula and use a shower cap to produce a thermic effect that will allow the nutrients to penetrate the hair shaft better. Some hair masks should be left on for at least 20 minutes for best results, but you can also go with a flash treatment such as the Detox Hair Wrap, which will give you smooth and revitalized hair in only 15 minutes and comes in a single dose in a disposable thermic hair wrap.
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3. Use Overnight Hair Treatments

Leave-ins can be used in the same spirit of hair masks: to provide extra nourishment and deep moisturization, which will, in turn, make your hair more manageable and malleable, softer, more hydrated and less frizzy. Night Restructuring Vitamins is an excellent option for overnight hair care all year round and also to control summer damage on your tresses. The Ultimate Hair Serum is another versatile option for overnight use or for daily styling since it repairs and adds shine and control at the same time thanks to its formula rich in essential oils like rosehip and argan.

4. Shower Before and After You Go Swimming

A simple way to protect your hair from chlorinated or saltwater is wetting it before getting into the pool or beach. This is because clean water will have already filled the hair shaft, and less hard water will be able to penetrate.

You shouldn't wait too long to rinse your hair out after a swim; this ensures that fewer residues will be left in the hair. Of course, don't just rinse with plain water, but also don't use just any shampoo. We always recommend sulfate and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner.
Woman in the Pool Summer Hair Care

5. Choose Your Swimming Place Wisely

In Outdoor pools, the levels of chlorine can be lower because the gases from it have the chance to escape.

6. Use a Hair Product as a Coating

Oil, serum or a styling cream are all good for coating your strands before swimming. Less water and residue will penetrate the hair shaft.

7. Wear a Swimming Cap

If you are always at the pool or the beach, this is one of the best measures you can take to avoid accumulated damage. You can follow the previous step before you wear your cap for maximum protection.

Woman Summer Hair Care Hat

8. Get a Practical, Beachy Style

You could come up with a cute bun or braids, which will keep your hair from getting terribly tangled, while at the same time it will be more protected by the overlapping hair strands.
Likewise, you can add summer accessories like scarves, hats, and caps to your style to shield your scalp and hair from the sun.

9. Lay Off Heat Styling for the Summer

Your hair will be exposed to enough damage already for you to add insult to injury blow-drying or flat-ironing it too frequently. Keep it natural for the summer and take advantage of this time to try a new look and improve your hair's health.

10. Don't Abandon Your Daily Hair Care Routine

Make time for regular shampooing, conditioning, masks and in general pampering your hair as much as you do the rest of the year. Summer is when you can get the most scalp and hair shaft dryness, so always treat your hair like it's your treasure.

Hair care never stops. Keep your hair protected this summer with a line of professional products. Trust The Cosmetic Republic USA with your tresses. All our products are sulfate-free and paraben-free and enriched with natural ingredients. If you want to learn more about us, call TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form below. Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest information about us right in your inbox.

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